Reviews for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Guiding Light
ToxinWrites chapter 126 . 4/27
Excellent work! I’m floored with the attention to detail, imagery, and perfectly executed development. I treasure this so deeply since I am autistic as well. You absolutely nailed this and have officially made me consider adopting all of this into headcanon. This is phenomenal and I look forward to your next works!
AvalonArrival chapter 105 . 4/27
In response to your question, yes. You've broken my heart and stomped on it until it is nothing but vague atoms. There will be retribution for this, in the form of my unending commentary. You got me hooked, this is YOUR fault, and so you're now stuck with me :D
AvalonArrival chapter 101 . 4/27
YOU BASTARD, YOU ABSOLUTE BASTARD YOU KILLED SERPY. Ahem, that said, have been really enjoying the last few chapters even though I haven't said anything. The psychology of the characters is really interesting to look at, and the plot twist of Shane not having Solgaleo's spirit but maybe something else (I'm thinking something has to do with Necrozma) was really cool. But alas, I must now hunt you down for killing Serpy. Start running. (This is 100% a joke btw, don't take it seriously.)
Leguest chapter 92 . 4/26
This is probably the wackiest the fic has ever gotten so far and I'm surprisingly more fond of it than I had initially imagined! Nice work, king!
AvalonArrival chapter 85 . 4/22
I'm still trying to figure out if the mask thingy was a sorta Necrozma/Giratina, or something else entire. Is it a pokemon or a vague amalgamation of abstract concepts like Dark Matter/Bittercold? Also trying to figure out if that Traveler that Arceus tried to get rid of is Shane, Nicky, someone else, or Mewtwo. I'm just really confused overall...
AvalonArrival chapter 76 . 4/21
Hmmmmm Not sure how I feel about Necrozma wielding alchemical powers. Just feels out of place for some reason. That said, if they haven't seen a Necrozma like this before, why would they call it a Lightless Black? Time to see where this goes.
AvalonArrival chapter 69 . 4/20
Okay, so. You're in my head. And I don't like that. I can see echoes of myself in both Shane and Tessa, and I love that. God I love this fic so much, I can't wait to see how it ends. -Striker
Guest chapter 45 . 4/12
Sooo, I know I'm pretty late to the party. But I've been reading this book for a while and MAN is it good! So far I've really enjoyed reading this and I'll be looking forward to reading more. Good job dude!
RabbitTYD chapter 7 . 3/29
why is Shane so goddamn annoying. it's really hard for me to get through this because he seems to keep making the same mistakes with no consideration for others at all
PMD Bidoof chapter 108 . 3/18
Been a while since I left a review but I think this is a good time to do one. Let me say this, this is a good story it makes me feel something that most things don’t make me feel. With that out of the way I have not read this entire chapter yet but I have two problems (personal problems) with it. The first is that before this whenever I heard about a character’s past for the most part it made me cry. While with the Evee it felt as though it had no real importance and it could have easily been left out but who knows it might have importance later. The other problem I have with it is you showing what has happened to each individual group in the main group after the ley lines grew chaotic I feel as though not every group has something important going on. Like in Tessa’s group it doesn’t feel like it added much to the story. After all of that I will still say that I think this story is amazing and I am not trying to flame you. I hope you and whoever is reading this has a good day/night
PMD Bidoof chapter 103 . 2/23
It feels so weird reading this on a day besides April 1st to be honest but I think it worked out. I am just upset at myself that I didn’t read the first crossover
PMD Bidoof chapter 103 . 2/21
Ooh I haven’t read anything except the title yet I am still excited. Besides that I really hope there is a decent chunk of after everything is resolved scenes because I am so interested in how all of the relationships will develop. Once again thanks for making this great fanfic I will never forget it that’s for sure.
PMD Bidoof chapter 94 . 2/18
For some reason that situation turned out in the exact opposite way I was expecting but I was very much pleasantly surprised
PMD Bidoof chapter 92 . 2/18
Ahh now that was a exciting chapter. I am curios if Shane will get into a serious relationship in the last 25 or so chapters. Besides that I don’t really have much to say besides wow
PMD Bidoof chapter 87 . 2/3
For some reason when I read the battle scene I thought all of the Pokémon in that battle were doing synchronized dancing for some odd reason. Also do I sense more hints towards Shane/Tessa’s relationship?
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