Reviews for Because the Night
Guest chapter 1 . 10/23/2017
This was so stinking cute! All that fluff! I read your opening and if you ever want to make this into a longer story. I'll sure as hell read it!
Totidem Verbis chapter 1 . 10/22/2017
HIEI WALKED HER DOWN THE AISLE! THAT IS THE CUTEST EFFING THING I HAVE EVER READ! Also, Kurama's a total stud! Walking Shizuru and Botan down the aisle. You go, foxy! And then Koenma officiating...that was a perfect touch. I also started giggling when I read that SHE was the one to propose marriage. Yusuke really can be clueless sometimes when it comes to the big things, like marriage proposals.

Koenma's opening speech was so beautiful! It held so much truth while still being super sweet, and I almost felt like clapping when I reached the end of his speech. Oh, boy...I don't know if I'm prepared for the big vows. Am I going to cry? I feel like I'm going to cry. Okay, Ana's up first.

Ana's vows were so pure! She completely nailed who Yusuke is and why he deserves so much love, and her vows were just so beautiful and honest. And then Yusuke's vows...that was perfect! Of course he'd get Kurama to help him rehearse the perfect vows, but then he turned around and said what was in his heart. Which was just so raw and beautiful. I love it! I know everyone cries at weddings, and I'm totally about to cry from how beautiful all of this is.

Mukuro and that would be interesting to see how they got together. And Hiei and Botan?! That's so adorable! Those two are like the definition of "opposites attract" but I bet they'd make a perfect couple. Well, not as perfect as Ana and Yusuke, because this is about their big day. I've always thought Kurama and Shizuru would make a good couple, because Shizuru is chill and Kurama seems like someone who would need a levelheaded partner. But Kuwabara and Koto?! Stop giving me ship ideas! I can't handle all of the cuteness overload! Then you had to throw in Yukina and Keiko, who would be so good for each other! These ships are giving me so many ideas and SO MANY FEELS!

Yusuke and Kuwabara are the ultimate BROTP! Just sayin'. Kuwabara's speech had me tearing up again, and then there was that beautiful dance scene with just everyone. I just love this one shot so much! There's so much fluff, but it's all so tastefully done and flows so perfectly.

If you ever decide to turn this into a full-length story, you know I'll read it because this was perfection!
Marshingirl71 chapter 1 . 10/22/2017
I love the beginning song! At first I thought I was going to be reading a little fluffy Hiei one-shot but then BOOM! There’s Yusuke, Looking all devilish. I’m not complaining though! I’ll take a Yusuke one shot!
Omh, Koenma’s speech had me in tears. I love it and then the tearfest continues with Ana and Yusuke’s vows! Okay, I laughed way to hard on Yusuke’s! Of course that firs part was all Kurama but then he did so good with his own words!
AAGH! They are the King and Queen of Demon World! *does a happy dance8

The couples! Omg! You, put the strangest ones together! Yomi and Mukuro do make sense though, albeit strange...

*screeches to a halt* HIEI AND BOTAN! OMG THATS SO DAMN CUTE! Bubbly grim reaper and stoic Hiei! YESSS!

Kurama and shizuru fit though! I an see that happening! And there is another bling side! Kuwabara and KOTO! Well, he does love cats!

Omg more cute moments! Kuwabara ‘s speech was so adorable! And omg they shared a hug!
That song and dance! You know she asked them four boys to help her with that part!

This was so cute and fluffy! WAY TO GO!