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Anon Omega chapter 124 . 1/13/2020
Alright! Now all we have to do is wait for Explorers remakes, right?
Nobody chapter 124 . 1/12/2020
I have little of value to contribute, but I enjoyed this and I’m glad it’s here.

It made me happy.

Thank you!
The Dimensional Reader chapter 124 . 1/12/2020
This really was worth the read, so thanks for the nostalgia trip! Hope you get better!
TropicalCyclone chapter 123 . 1/10/2020
This story hits so close to home to me, most of the struggles I relate to. I enjoyed every part of this story, I've been binge reading this for one whole week. I'm really grateful for you making this book.
TropicalCyclone chapter 96 . 1/8/2020
Latias hving PTSD of Abusive people
TropicalCyclone chapter 75 . 1/6/2020
I imagine magnum as All Might
TropicalCyclone chapter 63 . 1/5/2020
a feminist cult, whats worse than that.
RealCoolDude chapter 115 . 1/3/2020
hmm two hours past. yeah, I'd say this was a satisfactory final battle. my ears are ringing and eyes stinging from how intense my imagination went reading it. didn't actually expect shane to...yeah. noice job.
TropicalCyclone chapter 35 . 1/3/2020
feeling that no one cares even if you disappear hits home to me, I've always thought that I'm a useless nobody that doesn't deserve to exist. That anything I do just ends up hurting others, many times my parents say that "if we disown you, who would you think will care for you, huh?! NOBODY!" I've been reminded countless times how useless I am throughout my childhood. So many times I wanted to die.
Shadow of Antioch chapter 9 . 12/31/2019
Ho ho ho! It’s me, the New Year’s secret Santa! I emerge from the shadows to wish you a happy birthday, and to give you feedback on these early episodes of yours.

The first thing I’ve picked up on, and that I thought was worthy of mention, is that so far there hasn’t been a single scene that I thought was wasted. You don't do fillers, do you? I can begin to see the similarity with Namo’s story in that, whenever I read Guiding Light, there’s always something going on: either the plot moves forward, the main characters are receiving development, or the world is being expanded upon—or all those things at the same time. In just a few chapters, the relationship between Shane and Tessa has morphed more than I personally anticipated. It was a constant back-and-forth that both felt realistic and kept me engaged: first Tessa begins growing doubts about how much Shane really cares about her as a teammates, so they talk about it and temporarily solve the situation—only for Shane to endanger her in an even worse manner! Having completely lost her trust, he only gains it back by accidentally saving her and grows a little bit of a conscience in the process. Now, though, the apparition of Tessa’s mother in her dream has sown renewed doubts in her head. And all that in _five_ chapters! When you consider that they’re relatively short chapters (for me) and that I’m considerably dumbing down the events being described, it’s … impressive. Truly, you seem to have found a pacing that’s perfect for your style of writing, at least for the beginning of the story.

So far, I’d say Shane is still probably my favourite character. His constant swings between immature cynicism and genuine compassion make him the most compelling character so far—at least psychologically—and he’s the one that’s made me smile the most. Yes, he can be a real dick sometimes. The sentry duty part was the first time where I actively started to dislike Shane, since his hostile attitude started to feel overkill and even coming off as out of character, in some ways. No, I’m not counting his bullying of Togedemaru because … c’mon, just look at her! He’s got a point! However, it’s probably the few moments of maturity that he experiences that have me hooked with him. The moment when he called out for Tessa not to leave was touching, as was his little monologue about his human life. A little self-centred? Maybe. Touching? Yes. Heck, during the Munchlax fight, Shane exhibited strangely competent leadership abilities—I even found it a little strange how quickly he’d shifted to giving out orders, especially when the Munchlax have just been dispached. I thought Tessa or Steenee should have at least taken note of that. Either way, these moments only make it more endearing when he slips back into his usual immature self. Judging from the pace of character development we’ve seen, I suspect Shane will see many, many changes by the time we reach the mid-story—never mind the end.

Tessa deserves a mention, too: despite being in third place in my character rankings so far, she’s still by all means a well-rounded character whose behaviour never shatters my suspension of disbelief—no small feat with how nevrotic Shane can be. You’ve built a great aura of mystery surrounding her, her origins, her abilities, her parents, and… well, everything else, really. The way you’ve been trickling that in has been especially effective. Tessa is a lost, confused soul who sometimes feels like the only sane person around. She is more mature than Shane but only to a certain extent, as shown by her obsession with becoming a famous hero. She’s been a lovely character, and I look forward to seeing her shine.

Now, you might be wondering: if Tessa is number three in my character rankings, then who’s number two? It’s Espy. It’s not even close. I mean, do I even need to explain myself? She wears a black choker. That’s kinky as hell. On that note, Espy’s horniness is dripping from everything she says and I absolutely love it. Always going on about how succulent an Absol’s form is, licking her lips and using metaphors that have to do with dates… damn, Espy, take a breather! I’d almost go as far as to say she acts as a comic relief of sorts, despite her presence usually being a bad sign. She’s been the only character besides Shane to get good laughs out of me. I suppose it’s the fact that she still plays her role of evil character well, but occasionally lets her own horniness carry her away until Umbry needs to remind her that they’re evil. You know what? Perhaps she just needs to find the right mate. Perhaps a Si—erhm, a Charmeleon, and live the rest of her days with him in a mountain cabin. Work that pent-up tension out of her, you know? (On that note, give Umbry a little extra attention! Especially how he plays off next to Espy—I think there’s great potential for humour there.)

As a whole, I must say, most characters seems to have this … cartooney flair about them. With the possible exception of Tessa, a lot of them exhibit behaviour that is at least slightly exaggerated or stereotyped—Team Fang with their banter, Lunala going all Crudelia Démon, the way Solrock talked during the battle, even Shane at times… It’s all incredibly light-hearted and cartoonish. I’ll admit it: this isn’t the type of story I usually read. I’m someone that tends to rely on realism and dark themes to fuel my immersion, but… honestly? I like this. It’s good to loosen up every now and then, and Guiding Light has an undeniable charm about it.

(A few more character notes: I’m especially curious to read more about Metagross and Team Snake. I’ll admit, I’m not used to reading other people write Dragonair.)

When it comes to the main plot, I fear it is too soon to piece much of anything together. From his brief appearance, Lunala seems to be intent on … trying to steal everyone’s light? I mean, if that’s the case, then surely he could just enter orbit around a star and live a life of luxury. Hmmmm… Eh, I suppose he’s still a living being, and wants some civilisation around him. Either way, the comment “I’ve been promised every last drop of your light” makes it fairly obvious that Lunala isn’t actually the architect of whatever scheme is unfolding here. I expect he’ll be a sort of mid-story boss that Team Radiance will need to face to get to the real baddy. Your small video-game like blurbs have revealed that the infection they’re using on the local fauna comes from the Ultra dimension, so I imagine one Ultra Beast or another is to blame.

If I had to point to some flaws, I suppose I would mention the small, abrupt shifts in behaviour that some characters exhibit—such as Shane suddenly taking charge after the Munchlax fight with no one taking notice—and an overall tendency to rush descriptions. Oh, and the onomatopoeia—I pray that you’ve stopped using “Craaaaaaaash!” now. I didn’t really enjoy the video-gamey blurbs, either. Honestly, though? I can easily forgive all this. It’s barely chapter 10 of a 120 chapter story, and the writing is bound to be a little shoddy. Even still, it’s managed to capture my interest and my imagination.

Brilliantly done.
cynsh chapter 6 . 12/30/2019
...Well. It's been a while, huh? This review will be covering chapters 5 and 6, though I had to flick through the previous ones to remember what had happened. But I think I got all the important stuff! Let's get into it:

The style of writing has been very cartoonish so far. Characters bicker constantly, even when fighting enemies. The enemies themselves are your typical low-level goons. Pokemon moves have not been tuned down for realism at all; Roar physically blows the target backwards, Extrasensory can... uh, do the same? I was a bit confused by that in ch5; how, despite Tessa falling off a rock, Shane has time to see her, focus enough to use Extrasensory, and somehow transport her to safety?

Anyway, this style comes with pros and cons, I think. A pro being that it's perfect for the many humourous moments that happen throughout the chapters, making it a very easy, comfortable read. And that's a very big pro.

The main issue so far is that, related to those pros, I can't take this very seriously right now. I've heard that this story goes into some dark territory later on, which... is very incompatible with the current tone. But I suppose you've got plenty of time to get to that.

The most serious conflict right now that I can see is that of Tessa personally. I really like her so far; tired of constant comparisons to her famous parents, utterly put out with this annoying Vulpix she's stuck with, yet she still desperately wants to succeed. Shane does not come off too favourably, though. Hopefully he'll soon stop being so overexcited about all his PMD dreams coming true and give Tessa a bit of break. There's plenty of room for development for both of them, at least.

Gonna go out on a limb and guess that the 'sun-shaped sillouette' Shane saw in his dream, and the deity speaking to him, was Solgaleo. I'm not sure Solgaleo is really sun-shaped, though, even if its design is supposed to be. Maybe it's just meant in a cartoony sense.

I love that Shane hates getting muddy. THESE are the simple, day-to-day problems of Pokemon life that the games never explored! It's funny that his tails wag too, though given their relative size to the rest of him, I do wonder how he doesn't get unbalanced. And surely the tail-wagging has to end by the time he evolves...

Small things:
- Is Bruxish floating? I can't see any way it could stand up, haha.
- You use a lot of 'said' substitutes. At times I think it's overdone. It does make your dialogue burst with character though, which is great!
- At one point in ch6, Solrock says 'fine that', when I think you mean 'fine then'. Also, 'waymore' is written as one word.
- Nothing to do with these last two chapters, but - I just love Metagross. No homo (it's genderless anyway, right?)
Captain Jams chapter 123 . 12/16/2019
I've been following this story for a year now. Its been one hell of a ride and i enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for writing something that is truly great. I hope you do well in the future, i wish you the best of luck.

Thank you once again for such an enjoyable read!
RealCoolDude chapter 42 . 12/13/2019
The SECOND we make a connection, it’s revealed. The moment I realize and figure out a character or mystery, it’s solved next chapter. That’s pretty good. No point in keeping the suspense any longer than necessary. But every time, right down to who Zero is? This perfect timing of mystery and reveal really keeps up the pacing and interest. Nice on.
21Taipan13 chapter 123 . 12/12/2019
All I gotta say, is I enjoyed it. This was a very enjoyable fiction to read, and every day I had to sleep and stop reading I regretted because I didn't WANT to stop and rest. There are a few issues with the story (personally not a fan of the furbait but that's neither here nor there), as well as still some typos around in there; but it feels like this was a project filled with love. I'll give it a solid 8.6/10, one of my favorite fics I've read. Definitely up there with Silver Resistance (but actually finished so I can give it my proper thoughts). Definitely interested in seeing what happens from here.
RealCoolDude chapter 13 . 12/10/2019
oh wait! and I like how the gods think if they throw enough humans down it'll fix their problems but they're actually all lost and not special. unlike literally every other fic
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