Reviews for The World Meets Canada
RobinReneaRose chapter 107 . 8h
Aww! I'm so glad he actually listened to someone saying that he's attractive! I hope more and more of this happens, like little things that boost his self esteem. Loved the chapter!
Guest chapter 106 . 10/19
Yes! We finally get some Poland action!
anounymousthe1st chapter 106 . 10/19
oh Poland you'll look fabulous no matter what you wear
poor Iceland forever treated like a child
RobinReneaRose chapter 106 . 10/21
Iceland is so cute! But I can't wait to see Poland in that outfit! Love it!
anounymousthe1st chapter 105 . 10/17
awwwyyyyiiiiisssss finally some iceland
Related to Moon chapter 105 . 10/18
poor Iceland, I do not know if I feel sorry for him, or continue to laugh
Guest chapter 105 . 10/15
Happy one yearish anniversary!
RobinReneaRose chapter 105 . 10/15
So cute! "Do you want to make a wish?" That line took my heart!
anonymousthe1st chapter 104 . 10/12
omg Australia could have mentioned himself
I guess he got scared
RobinReneaRose chapter 104 . 10/12
OMG! This is a perfect date! I never thought Australia and Canada would go together... but now... there just so cute! I love how Matthew is so nice that no matter what name he was asked he didn't say no bluntly. He's kinda just like, "friend, sure, i guess," in other words "no, their a good person on the inside, never thought about it," it's so adorable!
AetherRose chapter 103 . 10/9
It's really starting to get really exciting here! I'm really looking forward to France and Canada meeting again, I would really like to see how their relationship turns out after all that pain. Keep up the good work, it's a wonderful story so far!
Time Turner chapter 103 . 10/8
I can't wait for who gets him, also I'm pretty sure every nation is either involved or informed by this point, no one is oblivious.
Guest chapter 103 . 10/8
God I love this chapter!
anounymousthe1st chapter 103 . 10/8
finland is just so cute and the micronations are just the sweetest
I'm rooting for you Australia
Daisy chapter 103 . 10/8
Just out of curiosity, where does this world meeting take place?
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