Reviews for GI Joe: Detachment
TinkerLJ chapter 17 . 9/8
I must say I admire your stick-to-itiveness.
I realize your intent in this story was to write the deleted scenes...loosely linking them together in a bigger whole. You have certainly managed to expand the movie.
And, as you created those extra scenes, you came up with quite a few interesting threads that could easily be expanded into bigger, more complete stories...Zarana/Mainframe, F/LJ's marriage, Cobra Commander, the future of the Joes...just to mention a few. You might consider taking one and running with it to see where it will go.
Oh, and Congratulations on finishing it!
Unknown Warrior chapter 10 . 5/9
This is the reason why I read profiles, older and upgraded versions on every Joe and Cobra alike. In the animated movie, Falcon does has a very rough start in the beginning until he finally shine in the end. In fact, I am displeased and disappointed on how Falcon potrayed negatively in your stories, not mention Duke (my favorite Joe growing up) being a shitty older half-brother not caring for him that eventually leads to resentment, not to mention hate Falcon going to have towards him, even permanently if escalates any further.

In conclusion, I am not interested in reading the story where one character being bashed and treated unfairly for no reason. FYI, throughout the years, Falcon has transformed himself from a brash, impulsive fighter into a cool, calm and collected leader who earns the respect of his teammates, while not hesitating to put his life on the line help everyone in need. Also, since Falcon is ranked First Lieutenant, he is a Executive Officer as well.

His motto: Respect is earned, not given.

Unfortunately, that's what most authors who writes G.I. Joe fanfics do not get because they relied on the aspects of the cartoon series, instead of researching from other sources.

One more thing, if could happen, Duke and Falcon got to get themselves together and improve their brotherly relationship soon. Psyche-Out can help them resolve their issues, including the ones that are bury deep within to make progress.

That is I got to say about this issue. And good luck with your story.

See ya.
cheryl.leggans chapter 10 . 5/8
Wow everything is really messed up for the joes. I hope they can escape and warn hawk about what is happening.
Starscream chapter 6 . 3/29
Its interesting to see someone else to a different take on the '87 movie because I've done my own called the Last Blitz of Cobra where I went through rework it to omit Cobra-La but draw on other sources to make up what I'd omitted.
cheryl.leggans chapter 6 . 3/29
Interesting but joes never give up they will fight until they get out