Reviews for We All Live in a Pokemon World
Crystal Rose of Pollux chapter 1 . 10/16/2017
Gah, poor James; he definitely ended up in the wrong place, yikes...

LOL, Baxter and Michelangelo stopping Jessie and Meowth's blastoff reminds me of some of the Bewear's shenanigans from the new Alola arc, heh. And LOL, Jessie's reason for the existence of the anime is priceless! And LOL, poor Baxter and Mikey, trying to find out how to explain this...

I liked Splinter giving Mikey the benefit of the doubt. And true, LOL, weirder things have happened!

And ooh, yes, the main trio is here, too! LOL at Barney's reaction to Pikachu showing up.

And gah, poor James again; getting compared to Bebop and Rocksteady is bad enough, but dealing with them is even worse. And aww, Weezing and Victreebel saving him was so sweet (especially Victeebel, given their tenuous relationship...)

Michelangelo seeing the good in Jessie and Meowth is really sweet, too, aww. But gah, them hearing that James is dead! At least Krang had the decency not to let Ash blame himself (though he was definitely bragging about doing it, so ugh). I love Jessie's righteous anger, too.

But gah, Krang! Of course Ash would follow them! (But I did have to snark at the Shredder panicking because of his metal armor). And LOL at whatever offscreen shenanigans happened!

But yay, James is alright! And ha, Ash-tachi getting a ride in the Turtle Van is adorable. And LOL at Raphael wanting everything to be a dream!

Awesome fic!
ThickerThanLove chapter 1 . 10/15/2017
Quite the wild adventure! I can tell you had a lot of fun with it. Great thing about the OT show...literally anything goes. I totally buy it!
Harry2 chapter 1 . 10/15/2017
*So you wanna be a master of Pokemon? Do you have what it takes to be Number one?* Its been AGES since I saw a episode of Pokemon, but you NAILED IT! And the idea of Jessie and James leaving Team Rocket might work. They could find honest work somewhere (Smacks head. WHAT AM I THINKING! THOSE TWO AND MEOWTH DOING HONEST WORK? HAVE I LOST MY MIND!?) Now, we just need to see more with our mutant Vampire Bat. Time for her to give April some lessons in how to dress to impress people!