Reviews for Star Wars Rebels: A New Origin
TW chapter 42 . 21h
Fantastic chapter I look forward to reading the next one with great anticipation
OechsnerC chapter 42 . 22h
Awesome update. Looking forward to reading more.
benmo609 chapter 42 . 4/15
You have put a lot of things into motion in your story, of which I excited to read how it all plays out. Keep up the amazing work you are doing.
Achillies453 chapter 42 . 4/14
Well saw that coming a mile away with Maul and they all should have as well. So did Kanan not hear Maul say ‘twin suns’? Still a broad clue for them but better than nothing. Still hoping to see a lemon of Ezra and Mara, not gonna lie maybe he could turn her, after he turns back first. Anyways hope to see another chapter soon.
Death Fury chapter 42 . 4/14
Excellent chapter
tf330129 chapter 42 . 4/14
Keep it up :)
Spectacular Webhead 11 chapter 42 . 4/14
Guest chapter 41 . 4/12
Great chapter, hoping that you write a flashback chapter at some point that takes place after Malachor that shows how the ghost crew first reacted to Ezra being MIA and what was said between Sabine and Kanan that made her lose respect for him.
Grant Stewart chapter 41 . 4/10
New chapter please.
Bountyhunter1977 chapter 26 . 3/10
I know this is only chapter 26 and there is a total of 41 chapters as I write this review and I have no idea what the remaining chapters have or what reviews has been written as I am to lazy to go back to read them so this mite have been brought up already but I think , with some humor, that this would be the perfect time for both Ezra and Sabine to recite the Mandalorian marriage vows and have Leia as witness all before they bother to put any cloths on lol. That should also stick it Kanan and the no attachment rule.
Death Fury chapter 41 . 3/4
Excellent chapter
OechsnerC chapter 41 . 2/27
Awesome update
Achillies453 chapter 41 . 2/25
Excellent work. So I do hope that Ezra is able to kill Vader, with or without his memories of the past. Cool that he’s starting to see visions of Darth Revan. Mara is starting to throw some signals out there, I do hope that we see a few lemons between her and Ezra, you can’t not have them happen at this point. Who knows maybe if Ezra gets his memories back he’ll convince her to turn away from the sith and have a three way relationship with Ezra and Sabine. Basically she wouldn’t be dark or light kinda like Baylan where the morals and force usage is in the gray area

So Thrawn knows about the nightsisters. Surprised at that, so will Morgan Elsbeth show up or be mentioned?
There’s one minor thing that bothers me, it’s that you keep spelling Ahsoka wrong. H before the s in her name.
EmaCnDf chapter 41 . 2/25
I really hope that you kill vader and then recover his memories or something, i am really tired of self inserts or overpowered oc mcs that build up power in countless chapters only to be beat down and not kill vader or acomplish anything at all...
TW chapter 41 . 2/25
Fantastic I look forward to reading more.
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