Reviews for Once More with Feeling
DragonLady37 chapter 20 . 6/15/2019
I love every single thing. So perfect. And stressful. And satisfying. I just loved it.
DragonLady37 chapter 15 . 6/15/2019
Crying over here. Crying.
DragonLady37 chapter 14 . 6/15/2019
WHAT! No! I’m so glad this fic is already complete because I don’t think I could handle waiting between chapters.
DragonLady37 chapter 12 . 6/15/2019
This is so wonderful, and so painful! I need that cycle to be broken!
DragonLady37 chapter 4 . 6/15/2019
Groundhog’s Day? I love it! On to chapter 5!
petrynronlover chapter 20 . 6/3/2019
Thank you for writing I really enjoyed this story!
catita55555 chapter 20 . 5/27/2019
Alright, so I posted on the Dramonie facebook page because I was trying to find this fic again. I was the one with Frente on the playlist. I thought I'd be better prepared the second time reading this, knowing how it ends. Instead I cried for the last four chapters. I absolutely love this story. It's so emotive and heartbreaking in the best possible way. Definitely one of my favorites, and one I'm sure to re-read again and again. So, once more, thank you!
mama123 chapter 20 . 5/24/2019
This was so well written! It’s amazing how you were able to write about so many same Monday’s without it being boring or repetitive. Thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoyed this fic.
Guest chapter 20 . 5/10/2019
I've loved all your other stories. Especially 'Jack,' which is one of my favorite Dramione's of all time! I love most of this story too except for the little Hermione part. It just doesn't sit well. I really dislike the idea of her parents having a replacement child. And the fact that you made it another girl with magical powers and the same personality and name just makes it wayyy to campy and it just feels "rude." I'm guessing you were going with the "life on loop" theme for the sake of the story to emphasize the repetitiveness but ehhh it's just not a detail of the story I like at all. Sorry.
I've always liked it better that the Grangers assume they're retiring in Austraila since that's what most people move there for and to have another child when they've lost their purpose, in life, their English life and career, just feels wrong. The Grangers always seem much too practical and responsible for that. It's kinda a pet peeve of mine when writers just throw more kids into stories to try to tug on heartstrings. It feels gratuitous. Most people wouldn't want to have more kids anyway. It's so irresponsible.
Hope that doesn't upset you. You are one of my favorite authors. Your premises are unique. Your prose is lovely. The emotions of the characters are heartfelt. I love the banter and you have the ability to make it all so romantic. Which is why I read Dramione to begin with. It's the potential for romantic love with these two that you explore so well. Please never stop writing!
SusanMarieS chapter 20 . 5/5/2019
thank you
shapphire22 chapter 2 . 5/2/2019
I forgot to mention that you miss period in one of your paragraph. And I forget too to welcome Draco in DMLE, welcome to the DMLE, Draco~! May you become the best agent ever~! *throwing confetti*
shapphire22 chapter 1 . 5/2/2019
Isn't that too much, Hermione? While I can't I understand her character that well
riptiderobin21 chapter 20 . 5/2/2019
By god I love time loop stories/movies, they are my absolute favorite. I've read a brilliant Snape/Hermione one, a Harry/Hermione, Tom/Hermione and I might have read a Cedric/Hermione one...Loved all of them. And this is no different! This was amazing and even had a different sort of solution to the time looping than other movies/fics that I've read/seen. And the chemistry between Draco and Hermione was just sizzling, the love/hate was strong but in the best way. I just loved how each day Draco was slightly different. I think my favorite was the day when they go about making the potion, and Draco and Hermione talk while walking the Malfoy grounds after Lucious first meets Hermione. Draco was delicious that day hehe. I even loved the 'villain' and his motivation. The first chapter where Hermione berates Ron was fun too!

I just can't say enough good things, I've read and seen a lot of time loop but this is actually pretty different than a lot of other executions and that is saying something! Can't wait to read more of your works :)
jada951 chapter 19 . 4/27/2019
Sev. can help them w/ her parents?

jada951 chapter 18 . 4/27/2019
I dont' think it was too repetitive, not like the film "groundhog's day" tended to be.

the idea of the pensive memories makes it so much better.
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