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jakeroo123 chapter 81 . 23h
I think there's a reference to the Pokemon anime in this chapter, but I just can't figure it out...


Okay, that's an interesting title to describe the chapter. It really doesn't have anything to do with the actual Bond Phenomenon, but I think it works. Extra-well for Greninja being a Dark-type. Even if that particular Greninja never learned a single Dark-type move.

So, the chapter... Not much to say, really. It's more of Gallian's story. A lot less everything bad happening to him, though, which is nice.
Hobbes22 chapter 81 . 10/20
Aww, cute chapter! Really liking these characters. Ready to have my heart broken again when Gallian leaves :(
SingLe chapter 81 . 10/20
You weren't joking with the warning at the beginning of this chapter.
The doctor's recommendation was a large dose of Brutal Doom to normalize sugar levels.

Anyway, excellent chapter as always
Story.Writer.2015 chapter 81 . 10/20
This was so cute. I love the bonding. So much fluff, so much goodness. I can't wait to see the next one. I wish it would come out early, but I'll wait... For a week...

Don't keep me waiting...

I do wonder though. What do you mean by hate? They don't hate eachother. The only one who hates anyone is Midnight... I wonder.

Anyway. Great job.
Anon Omega chapter 81 . 10/20
Bon... Bonjam...

(Sighs) Well that's a nice thing to know. Still trying to get the "patience" thing down. Anyway, good chapter, (although I don't like the idea of being gay,) I guess I can't wait for the next one... as long as it doesn't bump up the rating.

WatermelonShark chapter 60 . 10/19
I'm getting a real Hot Wheels World Race vibe out of Metagross at the end of this. Going all "Wheel of Power, Wh-wheel of P-P-Power..." and stuff.
WatermelonShark chapter 36 . 10/18
Holy Magikarp. This chapter was certainly. a bombshell and a half.

It's been a while since I checked on this, a long while, so I might as well sing my praises of this fic.

Most writers of Mystery Dungeon fics focus on world-building above all else. You focused more on characterization, which I personally adore. I love the main trio, partly because two of them are deeply flawed in their own ways.

Shane's, an ass, but well-meaning most of the time. And now that I know about, Nicky, it certainly puts him in a different light.

Tessa's has a bit of temper, but who wouldn't. Especially with what's now known.

And Null's, an enigma. I can't really get exactly what's going through his mind. And that makes him intriguing, and awesome.
Insane Dominator chapter 80 . 10/17
Sorry for the late review, again, but I had nothing but monstrous shifts covered with long hours that take up my entire day, so I didn’t have a whole lot of time to manage a review or write my stories. It’s only on my day off today that I was finally able to get some levity in on this morning. But my issues aside, I see that I had it easy, because damn did Gallian get it harsh. And that’s putting it lightly. Without a doubt, this chapter showed deep criticism to the likes of Absol breeds, and this was no exception. Being an Absol is not easy for anyone who is one, such as Gallian. But man was this a bit harsh. And here I thought Law’s past in One Piece was brutal, this was just as rough! Hypocrisy, judging, and deep resentment are all key factors that are part of what Gallian is suffering in the present, but these factors were what also contributed to the earlier times, such as these last few chapters. It’s clear now that Gallian has had a much different life of misery than what many perceived.

Grammar-wise, everything looked pretty spot-on. I liked it all and how you were able to write it with concise punctuation.

Plot-wise, we’ve mainly seen just a shorthanded stretch of Gallian’s arduous trails he’s taken and how he’s come to meet Zoroark. From the cove all the way to the deepness of the mountains on the other size of Horizon. We’ve seen what he had to endure, and really this is exactly why I do not try to judge. Everyone deserves at least ONE chance.

You did a very critical job in the beginning, describing everything related to the actions on the beach, to the sensation one feels in the sands. You described his hair to give us a deeper feeling to the paws and the sand, as many of us can relate when, or if, we ever go to the beach. I give you props on all of that, all the way up to the part where he had to think things through to where he couldn’t be seen. This instance in particular, THAT’S what intrigued me, because when he knew he couldn’t go to town again, that’s the feeling of the Explorers games when they had to get to Sharpedo Bluff. I got that tinge of déjà vu, and you relayed that well and knew he had to go away.

Personally, if that were the scenario with Pecha Berries, I’d gone with Apples. In the games, we always needed Apples, remember? They worked a LOT better than most berries. No offense.

But his trek now beginning, we get to the abridged version of the trails he’s had to go through, while at the same time pointing out the growing disaster feeling. And soon enough, we get to the Drampa scene, and this is where I grew very much annoyed with Drampa. I understand that he is just protecting his village, but really, doesn’t he read or know the PokeDex entries. They don’t bring disasters, they warn about them. Really now, not even a second thought, that’s cold. And jealousy of Totems and flaunting his Town Supervising status, man is he a showoff to no avail. Oh how I pity the fool.
Of course, with what happens after, now I wish he got the Prism Virus! Now that was just plain cruel of him! He tricked Gallian by using the Sharpedo and they left him there to drown! That’s just cruel, and all because of superstition?! Man, makes you pity the Dark-type species. Honestly, just how cruel can you get?

I’m not gonna lie, this isn’t the first instance I’ve seen racism to Dark-types. There’s another Mystery Dungeon story I’ve seen with racism against Dark-types, but that’s another story entirely, literally. But anyways, the overall gist is that I’d have a Dark-type around me any day of the week, even Scrafty or Liepard.

But at this point when he managed to find dry land upon cliffs is when he was finally succumbing to injuries and exhaustion. That’s when we finally meet Zoroark, who was a guard and took him in. It’s here we meet up with Totem Decidueye, and as well as Dusk. And again, we also see another character, who I am very much unappeased with, Lycanroc, or Midnight in this case.. He’s most certainly not the peachy kind of creature, but damn even he is cruel to superstition as well. At least Totem was kind enough to heal Gallian.

After healing up and getting the story going, Gallian was able to settle down for a bit, and due to perceived thoughts, this is where Zoroark and him start to bond. Together, they manage to reach Zoroark’s home, and Gallian was able to find levity while Zoroark had to make do as a guard and scope the Cavernous Depths in order to get supplies. This leaves Gallian to be okay with him, and I can guess this is where intimacy begins to unfold.

Afterwards, we see that Midnight is throwing a massive tantrum over the facts that Totem laid out. You’re making me loathe this guy, at least for the time being. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be okay, but with how everything is turning out, I feel he is going to attack Gallian himself, and mow down anyone who stands in his way. That’s what I’m getting, but what threw me off was Dusk’s crush on him, or at least when he was the adorable Rockruff, and because he didn’t evolve the way he wanted, he is angry all the time. Well like Luxeira, I have to say this again: Life’s never fair. You just gotta make do with what you have man. And worst of all, he took it out on Dusk. Abuse? Wow, that is one cruel mutt.

So, overall, this chapter was a hectic spiral comprised of a journey that was filled with criticism and grief. This was all added fuel to anxiety and the strives that Gallian had to endure that all started from the lack of trust and comfort he once had for the guild, bringing him closure here into the mountains with Zoroark. It’s also here. We are seeing another antagonist in the works, and I can see how this might go Saturday if Zoroark doesn’t do something to watch his own back.

Hope Saturday comes soon! :)

~Insane Dominator
Another guest chapter 80 . 10/15
Congratulations on 1 year of writting this god-tier of a fanfic

It was chapter 33 when i join and still you keep surprising us, best of luck on your life

(Dafuq? People actually write the entire bible in the reviews?)
Commenter chapter 80 . 10/15
Congrats to your one-year anniversary on Guiding Light! Even if I wasn't here when you justed started (I started reading when the story is only 32 chapters old. 32!), I can already feel this story becoming a big hit on this site. And looking back now, I can safely say that, to me, Guiding Light is one of the best PMD fanfics I have ever read.
Anon Omega chapter 80 . 10/15

Because I'm an Anon, I can't participate in the poll. So, I'll tell you the ships I support. ShaneXTessa and NickyXXerneas. That's it.

Unown J chapter 80 . 10/14
Huh… I kind of expected Gallian to go through more places before he arrived to Cosmic Cavern. Perhaps it was for the best, if Pokémon of every village/town/city he went would believe in those Absol’s superstitions.

Oh wow, Gallian sure is crushing really hard! (love at first sight as they say). Seeing him as a complete bundle of nerves around Zoroark is hilarious (especially when we know what is he like in the present). Speaking of the kitsune, he’s awfully kind. I’m not sure if we’ve seen him acting like this in the present time, maybe Gallian wasn’t the only one who fell in love there.

…Well, now we know the term “party hard” means the same in Horizon, including the potential embarrassing moments (don’t worry Lycanroc, people around our world had done worse things). And yes, I’m still addressing him as Lycanroc, for now at least.

I had never imagined not only that the leader of Team Fang lived there before (and left, probably because of Gallian), but also that Dusk had a crush on him (and maybe she still has). Now I’m convinced they’ll meet again (new ship, by the way :V).

I’d say you did well showing us what was on Gallian’s head most of the time (the time he was conscious, that is) and some parts even seemed to be narrated by Gallian himself. The only way I think you could give more introspection is if the narration was in first person, but maybe that won’t be appropriate since he wasn’t awake or “on scene” all the time.

If Gallian is already in Cosmic Cavern then I guess it just means he spent a good amount of time living there… and with Zoroark, for that matter. Uh… I’m not sure I want to know how… “deeply” you’ll describe their relationship, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, hopefully in this next part we'll learn why Lycanroc left and how exactly Gallian got infected. Until next time.
Namohysip chapter 16 . 10/14
[Chapter 13: Beware the Forest's Mushrooms]

Are you real.

As an aside, glad that I finally see Absol Gallian! Kinda. Seems that your Disaster Sense interpretation is to sense any kind of disaster, not just a matter of weather or things of that nature. It’s borderline psychic, just in a vague sense. Like Shulk without actually knowing what’s coming, just that it’d be something bad.

["I need to find out what's responsible for making Pokémon like those Munchlax go berserk."]

Wow it has been a while since that happened, in terms of narrative. I think in hindsight I see why it seems a bit excessive to have such a long, multi-part special episode in the middle of the story like that. I wonder if the other special episodes are similar? They’re quite long.


Well, we have another interesting boss fight against another Ultra Pokémon, though we still have no real idea what the Prism Virus really is, or anything else related to that sort of thing. Still more mook fights, basically. Was this chapter at all of any context? I have my doubts, but I do at least appreciate it bringing my back up to speed after the three-part Special beforehand.

[He just sat on the ground, sweat rolling down his coat.]

I still question the authenticity of a furred creature sweating in this way. Imagine the inconvenience! Can they even cool down via evaporation this way? I can imagine for a scaly creature, but fur? I feel like I’m nitpicking at something wholly inconsequential.

['I don't understand,' he thought. 'This wasn't supposed to happen. I'm supposed to win! I'm a human-turned-Pokémon. That supposed to make me strong, right?']

I mean, this isn’t your first failure or anything…

[It's just… a hopeless boss fight. ]

…Actually, this is a valid point, all things considered.

["Oops, sorry big guy. I didn't make you mad, did I?" Serperior giggled. "I'm so naughty, sometimes, I swear."]

…..I’ve got my eye on you. I’m getting vibes, and not good ones.

[Shane gnashed his teeth together. "Are you sure you're okay? Want me to have Sylveon look you over?" Tessa offered.]

This line is a tad confusing. I’d do a paragraph break after the first sentence to separate out Tessa’s line from Shane’s action.

["So, either you can take your angsty edgelord routine and head for the exit or Magnezone can drag you out! Your choice, bub. It's three-on-one here."]

Thanks, Shane. As of now, the vibe I’m getting from this guy is basically a 1:1 with Lillie’s brother. Doesn’t help that we have Null around to complete the set.
[Track down all the weird-looking Pokémon, figure out what they're planning, and stop them."]

Okay but how though? Mmhh, this exchange spells out what’s already known to me, but the main thing here is that it doesn’t really give a hint on direction on where this is supposed to go. Gallian the enemy? I’m not super sure about that. Maybe an anti-hero that is suspected of being the enemy, until I get further information on the matter.

[Shane raised an eyebrow. "What, the disaster-bringing stuff? That's just superstition."

"Yeah, but most Pokémon buy into it," Tessa sighed. ]

Wasn’t there an actual Absol all the way back in Rescue Team that didn’t have that? I guess Horizon is behind the times…

[This was the final chapter I had drafted (and posted) that stuck to my original mindset of making the story PG/K10]

Huh, so you decided to change the tone midway, huh? I guess that explains the sudden shift, though I hope it isn’t too jarring. You’re quite a bit far in to do that. Frankly I was enjoying the relatively lighthearted nature, even with the looming darkness going on.


Hmm, Nicky from the human world. It’s obviously important if it’s being included. Still, nothing else to go by.

["What the heck's a malasada anyway?"]


["Um... Tessa... that's a stepladder,"]

You are not doing this. Oh my god, you’re actually doing this.

["Trace evidence," Shane replied. "A lot of Pokémon have fur, wings, scales, or some sort of slime clinging to them.]

Okay, actually, legit question, since when did Shane actually become smart? Was he always like this? This seems weirdly level of him, unless he’s just trying to BS his way into accusing Gallian because of that hunch.

[ "We've collected plenty of stardust, so we can have Magearna make us emeras, right?"]

I always thought it was weird that there are emeras outside of Dungeons. I recall in Super they can only exist within the anomalies, but I suppose things are different here. In general, things like that give me pause, when the canon is modified in such a way, but it isn't done as a premise. By now, we're faaaar and away from premise territory, five episodes in, so changes in canon for the convenience of the plot and narrative-which, if I recall, happen down the line as well from your talks on discord-are a bit concerning, especially since Shane has been accurate with his knowledge of the past, down to the odd trivia of dual Ho-Ohs. It's... inconsistent.

Lycanroc…? Why does that sound familiar…? Hmm… oh! From the special episode! Though I get the feeling this may not be the very same one. Well, isn’t that curious. That being said, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see in the next episode what that all means.

Overall, I have to say that this special episode only had one truly important thing worth noting – the introduction of Gallian. Everything else was more or less a repeat of what had happened before, just reiterated another way, and that includes the little dream with Solga. Oh, and that brief dream as a human. I guess I’ll see if Episode 6 has anything more substantial to provide, and, as mentioned in that final chapter, if the tone shift isn’t too jarring down the line, either.
Anon Omega chapter 80 . 10/14

By "chapter" I meant... well, I'm not sure. I hope that my impatience isn't off putting.

Soniclink137 chapter 80 . 10/14
When I've looked at Gallian's story for the past couple of chapters, I've been looking at it through the lens of a tragedy. Whether that was your intention or not, Gallian's story does have similar themes to a tragedy. We already know this story ends badly, like most tragedies work, so in place of tension your focus is on how the tragedy happened. His entire life has essentially been ruined, he's been trying to find some sort of home, but the stereotypes surrounding him and his own disaster sense have so far made that impossible. And now that he has found some sort of home, we already know the machinations that will take him away from it.

That being said, you should be careful of the pacing of the next chapter. To make this tragedy work you need the next chapter to be just long enough that we are shown (not told) Gallian getting comfortable and complacent, but not so long that it becomes tedious to read. It'll be a difficult one, but if done right, it'll be really effective for truly understanding Gallian as a character.

(Also, I apologize that I haven't commented too much after my long overall review; I always have difficulty figuring out what to say with chapter reviews)
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