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Spell of Dawn chapter 126 . 11/6/2020
Forget about this fic being 1m long. I NEED MORE OF THIS lol.
Tessa is right when horizon hasn't been that homely since Shane came. Too many things happened in too sparse a time, in too large a scale. Poor everyone in your universe. They probably didn't deserve all this.
Hobbes22 chapter 126 . 11/6/2020
Really cute chapter! Honestly miss looking forward to updates to this fic so it was a really pleasant surprise to see an update. Still a huge fan of the universe you created here and it was lovely to get to see the characters once again.
Platinum9732 chapter 126 . 11/6/2020
I love fluff like this. Thank you for the surprise!
Brandt chapter 126 . 11/6/2020
Absolute wholesome chapter that I never knew I needed. What a way to brighten up a few rough weeks. Thanks amby!
The Dimensional Reader chapter 126 . 11/6/2020
This fluff gave the serotonin I needed. Thank you.
Tezral chapter 123 . 11/1/2020
Well, I know there's two more chapters, but eh, this IS the absolute end of PMD : Guiding Light as the story of Tessa and Shane against Necrozma and Prisma. So yeah, here I go.

That was one hell of a story right here ! God yes I hated Shane in the first few chapters xD I could NOT stand him. Buuuut, I knew that the story was more than 100 chapters. It does not take a genius to guess some changes would eventually happen to the main character. Even if it was the hardest part to read, I do not regret any second I took on those chapters. They are the starting point of the adventure. They are the introduction to Horizon and it's miracles. I learned something from my brother when I started reading. Yes, it is important not to judge a book by it's cover. Of course, you need to be interested in it first to read it, but there is another step to that. If you start reading a story, you cannot judge it until you finish it. That's my golden rule as a reader. Even if the first few chapters have something you dislike, you can't brush aside the good things you'll surely find later on.

Okay, now what did I liked in the story. What I prefered was the relationships between the characters. Of course the main example would be Tessa and Shane, but even without them in the picture, there is so much to talk about just about the different bonds between everyone. Between Zephyr and Hakamo-o for example. They are just two minor antagonists at first, but it goes so much farther after, even if they are still only very minor to the story.

I liked the balance you kept between the fights and the rests in the story. I really felt the stress the group was into, especially with what little rest they had. Not a single day did they had any real rest, not counting the ones when they just couldn't even walk XD. Sure, some days where less taxing than others, but still. I really felt that without thinking, as a reader, "When is this gonna end ?". It didn't feel like it was just challenge after challenge.

I saw that there was a lot of references to many things. I only saw the big flowey one ' But hey, I already talked about it. Still, it didn't feel like a reference. It's like... Yeah, I saw that. But this moment wasn't defined by the reference. I didn't see Flowey tricking everyone. It was still Necrozma, and I think that's an absolute good point.

I won't talk about the character developpement. Well, I guess I am now, but wow. I just... What can I say ? It was brilliant ? Awesomely good ? Absolously exeltastic ? There was so much to do about so much character, and even a minor character such as Dusk got a backstory. Well, it's mainly thanks to Midnight but hey, she still had something. She had bonds to Gallian and Zoroark, and wasn't forgotten. And I liked that characters that really weren't in the story did exist anyway such as Yveltal. We heard about him (or her ? I don't remember) a few times, but he didn't need to appear after that. Because he didn't have any bonds with anyone, even with Celeste.

Onto the characters ! Well, the mains of course. Who did I loved the most ? That's a first place for Nero ! He is so adorable I would hurt myself when hugging him. Well, when he acts all goofy at least, he's not just a big plushie ! Oh I loved it when he flirted a little with Shane. Absolutely delicious. 10/10 would recommend. He is the smile of the team. An absolute monster of positivity. Everyone needs him.
Okay I'm done, sorry '. Okay, now, I don't have any real leaderboard about who I prefer more or less than the others. Nero is the one I prefer, but for the others they are mostly equals. For Shane... I cannot really relate to him. I do have many thoughts turning around, but I usually keep them to myself. I'm working on the balance between talking too much or not enough. That's hard. Still, it was adorable when he met Incineroar and stayed still for Tessa. It shows how much he learned since the start when he could not stop to show respect to Braviary.
As for Tessa, I'm just soooo relieved she got an happy ending with Shane. There's too much pain related to "realism" with these endings where one of the partner dies or disappear. It's just... Meh. I understand there is a need to balance good and evil, but still. I think there was enough "realism" with Tessa losing both her parents and her brother in a matter of months. She deserves this happy ending, and I'm happy you chose to do that. Especially with how there are still problems that need to be solved, but with time.
And now Selene. She could be considered my "least prefered character" but just because I'm more of a dog person (Surely part of why Nero is first ? '). Still, I do like her. It's nice to have a main character with family for once xD Joke aside, I do not really relate to her but... I'm happy she's here. You said she was supposed to die with Umbreon. Well... I think it was a good idea to change that. She had the opportunity to change thanks to Nero and Gallian. Finding support with the former, and better understanding herself with the latter.

Well, I don't really know what else to say... I loved the story ! I definitively loved every little funny interaction the team had with each other too . Now I'm going to the discord and see the blog and all
Tezral chapter 113 . 10/31/2020
Okay, I'm currently reading this (started a few days ago) and I'm almost at the end. I wanted to wait until the very very end to say anything, as I am usually a part of the silent community, but I saw that ref to Undertale. I missed a lot of them from what I see in some responses, but eh, I didn't play any Kirby or KH but I did play Undertale (one of my favorite game as many can easily guess). And you are a genius. I just needed to say that XD.

Oh and while we are at it, I should talk about what I shipped. And I definitively shipped Silv with Shane, the moments they had were just so cuuuute ! But hey, I'm still happy with what I'm seeing !

I saw there was a blog and all, I promise I'll go see them after I'm finished with the reading ! I just don't want any spoilers or anything . Alright ! Let's get on with the end ! I'll post another review, even if it's not much '
DownStream chapter 123 . 10/28/2020
Author, you did an incredible job with this fic! As someone who loves pokemon, but never really got to experience any of the PMD games, I wanted to say that even with only general knowledge of the series, I was able to thoroughly enjoying reading this. Thank you for creating such a fun and crazy adventure!
Aurastar Warrior chapter 125 . 10/27/2020
Lothric Knight Sword chapter 123 . 10/26/2020
I’m breaking my silent reader tendency to say that I never expected to be hit this hard in the feels when reaching this point. I always end up getting kinda depressed when I get closer to the end of a good story because I tend to get attached to the characters and I just want to see more of them, I almost wish the story would never end.

Of course that’s kinda selfish of me to say. It’s just that Guiding Light was SO GOOD! I... I have no idea what I should end up reading next. It’ll probably end up being another PMD fic simply because the mystery dungeon games have a special place in my heart, so much more so than the main series games.
Earthpatriot117 chapter 26 . 10/17/2020
...did you just pull a 'my little pony nightmare moon' reference!?
Cause thats... AWESOME! XD
Earthpatriot117 chapter 24 . 10/17/2020
this story is AWESOME! XD
Kendall chapter 1 . 9/22/2020
I've never written a review in my life, and I'm so nervous. I need to stop being a chicken, at least for this, because I really want to tell this to you.

Thank you so much for this story. I was in a hole of replaying PMD games as just... you know, something comforting. I've loved PMD for so many years now and have replayed the games over and over and over again. They are one of the only bits of joy I have, and I occasionally get completely absorbed a few times every year.

I decided to try reading a story, and I didn't know what to expect. I saw someone mention Guiding Light, said the protagonist started out as a jerk but had good character development, and it was really good in general- so I was curious. I read Guiding Light, and I finished it all in a little less than a month. I found myself drawing the characters and feeling so inspired and hooked. This story was really difficult to read at times because it touched my heart so much.

I found myself relating a lot at times to everyone, particularly Shane. His dynamic with Tessa in the beginning was so incredible and I really appreciated how slow it was. It hurt a lot to read, and how low they sunk together genuinely made me emotional. And yet, they were able to start over. I love what they have so much. Their friendship after all of what went down gave me so much hope, and the ending was amazing.

I never felt like I didn't want to read anymore. The story was enjoyable (even if things weren't always the happiest), and the connections between characters- beyond just Tessa and Shane- just made me so happy. I love Nero, I love Selene- they both grew so much, and although I felt a bit wary about Nero at first, he grew on me very fast. He got to learn and grow and be free, he got to be himself despite everything. I feel so proud of him. And Selene? She has worked through so much too. I'm proud of her. There was so much wonderful character development through every character.

I could ramble for hours, but I probably am coming off really strong... I'm really late too. I know I'm probably cringy, but thank you so much Ambyssin. This story means a lot more than I'm comfortable sharing, and it was a ride even if I didn't have to wait for updates haha,,, good luck with everything and I'm hoping the best for you. You put everything into this, and I feel what you've poured in and I really appreciate it so much. I'm probably going to draw more, and I'm excited to see what you make in the future- and what you're making currently. Maybe if I can, I'll gain the courage to share drawings soon.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. I loved your story and I hope that this wasn't too cringy :')
Windskull chapter 123 . 9/16/2020
Well, here we are, a little over 2 months later, at the end of one heck of a trip. It’s been fun to read, and especially fun to see the characters grow. This review is going to first cover the final episode, and cover my thoughts on the story and characters as a whole.

And, in general, I really enjoyed the final episode. It does a nice job of wrapping up a lot of loose ends, and gives all of our main heroes a happy ending, albeit not without some caveats. Which I like. They had an amazing victory, they got Shane back, and almost everyone was brought back from the dead.

There are only two nitpicks that I have about the ending, honestly. The first regards Rebecca. For the most part, I don’t really have any issue with it. I just wish it had been given a bit more screen time. Even though it had some setup earlier in the fic, it still feels a bit rushed, in the sense that it felt like it didn’t have enough time to develop the way you wanted. I can’t help but feel like it’s something that could have been introduced earlier.

The second, and maybe it was cut or it was in a smaller scene that I missed or have forgotten in the week since I actually finished reading, I was really sad we never got a Mewtwo and Magearna scene, to get those two reunited.

But other than that, I loved it, and I loved the fic as a whole. I love that Tessa and Gallian got closure with their dad. I love the themes of dealing with mental health, and not being alright, and supporting each other. And I love just how much all the characters grew throughout the fic.

First, let’s talk about Shane. Because my goodness, what an arc. He went from a very selfish character that just said whatever was on his mind, never being mindful of how hurtful it was and always being the center of attention, to someone who was willing to make a huge sacrifice to make sure everyone was happy. God, I really think this is one of the best-handled character arcs for someone that started as an asshole that I’ve ever read. I know I already kind of liked him and had a bit of a bias for him when I started reading, but everything you did just made it all the better.

Next, Tessa. Seeing her grow from that quiet, depressed girl who was desperate for attention and affection to who she is at the end of the fic was great. I don’t have a whole lot to say about her arc, but I really think she was well-developed throughout the story.

Then we have Espeon/Selene. Another character that went through huge growth over the course of the story. It feels obvious to me that she’s still got a long road to dealing with her inner demons, but that she’s off to a great start, what with a supporting group of friends, and with her own desire to improve.

And to top off the heroes, we have Silvally/Nero. I feel like his arc was a lot more subtle compared to the others. Even from the beginning, before he got the mask off, he was a reasonably level head, and seemed the most well-adjusted of the main cast. But he needed support too, and there are times where it shows. Honestly, I'm glad that he has those vulnerable moments. And as sad as I was when he exploded, that and the stuff that followed really exemplified this, in my opinion. It makes him feel more real, like a three dimensional character that has his own struggles, even when he’s trying to support everyone else.

I could stop and talk about just about any of the supporting cast, too. Luxeria, Seraph, Gallian, Zoroark, Zephyr and Hakamo-o. They all had their own character arcs, and I appreciate that (I do wish Hakamo-o and Zephyr’s (#sneaselbias) arcs had started a bit sooner, but ehhh, nitpicks there.) This review is already going to be pretty big, so instead I’m going to go ahead and move on to the villains. Particularly Zero and Necrozma, but I do want to briefly touch on Dragonite, Midnight, and Metagross.

Starting with Metagross, I’m glad that we finally got an explanation of his motivations near the end of the fic. Because, not gonna lie, the revelation that he’d attacked another metang and forcibly fused with them was definitely a big wtf yikes moment for me. It was one of those things that I was glad to finally get an explanation for, at least.

Midnight… Midnight was honestly the weakest, most two-dimensional of the villains, in my opinion. On one hand, I appreciate that you played around with the vengeful attitude noted on midnight lycanroc. On the other, the fact that every single one of his motivations seemed to be spurned by his grudge just… felt kind of flat. Sure, I’ve met people that seem to be motivated by spite, but idk. At least it was satisfying to finally see him get his butt kicked.

Dragonite was a fun villain. Out of the three members of Team Captivate, she always struck me as the one with the most level head. So for her to be the one that was tempted by Zero first was quite surprising, but played well with her character and her insecurities. It really says something about Zero’s manipulative skills, tbh. All that said, I’m glad she got the start of a redemption and that things were starting to look up for her, because she was my favorite member of Team Captivate in the early story, and she was fun to watch as a villain.

That leads me to Zero. Man, she was one heck of a villain. Someone who was desperate to get back home - I don’t fault her for that - and willing to do whatever it took to achieve that. ANd then, failing that, decided to bring the world down and change a system that she saw as corrupt. Was she in the wrong? Yes. Very much so. I hate what she did to Tessa and Gallian even before she became Zero. And it was dickish of her to lie to Incineroar and lead him on. And yet, at the same time, she's still a compelling, interesting villain. And even a little sympathetic in some ways. She wasn't a good person, but she still was negatively affected by the whims of gods that behaved like children. I am kind of glad it implies that she's getting a second chance as a ghost. How well that works out, though, is left up to the reader.

As for Necrozma, he's a character that I have a hard time figuring out how to feel about. On one hand, he had a rough time as a human. But then things start to look up for him in his new life as the guiding light. Until he makes a little slip up in his judgement. And then due to the pettiness and fear of one god, and the away said god held over the others, he ends up paying a hefty price. On the other hand… after all that happened, he still willingly enacted revenge with the help of the void, until it was too late for him to back out. He killed a bunch of people, too, and not all of them were resurrected. (Rest in piss Geoff but also I would find it hard to believe that every single person attacked was as much or an unapologetic bastard as him.) So with all that in mind, my feelings on him are complicated. And that's a good thing! It means your primary villains had a lot of depth to them, and that's what makes them good villains, imo.

One last nitpick I want to bring up: I read most of the bonus chapters, outside of the ones marked as omake and april fools chapters (which I still might go back and read later.) I mentioned this briefly in a previous review, but I really wish it had been a bit more clear which chapters were more plot relevant. Because, for example, the christmas and valentines bonuses are almost required, in my eyes, for the sake of getting the full story, but there were other canon bonuses that felt completely skippable, like the haunter episode. Guiding Light is a very long story, and at times it was kind of frustrating, stepping away from the action for a bonus episode, only for the bonus episode to not be all that important. Then again, they’re called bonus episodes for a reason, I suppose.

To finish, I briefly want to talk about the story as a whole. In some ways, Guiding Light follows the traditional PMD formula. The human wakes up as a Pokemon. They join the guild with their partner. Do sentry duty. Take down criminals. Deal with a team of lovable goons. But about after the time lycanroc happens, things veer pretty sharply from the formula and we get to see just how different Guiding Light is and how it plays with PMD tropes. And shortly after that, it drops a lot of the little borrowed anime quirks and gags, and starts using more animal body language, which is something I appreciated.

And for the record, I'd say that around the time Eevee and Sylveon were kidnapped was when I started to notice a considerable improvement to the writing, in my opinion. Yes, I liked the earlier chapters well enough. But I also won't deny the fact that you grew significantly as a writer over the course of the fic. And it shows in everything. The prose style, better characterization, better use of showing instead of telling.

And now I'm sitting here, wondering what else I should say. It feels like I could say a lot, but at this point, it would just be getting into minute details and nitpicks. So I’ll just leave off with this: despite its low points, the high points make Guiding Light a treat to read, and I’m looking forward to eventually reading more from you.
Dokkaebi chapter 123 . 9/13/2020
Huge thanks from Korea! Thank you for writing this fic! I really enjoyed reading it. 100 hour spent reading your fiction means so much to me. Now I gotta read your next fiction...
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