Reviews for A Slice Of Life
HillwoodCrossing chapter 37 . 11/13
I am currently reading this story for the first time, I’m on chapter 37. It’s a very fun read! I love the storyline you gave to Helga and her parents, with bob resenting her because he wanted a son. That is something I wondered while watching the show... why do Helga’s parents treat her so poorly? Even if the story isn’t canon, it’s nice to get some sense of closure in that regardI will say, with how many chapters you have written, I’m surprised how quickly some of these conflicts reached a resolution. I would have liked to read more about how Helga was able to forgive Olga for everything that happened during her childhood. It seemed like a quick jump from total resentment to sisterly love.
SatanSpeaks chapter 162 . 7/11
Finally finished, and now I can give my ultimate review. This fic has everything: Drama, suspense, action. It is slow, especially at first, but maybe that's something we need right now. It always finds a way to relax me. A Slice of Life is of the best Hey Arnold fics. If you haven't read it, you should.
Guest chapter 146 . 7/2
Antibiotics stop birth control from working... Helgas preggers again, I’m calling it.

Also, Gino might just kill Sid.
SatanSpeaks chapter 145 . 6/29
Well that was one gross chapter (Sorry if anyone has already made that joke)
SatanSpeaks chapter 138 . 6/26
My new favorite thing about this fic: Curly is an action hero
SatanSpeaks chapter 135 . 6/26
Brainy's in on it too? This story is heating up.
SatanSpeaks chapter 134 . 6/26
Good to see Rhonda again. And Curly, he's so forward with her. Definitely up to something.
SatanSpeaks chapter 131 . 6/25
Jackie is ingratiating herself, And Helga is allowing it!? Speaks to her maturity. Helga is clearly a more nuanced character.
SatanSpeaks chapter 128 . 6/23
Jackie sounds like trouble.
SatanSpeaks chapter 127 . 6/22 Gotta admit, so glad I'm not a parent. I wouldn't even know where to begin.
Guest chapter 66 . 4/4
Arnold you dummy, falling for the sweatshirt trick.
Guest chapter 65 . 4/4
You tend to need a lot of money to live the jet set lifestyle. Helga and Arnold are new parents in their mid-twenties so it's just not in the cards for them.
Guest chapter 19 . 3/11
super cute chapter. the spit wad scene was really sweet.
I can see Arnold asking Helga to call him football head, perhaps when they are being amorous. lol.
Call Me Nettie chapter 63 . 10/15/2019
I would like to take a moment to clarify some issues that were brought up in regards to a couple of plot points in this story. Normally I would handle this in an author’s note, but since this story has been completed, I’d like to clarify my intents here.

First, in regards to Arnold overindulging himself at Rhonda’s party. Can I see a “goody two shoes” like Arnold cutting loose once every blue moon while in the company of his closest friends? Absolutely, especially since it’s only on a rare occasion that he does so. I also feel that it is the very reason that he hardly ever cuts loose that when he does it’s going to hit him harder than those that partake more regularly. Plus you have to keep in mind that his jealousy had a part to play in this too. As stated, he was paying way more attention to Helga and Brainy than what was going on over at the pool table, plus, as anyone that is not a heavy drinker and has accidentally had one too many knows, after the first few jello shots, the rest do tend to go down rather smoothly. So, yes, I have no qualms in adding a drunk Arnold to this story.

Now let’s tackle the Pataki side of this story. The whole point of writing the Pataki’s like I have is to show that deep down underneath all that dysfunction lies a family that truly does love each other, and is trying hard to become the family that they each really want to be. This fact has been shown multiple times during the five season run of Hey Arnold. I can point out multiple times where Bob has fessed up and told Helga that he loves her, Arnold’s Thanksgiving is just one. You also see his concern for her in Arnold’s Halloween and in the episode where Bob wants to cut down Mighty Pete. So, yeah, the feelings are there, he is just bad at showing it, but that is what therapy is for. Plus, if a person such as Ebenezer Scrooge can undergo a complete life change, than why not Big Bob? (OMG, did I just have the gall to compare this to a Dicken’s tale? Yep, I did.)

Now for Miriam. Yes, she is an alcoholic, and once an alcoholic it’s always there. Alcoholism is a disease and nothing that should be taken lightly. But, can a family member that suffers from this disease learn to overcome it and live a perfectly functional life? Yes, they can. I know this because I have personally witnessed it happen to someone very close to me, and because of this I stand by my claim that Miriam can do it too. Now can all this redemption take place in a mere four months? Not likely, but unless I wanted this story to drag on for another two years, I needed to take some artistic liberties and quicken the pace. Just like I did with Phoebe’s career in this story’s sequel, As Time Goes By.

In closing, I just want to remind everyone, that this is a fictional story, born from the mind of a little, perhaps too enthusiastic, fan of the Hey Arnold series. Will you always agree with what I have to say? No, and that’s okay. Will what I write always make sense in real life? Perhaps not, but that’s what makes fiction so wonderful.
Anonymous Latino chapter 63 . 10/14/2019
whoa wait, so Helga is allowing her fourth month old baby to be babysat by her parents?! Two of the worst people to have had any children, regardless of their reason, and she is ok with that?! Did Helga have a pre-drinking party at the boarding house when she agreed to this? lol

I am seriously having a hard time seeing Arnold ever stooping that low in intoxicating himself like that lol. It's funny to read, but i find that he is too much of a goody two shoes to ever succumb to that. Gerald maybe, but not Arnold.
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