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ThechosenSpheal04 chapter 126 . 10/20
So after quite some time I finally managed to finish reading this story and want to talk a little about how it was for me. I tend to not know to keep things short and I have no idea on this sites limits so maybe I'll write multiple Reviews if there's a limit for lenght.
So just right of the bat, I have no idea how a person can be as dedicated to write such a long story and yet create a plot where near to nothing feels unmotivated. Maybe you'll think that I'm praising this too much, but this story was pretty much my highlight of this year. I've found it again after Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Day as you posted a banner of this story on Twitter I believe. Having read a TON of PMD fics, I was actually kinda confused on how I didn't know this one yet. Then I looked at the lenght. But knowing I'd have a vacation days later and likely nothing to do, I decided to give it a shot, honestly not expecting to finish this big of a fanfic. So I started reading and pretty much immediatly loved the story. It just felt so different from other fanfics, but in a very good way. The worldbuilding was great and the characters were for once in Fanfic not like the perfect heroes and best friends from day 1. Within one week I had read the first 47 Chapters and enjoyed it very much. School being back I had less time, but now that I had two free weeks again, I picked back up at Chapter 60, the place I'd gotten to in the 7 weeks of school and finished it today.
This Story it me in a way only my first ever playthrough of PMD EoS ever did. I got incredibly invested in every character, no matter if it was a hero or not.
The Plot was a lot of fun, keeping many secrets while hinting stuff and just leaving the reader to think about what might happen. The finale definitly was the highlight it should be, even though I personally did not like the core battle all that much. What I also love, which is sadly incredibly rare, is having more content after the finale that is not just extra plot but a real aftermath. I love stuff like that but rarely see it. I also loved how the fic was not scared to touch sensitive topics like suicide, drugs, etc. Way to rare in the PMD genre.
But not only as a reader I enjoyed this story, but also as a writer myself. I honestly don't know why exactly, but expecially the first 50 chapters inspired me a lot to change things about my writing after having finished my greatest FF project not long ago. Looking at what I enjoyed about this story, I for example found myself enjoying writing in third person way more than the first person style I always went with. And most of all, I was insipred to start the creation of my greatest Fanfiction yet. and while "being inspired" to many means stealing content I really try not to, but implement what I stilisticly (is that a word?) liked about the story, adapted smaller plot points and changed them and some similar stuff.
So yeah, I've talked about so many stuff now, and maybe you haven't read it because why would you want to hear a random guy talking that much, but to just have a few last words:
Maybe you will not get why, but this story was more than just fiction to me. Even though I've read incredible Fanfictions before, none of them can even try besting this one. It was the best Fanficiton and honestly just best story I have read and I will definitly come back one day. This story inspired me as a person and as a writer and I'm kinda sad to have finished reading now. This is a piece of art and will definitly end up being one of the two things that literally defined my year the most. I will definitly check out your newest story as well! Thank you for sharing this masterpiece with the internet!
Shadow of Antioch chapter 121 . 10/6
Words cannot adequately describe what a rollercoaster these last two episodes have been.

On the one hand, I will confess that I feel a tiny bit a fight-scene fatigue; there were a LOT of those in a short timeframe. Lycanroc, Shadow Lugia, Mewtwo, Dragonite, Prisma, Silvally, all the peeps Tessa had to face, then Necrozma, then Necrozma's core... and that's ignoring the previous episodes, already jam-packed with fights!

While I'll also confess to skimming some of the fighting choreography due to that fatigue, each fight nevertheless felt... satisfying. Prisma's minions were freed one by one, and the emotional reunions that followed (Latias and Lugia in particular) were heart-warming. The build-up to the wave of light that sweeps the world, and how you skip from scene to scene showing all the characters we've come to know being wiped away... wow. Probably one of the most powerful moments in this story, and pokémon fanfiction as a whole. Hell, I'd even say of any book I've read—period. I can tell you've been building up to this for a while. And it worked.

Your ability to make me care for minor characters has increased dramatically as the story has moved on. Initially, for example, I couldn't care less of Kommo-o and Sneasel; the two of them and Lycanroc felt like painful clichés, existing only because EoS did the criminal trio gimmick first. But by the time you reached the Dragon dungeon, and the infirmary scene that followed between these two, I've... grown fond of them. Latias and Lugia, too. And Arceus, somehow. I spent something like half of the story without feeling much for the side characters, butI don't know what you did to

I'm not sure whether I expected you to kill off Shane at the end. It was a possibility, but I suppose one I never took for granted. Either way, it works thematically! It was fascinating to see the whole world being reborn and Team Radiance having to cope with their newly Shaneless life. Especially Tessa. Poor girl, during that beach scene... You could have ended the story there and you would have had a perfectly serviceable ending. The heroes save the day, Shane gets to leave his last mark on his friends' lives, and most loose ends have tied up—the rest are better off left as mysteries. It could have all ended there.

But you didn't, did you? You felt cheeky and decided to give us a post-game section! While it was not necessary so to speak, I am nevertheless happy that you included it. Shane's return felt a little underwhelming, specifically when it comes to Tessa's reaction, but it hardly impacted my enjoyment.

I did NOT expect Dragonite and Milotic to start dating. Remember when I made that joke post about Flame x Espy on your story's Tumblr, and in your reply you said "Alice ends up dating a Milotic"? I understand the joke now xD

There's too much for me to say in one review, so I'll leave it here for now. Just know that next review will cover the last two chapters... and then a section where I give my thoughts on your story as a whole
Shadow of Antioch chapter 94 . 9/5
That... has got to be the strangest set of chapters I've ever read on this site. First our heroes infiltrate a rave. Then Shane drops a rap piece. Then they sneak backstage, get dressed up for a concert, and sing and dance in front of the audience? And that's how the boss battle goes, too? WHAT?

Despite still being at a loss for words over what I've just read, I can't deny it's been a blast to read. Especially playing EDM over the first few scenes to set the mood, and all the ship-teasing you dropped the whole way through. How does this story swing from serious to utterly ridiculous to serious again so effortlessly?

Truly, it's a gift only you have, Amby. Fantastic job. The end nears...
AdamthePyromancer chapter 124 . 8/23
This chapter was really cute. The originals will always hold a special place in my heart and I love this chapter. I also loved the remakes
AdamthePyromancer chapter 120 . 8/22
Oh I was expecting that to basically be a boss rush culminating in them getting Shane back
AdamthePyromancer chapter 118 . 8/22
I mean you've basically made this a Kirby game so we gotta go do the True Arena to get the real ending right?
AdamthePyromancer chapter 117 . 8/22
Even if I didn't see the number of remaining chapters, you turned this into a Kirby game so it ain't over till the True Arena and I don't think they ever actually fought Void Termina.
AdamthePyromancer chapter 114 . 8/21
Wait what attacks were alluding to Necron? The only move he has that seems similar is maybe Flare Star
AdamthePyromancer chapter 113 . 8/21
Huh I was actually shipping Silvally and Tessa for like most of this story
AdamthePyromancer chapter 108 . 8/20
Ha I called both the shiny Ho-Oh and Morpho Knight
AdamthePyromancer chapter 98 . 8/15
Kirby lore isn't my forte but isn't the butterfly Morpho Knight?
AdamthePyromancer chapter 95 . 8/14
What no why'd you kill RT Absol he's my favorite. How dare you
ThechosenSpheal04 chapter 65 . 8/14
Don't know if you still read those, but I'll just write one anyways. I've downloaded this story for my vacation without internet, hoping to find something to keep me entertained. So I shot my shot with what I feel like is the only PMD fic I haven't read yet, being this one, reason being the lenght. I've now read everything up to Chapter 65 within a week and really did not regret trying this story out. It's probably the best fic I've seen! It's fricking long yet doesn't feel strechted. This story does things different like the human being a fricking jerk in the beginning and I LOVE that! Also, Necrozma has to be one of the best written characters I've seen! (ofc that all could change in the second half but I'm optimistic). There are great backstories and plot twists. Null/Silvally's character arc is awesome! And the scene were Necrozma literally wanted to order a Pizza in Tapu Lele's temple was probably the dumbest yet most entertaining thing I've read in a FF. I'm thrilled to see how it all ends up!
AdamthePyromancer chapter 80 . 8/13
Pft Zoroark you're suppose to hide that
AdamthePyromancer chapter 49 . 8/11
Yeah I'm right Nicky ended up becoming Necrozma
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