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Echosofsix chapter 45 . 1h
Just finished chapter 45 must said well done looking forward to your updates
Ever think of making Jon's dragons breathe ice?
Lord of Wrath chapter 16 . 3h
So she's still sleeping with Darrio but in an earlier chaper you mentioned that she has sleptt with him since the first time?
Anonymous Designer chapter 45 . 5h
You know I wish there was an award ceremony for fan fics like the Emmy's because I guaranty this one would be nominated and win. Several years in a row in fact.

'A crow flapping its wings, diving for the familiar sandstone tower. A cluster of souls, magic pulsing within and a tied up female alongside them. Bony hands pressing against a particular place in the wall.'
Ok... what? Do the dead need a specific woman to cross the wall?

So history is repeating itself huh? Sometimes I hate being right. Bran saw what must be done to bring the dawn but it was a Targaryen that forged the sword and killed his northern wife. Despite Bran seeing Jon's face it bares the question if it must be Dany to kill Jon? But who are we kidding? Jon's already died for the greater good so its Dany' turn. That red bitch better be ready to trade her life to bring Dany back after deceiving them all.

And now a moment with the Stark Angels..

Dany: "My husband's the king of the whole known world..."

Marg: "My husband's the ruler of the North..."

Arya: My husband's the world's greatest blacksmith.

Sansa: "My third husband's the world's greatest lover."

Meera: "MY HUSBAND'S A MOTHER F***ING WIZARD! Micdrop bitches..."

You really had me hoping Bran legs were healed for good. Not nice. But he healed Lord Reed and Willas? Is he Jesus now? At this point I'd believe anything... Holly guacamole he and Jon are going to rip Mareen a new one and Jon's going to be both shocked and psyched to have such an awesome card in his back pocket from now on. Can't freaking wait!

Oh yes my beautiful insane Kraken, the sea is yours! Bend it to your gorgeously sculpted iron will! No matter how insane they claim you to be, I will continue to adore every inch of you!
Sweet Lord of all that is unholy that boy is FINE!... Have I mentioned I love pirates?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH LITTLEFINGER, I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO EAT THAT ASSUMPTION! HAHAHAHA! Oh yes you will have your women... 's son or new light lover run a sword right in that clever gut of yours. HAHAHAHAHA!

Oh gee, I wonder whom is showing up at Dragonstone? -sarcastic eyeroll-

Hope to see more of the Brotherhood soon and how Dany handles the war.

Amazing as always darlin!
nesciamema chapter 45 . 6h
Can't wait for the next chapter and to learn more about Bran being Keeper of the Dawn.
Timelord2162 chapter 45 . 7h
Aw man! You didn't burn their minds like I thought you would.
Anne Bensler chapter 44 . 9/17
Very nice chapter. It was so sad to see the little Wolves cry :(
Is it wrong of me to want Arya to work all the way down that list of hers?
And Jon walking in on Robb and his lover was hilarious! :D
The Bran fellow is still a mystery to me ...
Guest chapter 44 . 9/14
awesome new part
capitalist banter chapter 1 . 9/12
Finally a good Jon snow and Dany fic
Uzushiogakure chapter 44 . 9/12
Great chapter, I look forward to seeing how this plays out.
Hellyer1977 chapter 44 . 9/12
Jon walking in on Robb had me dying of laughter. That was a great scene. He must have been so mortified xD
Looking forward to more
ms.ladyaries08 chapter 44 . 9/12
I hope bran meeran jojen and hodor live
BioHazard82 chapter 44 . 9/12
Another great chapter.
Meazm chapter 44 . 9/12
Awesome chapter as always!
vangian13 chapter 44 . 9/11
So looking forward to that scene we discussed months ago. Both the one where bran wargs bugs and takes a heart.
Anonymous Designer chapter 44 . 9/11
First, yes a prayer of remembrance to that tragic day...

Now the review...

HOLY BLUE LIPSTICK BATMAN! BRAN IS GOING INTO THE TOWER? Do you know what that means?... oh right, stupid question... Anyway. Bran is going to see all the visions in that house like Dany did to get her babies back! OMG WILL HE BE GIVEN A CLUE TO THE PRICE THAT MUST BE PAID TO DEFEAT THE NIGHT KING? OMG I CAN'T WAIT!
Btw... So happy he realized he loves Lady Reed, even Hodoor knows it.

Woo Daario is going to be a dragon Shish kebab...
And Jon is riding Rhaegel instead of taking a boat?
Can't wait for the Jon/Bran reunion.
I swear if it's Jon that roster those ships I'm going to need a space suit because I'll launch myself right to Mars for happiness.
Maybe he can find more armies while he's there. *wink wink*

And the minute Jon gets back take Rhaegel right to KL and melt some gold.

Btw I forgot to say it in the last review but thank you for finally clearing up Joffrey's prophesies. I had figured out most of them but there were a couple lines I couldn't figure out so thank you.

You go Marg! You let your brother in-law know that just cause he's the King he doesn't get a free pass for interrupting your fun!
Btw. Love that Jon calls her sister and that he made her head of court. The pack looks after each other.

Oh Arya... What is she going to do?
I hope to see her with the twins more in Jon's absence. Maybe even see some 'uncle Gendry' moments to fill in for Jon. Maybe see Robb and Marg with them to, so they could get glimpses of what they could have in the future.

I'm glad the threat North is still in their minds, I was worried they were all to focused on Joffrey.
I can't wait to see if they go catch a white.

OMG Jon really is King Papa Dragon. His scolding of his daughter really made me believe that he is the 'Alpha' dragon in the whole Flight. It made me wonder if even his other 2 sons would submit to him? I know they see him as their father but to submit like Beta's and Omgea's do to Alpha's is amazing.

Really missing Ghost.

This departure was nowhere near as heartbreaking as the first. Except for the twins, I feel bad for them. They need puppies, puppies make everything better.

What are those damned lions going to try to pull on Dany I wonder?

Bout time they found the Dragonglass and I am so ready for a Robb/Theon reunion. He may think there's nothing left to be done to him but Robb will find something. Lol

I am so hyped!
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