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Indypindy chapter 107 . 9/20
Hand down one of the best fics. Its up there with “maester wolf”, “the dragon cub”, “mountains range” and “no one no more”!
Thank you so much for the time and effort you’ve put into this, i have nothing bad to say, it was a pleasure.
Look forward to reading more from you.
Rayga chapter 26 . 9/18
I so hate when writers change so many things, add diferent events and characters...
Only to forget about everything and ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO force everything exactly as it was in the show ignoring all developments
It feels like what youve been reading for last 20 chapters is useless and without meaning
Guest chapter 68 . 9/12
Why would Jon and Dany allow tens of thousands of deaths in the Battle of Highgarden when they could have prevented it by just burning Tywin's troops while they were on the march? Or burn them in their tents while they're sleeping camped at night on the road?

Against an emplaced army or keep the dragons are at risk. But there is no protection against dragons while you're on the march. You simply can't properly aim scorpions while you're going down the road.

There's even less while you're asleep, especially at night when you can't even see the dragons until they burn you.

The dragons are just an entirely out of context problem that once Tywin came out of King's Landing he would have been literal toast and there would be no need for this giant battle.
Guest chapter 67 . 9/12
With six dragons they would have just burned Tywin's column while it was marching to Highgarden.

You can't effectively use scorpions or rockets when you're on the march.
The demon sage chapter 26 . 8/21
honestly up to here almost all the previous chapters can be skipped. The overall story has almost no changes. Needs fall, the war of the 5 kings, beyond the wall, dany's army and the retaking of the north. sure from here I imagine things will be different, but honestly it was just a retelling of the same story. the only major difference is the saving of some characters lives, more dragonsthat had no effect on changing the story ), and the addition of some kids. these changes will effect the up coming story, but almost nothing important then what happened in Canon. sure it technically played out different, but the fact that the results are the same makes them slip able
vasushrivastava06 chapter 12 . 7/7
I know that Jon's low self-esteem is canonical but it's fucking frustrating to read. It makes every chapter harder to read than the last. I'm on no. 12 now and on the verge of dropping this story.
Batros940 chapter 9 . 7/7
This makes no sense. Jon finally has a reason not to join the watch with Dany. But you have him go anyways. There are so many better ways this could have gone. Have her keep up the image if someone from Lys while Ned sets up a keep for her and Jon to live in eventually, especially now that Catelyn knows the truth. Or when she goes back to Essos have Jon go with her under the pretense he wants to see the world before joining the watch. And just have it people think he happened to come across her by accident. That way when people question Ned about them being together he can say he thought Jon was going to the wall not Essos and has no idea what he is doing with the princess. Also his being with her definitely won't matter after Joffrey takes Ned's head off anyways.
juvenalalado chapter 1 . 6/25
I hope you are betrayed exactly as you wrote, people like you are the worst species of humanity and should eliminate themselves to save. Pathetic and idiotic, for no narrative reason. You just have a fetish and want to make excuses, a lice as an author and person only.
huuduy.nguyen1234567890 chapter 15 . 6/13
DarkJon chapter 107 . 5/21
Hatte gehofft das Jon mit einer anderen frau als Dany als Paarung enden würde.
hearthyguy chapter 1 . 5/16
Knowing there will be ntr(cuckoldry) insta-killed my interest. Was enjoying the story but Dayum your reviews are brutal specially in the chapter 15 reviews. Their comments may be wrong but I came to your story with the goal of finding JonxDaenerys but knowing the outcome pushed me away. Anyway, thanks to the bros who reviewed chapter 15!
jonathan risco chapter 12 . 5/12
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beta tester beater chapter 22 . 5/7
beta tester beater chapter 21 . 5/7
It feels right that Cat told her.
beta tester beater chapter 21 . 5/7
I know Cat is happy about that.
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