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Team Ion chapter 24 . 8/8
Chapter 24
Was he ever truly Shane~

The lazy bastard gets up. He just took a nap in the middle of the road. So rude.

A meeting?

Slink is a savage, haha.

Fair enough wants. Does he deserve them, though?

Hmm. Everyone has been called back. I wonder how he got out...oh. Sparkle. She's a good one.

Oh dear. Sparkle may be very dead.

I wonder how strong Kegan is? He's the boss for a reason.

I wonder if it'll be a 50/50 vote that Team Mindfire has to break?

Ah, they abstained. Fair enough.

An acceptance. The kindness of pokemon.

Hasn't moved it. Either Smoke doesn't know, or...he's laying a trap. Or they can't change the recall order and have to remain in one place for everyone to show up.

I can picture that expression really well. I get it.

Leo! I like Leo.

Ah Vix, I know what's coming here.

Ahhh, yes. The water. Splash the frog.

Ah, poor Vix. Once again, they are choosing a selfish choice like 'protecting' her. Poor thing.

I feel like the stony silence is worse.

It's do or die this time.

Years long has the story been going in-universe?

That's a sweet gesture. And a curious one too.

Hah. They got stuck with Shane.

The red leaf, eh? Oh and Shane even tried to kidnap Sal-I mean. Bayleef. Hah.

Oh wait the partners- A charmeleon and dewott! That's clever. Team Benchwarmers. Pffft. Okay, Slink. You win round number 15.

The dewott is even nervous. Okay, I need to move on.

Shane has been building nerve for hours to do this I bet.

Injured. Ooh.

Heh. I like that it was an *audino* who saved him ;P even if it's a fitting healer.

Drained them to heal...

He's a monster, that's what he is. I wonder why even after being accepted, Dark Matter still creates such carnage? he going to tell Shane?

No. He's not.

She did keep the Dark Stone.

What a lovely view before their brutal battlefield.

Uh oh.

The fox is loose. I repeat. The FOX! IS LOOSE!
TheSnapDragon chapter 24 . 7/31
Another great chapter. The end is on the horizon, I can feel it.

A lot happened this chapter, but I think I want to focus on Shane since he's obviously the focus. It's interesting how he went from one of the main villains to one of the most sympathetic in the story. he's had it rough but at the end of the day, he's just doing what he thinks is right. He's written well too.

I appreciate the fact that the Hatred aren't made to be evil for the sake of it. They're just regular people that got roped into this because they're shiny. Smoke though, is evil from what I gather. Once again, I'm impressed how you managed to fit in the plot points from the games and implement them in a way that makes sense.

Another thing I really enjoyed was Vix this chapter. Just the scene of Slink and Eve talking to her before they left was heartwarming. Scenes like that are a part of the reason why I like this fic so much. It's about family. Hopefully nothing bad happens to her after that ending. You better not hurt her, Slink(author). :(

Anyways, really enjoyed this chapter. Looking forward to the next one.
ShatteredNeonLights chapter 23 . 6/25
I'm sorry for forgetting to review early.

I really liked the turmoil between slink and eve these past few chapters, males it more interesting than it alright was, I especially like vix's thoughts on the matter, makes it feel even more tense.

I'm suprised Shane is alive honestly, thought would off him after finding out, dark matter being inside the hatred makes sensein context, and your attention to detail is awesome, I'm excited for the next chapter.
ShatteredNeonLights chapter 2 . 6/5
I really like the addition of vix to the team, not just cause vulpix is my 2nd favorite Mon. her character and back story is very interesting, I'm glad slink stopped eve before she regretted her choice.

I really enjoy the little touches to each character in their ways of speaking, it makes them distinct and realized as part of the world.

The addition of laylines and dungeon mechanics are very cool, I assume it's lifted from gates to infinity?
ShatteredNeonLights chapter 1 . 6/5
I very much enjoyed this chapter and the characters, the setting and plot is very interesting and I hope to enjoy this neat world for awhile yet.
TheSnapDragon chapter 23 . 5/21
Finally caught up with this fic and I can say with absolute certainty that I loved every chapter. This will be my first review ever and I'm not sure how to go about it. So I'm just gonna talk about how much I've enjoyed it so far.

The Dreamstone has so much clear love and passion put into each chapter. All of the characters are likeable (the ones meant to be liked anyways), every arc is compelling and interesting, there's a lot of genuine intrigue that's left me guessing up to this point, and the attention to detail is really refreshing to see. The world is very fleshed out and enjoyable to read about.

Not to mention it's a romance. You don't see pure romance fics as good as this one often in the PMD fandom. (Hopefully I can reach this level of likeability and interesting execution with my own fic someday.) I was smiling this entire chapter. And now I'm really curious where it'll go next.

I don't have any grievances with this fic. I loved it.

Excited for the next one! Keep up the good work!
ShineyLeafeon chapter 23 . 5/15
Great story! Just finished up to chapter 23. Funny enough I’ve had a fanfic in my head for a long time with an evil shiny Umbreon (well maybe not evil anymore..?). I don’t have time to write so it will remain in my head.

Looking forward to updates!
Team Ion chapter 23 . 5/13

I am so happy now. At last.


Talk. Talk! TALK!

I may have already read part of this, but I still jitter with excitement reading this! Ah, my heart. I love them too mch.

Wouldn't want this to be uncomfortable, heh. Slink's sass is always fun.

Hah. I do like that they are both a bit awkward, not saying things exactly as they meant to. Eve just snapping "NO!" With an engagement token and then realising how that sounds.

Can't take all the blame, no.

Eve's words about missing him so much it hurt, that hurts. But in a good way. And yes, the whole 'I don't NEED you, but that means it's better that I WANT you" is such an important message. Maybe not the nicest on the surface, but it means a far bit more. Especially considering who Eve is.

And Slink's "This is just getting better" has had me giggling fo s. I think about it sometimes and snort.

Damn her father.

At last.

I'm not crying I've just got tears in my eyes.

A grey world...



It mentions fur. Oh no. Is something happening to Shane? That old, oily, smoky, melty vision from ages back!

So many voices, speaking of matters most dark.

Or perhaps not Shane...but some sort of vision Slink is seeing. Dreamstone related, pointing at Dark Matter? Truly madness, that as a scary sequence.

Well that's cute at least.

Is Vix considered a bastard since they weren't 'officially' mates until today but totally already had a daughter?

Five more minutes.

Kehahahahaha. Trying so desperately not to explode out in questions.

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

They're all so worried. And it's such GOOD news. I can't wait to see how they react!

The only cruelty was letting them fear.

AH! Absolutely too much cute.

Sierra, always the cake baker. Haah, Sierra always the saviour who takes just a little moment to get the Hint-Hint.

Family moment.


A truly, utterly, beautiful moment. Three parents for a lucky vulpix.

Ahhh...something falling apart?

Oh no. SHANE!? Oohooh boy.

Hmmm. Shane has seen...sense? Wants the other side of the story? How big of a goof is this?

Hmmmmm. Shane has...done something. Hoo boy, Smoke is going to be coming for them. Now.

Of course he did. Poor Shane.

Expedition Society Leader...oh my gosh. Smoke killed...! Oh no. He's...a lot more dangerous than we realised.

Black smoke eh?

Slink already has the Dreamstone. I wonder if Shane's putting pieces together on who, or WHAT, Smoke is. Why would there be a prophecy about him, no matter how dangerous...unless he was something more.

Hmmmmm. Something BIG eh? Shane still has some cards to play.

Exhausting to be around...yet more truths.

Oooh wait a moment! That water! Slink you cunning little fox, you figured Shane out! Did he purge all the Dark Matter from him? Well...all that was left at least. Smoke has been absorbing it for years now.

I wonder...I really wonder...Smoke is Shiny, as is Shane, both have shards of Dark Matter. Is it...only Shiny Pokemon that can hold it? Is THAT why he's taken over The Hatred, or was it only because The Hatred was a handy suppressed group he could manipulate? I reckon it might be both...

I can't believe the story is gearing up to its finale.

Poor Shane though. He's not to be forgiven for his actions just because he was manipulated into it. A reason is not an excuse. But still...I hope that did remove all traces of Dark Matter from him and he'll have a chance at a new life.
Lionblaze117 chapter 16 . 5/8
damn this chapter hits different.
Team Ion chapter 22 . 2/20
Ten thousand views.
To twenty thousand more~

And seventy reviews here on FFN too. Heh.

I'm looking forward to reading this!

Ah, so we're starting with Eve?

Nice backhanded compliment to start. Didn't expect she would accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. Little compliment designed around his own pride, being she's now becoming a credit to HIS name.

Bargaining with the local branch, playing the guilt trip with family and friends.

Doesn't even give the option to bring her team with her. The terrible, terrible, words of claiming Slink and Vix will leave her, right after they had, is The Pain.

Ends almost nicely. But with some more guilt tripping.

Poor Eve. She's lost her support.

Hah. Oh no. Sierra, placing them right next to each other. How awkward.

At least he's trying though. Good absol, he's the mental stability of this entire team.

Sierra chiming in on the kids stuff is adorable.

I feel the awkwardness of that. Almost finishing the others sentences like normal, but it's not normal at all.

Sierra: "It's time for grown up talk."
Slink and Eve: "No u."

Desserts for Vix. She deserves it.

I do like Sierra being mediator. The other three are all children, and two of the adults are... strained. So, he being the responsible, caring, one fits. I do hope he's alright too though. He's taking an awful lot onto himself.

Ah, she's trying to write that letter in response. But without some help to manage her thoughts...

Hahahaha. Sierra swore! That's hilarious.

Sierra's advice is... something. I know his point, but I definitely know Eve's more.
Still, an interesting reaction from the absol.

Hah. Lucy training Slink. Training from a riolu. I feel for Slink's muscles.

Pffft. Fox-boy. How much older is he then her?

She's a powerful one.

She's a good trainer. Which he definitely needs. He has the type advantage her, but he'll have the disadvantage on both regards against Smoke.

That's adorable. Flower braiding. Lucy still has her other interests.


Aww. Vix thinks she's mad she chose Slink? That's just... ARGH!
Emotion. I cannot handle it.

That puts a very big, unbidden, smile on my face. I'm not sure if I've heard Eve ever call Vix her daughter. If she has, I must have forgotten. Still, that's an extremely sweet moment.

Doing paperwork is he? Sacrificing his own time so the younger ones can have a better time? Very fatherly of him.

Heh. Sierra just sees right through everyone, doesn't he? Good absol.

Nuzleaf is counted. That's nice.

Hmmm. He wants to adopt Vix legally (which is fantastic, at long last) but... yeah. Very heavy stuff, they need to talk but it's too hard.
Sierra continues to be a wonderful person, supporting both of them.

Eve and Abby, that's a unique duo. Eve still has the token...

Her mother had something similar? Aww.

Oh. So, her mother is still alive? She and Sierra just broke up. Oh dear. That's a new element to all this, jeez. Poor Sierra and Abby. He even sold their rings to get Abby to safety, but then they ran into The Hatred.

Maybe it is. But, Abby is too precious. And, well, I'd like to keep up hope as well.


I too feel that fear.

Oh dammit. That's right, no time to talk when disasters are afoot.

Damn, Lucy went in too? No stopping the justice of a riolu.

Hang on a moment.
A distressed luxio... Shawn. It's a meowth. SLINK! pffthahahaahha. I shouldn't be laughing at a fire scene but that's fantastic. Thanks ;D

And he even nearly tackle-hugged. Heh. That's a really clever, and kind, little reference. Thanks. Huge smile _

Aww. And THEY smiled. That's so nice to see.

Such a small moment at the end though. And so damn powerful. She still sent her letter, but burned the worthless one there.

So, this was a really fun chapter. I love the snippet design of the moments, hitting small pieces of each one. It's good to see that Slink and Eve CAN function without the other. Their relationship may have started a bit unhealthy, but they grew out of co-dependence. No matter how much you love someone, that's not a healthy relationship. And I remember you speaking of that being your goal. Show that they can live without the other, because if you can't... then there is something wrong, at least a little.

However, both are sad, stressed, a little lost. That's really important. They CAN live without the other, but they are better, stronger, happier together. And that's really wonderful.

Also, best fox/wolf/goat/boi Sierra being the Reasonable Raft that keeps everyone else afloat. I guess his words did strike with Eve in time, and he in both his kind advice and kinder presence was just really nice. I can see a little more of why he mediates, since he clearly didn't have such a healthy relationship with his partner...

I continue to treasure every word.
Thatperson1208 chapter 1 . 12/18/2020
for as good as this is it's underestimated
Windskull chapter 19 . 11/30/2020
A quick excerpt from my notes:

"This is a long chapter. What's going to go wrong?"
"Oh past me, if only you knew."

The boat scene was nice. In hindsight, it was kind of the calm before the storm, a view into just how close Slink and Eve had gotten, before everything gets torn apart. However, I'll be honest, I almost kind of got an untrustworthy sense off of the typhlosion and leafeon. Obviously in hindsight, they were there to exposit and give Slink a direction to go in chase of the Dreamstone, but the convienience of it made me wonder if they were walking into a trap, which I don't think was your intent.

I'm so glad we got to revisit Ash, and I'm so glad that she's ok. Her characterization is so adorable, and I'm glad that Slink could deliver that little bit of relief for her mom. The gift was absolutely heartwarming.

Not gonna lie, I remembered that the psychic locks were a thing, but totally forgot what they were about (just like Slink and Eve lol). I don't even remember for sure how much of these particular locks were in the fic because of how long it had been since I read the earlier chapters. Which honestly might have affected the impactfulness of the scene. For better or for worse, I'm not sure.

While I'm talking about it, the end of the chapter was certainly intense, and it gave me feelings, but it felt just... slightly off? Like maybe I could see the gears of the fic working underneath the scene. Let me try to put what I mean into words, because it's kind of confusing. The end scene felt almost a little stilted, because I knew it was happening specifically to cause conflict and drive the plot, and I can't help wonder how necessary it is. At the least, it is something that isn't fixed immediately when we get back to it in chaper 21, so at least it feels like it has impact.

Anyways, the next chapter Slink gets some answers and I'm eager to talk about that, so hopefully I'll get another review up soon.
Windskull chapter 18 . 11/26/2020
To start out with, a correction/clarification from my previous review. When I brought up Slink's theft, I'd somehow gotten the impression that he was having Vix steal the letter, which gave me a totally different impression of his motivations. Which seems weird in hindsight, but at the same time the fact that he left what he was having Vix steal vague really threw me off.

As for the chapter propper, man you weren't kidding about getting answers but raising new questions. I kind of wonder if there would have been any way Slink could have gotten these answers on his own, but I suppose there's several other answers he'll still be getting on his own.

I REALLY like what you did with Phoenix/Mew. It honestly makes a lot more sense to me than how Super canonically handled it.

Not gonna lie, I'm kind of laughing that both you and I have plot points relating to arranged marriages in part to prevent inbreeding, even if how they're handled and how they play out are totally different.

In relation to that, I really feel for Eve on the "I have problems with my family and how they've treated me but I also don't want to just cut them out of my life entirely." I've known several people that have been in that position, and I don't envy those that have to deal with it.

One quick typo correction to round off this reviewEarlier this year, Slink and Eve got kidnapped!]
Pretty sure you meant Vix instead of Eve here.

I enjoyed this chapter. With information on the Dreamstone gained, I suspect we're about to rapidly accelerate towards the climax. And I suspect we'll be getting another appearence from the Hatred soon enough, not to mention the Dreamstone itself. Looking forward to that. Until the next review, take care!
Windskull chapter 17 . 11/23/2020
(I thought I sent this but I guess not? Hopefully ffn didn't eat it)
If I could use one word to describe this chapter, it would probably be "efficient." Every scene felt like it either mattered or would matter. The first scene sets up a point of contention between Slink and Eve in the form of the letter, which very obviously is going to come up again in the coming chapters. Whether anything important is written in it is yet to be seen but we'll have to see later, won't me.

I do hope Slink faces some consequences if he and Vix go through with stealing it, though. I understand that he's concerned, but the fact that he's going behind her back to find out what's going on could have a negative effect on the trust between the two of them.

The scene in the shop was simple, but cute, and is DEFINITELY setting up for some sort of gift from Slink to Eve down the road, I think.

At first, I thought meeting Ampheros felt like a bit of a detour. But considering the restrictions on the area the lucario are living in, it makes enough sense that they'd have to get information from him first. Also, is the floatzel they met there the daughter of the original buizel? Because that was the vibe I got.

I don't have a lot to say about the village itself. It has a certain level of homeliness to it, and I get the idea that several characters we knew as kids from Serene Village live there now. I mean, we literally see a deerling and a sawsbuck, so I think we can safely assume that they're descendents of Deerling from the game.

And of course the chapter ends on another cliffhanger. From the sound of things we're about to get another chunk of exposition that will further Slink's quest. Hopefully he'll get some of the answers he needs to progress in his quest. I imagine we're not too far from the climax, if your chapter estimates are correct. Looking forward to finding out more info in the next chapter. Until then, take care.
Team Ion chapter 21 . 11/21/2020
This won't be my normal big review, sorry about that.

But... genuine tears when Vix yelled out Dad. I knew it, of course, but seeing it in the full context was extremely moving.

I really love Sierra. He's the rock of this team. Moving about, making sure everyone is fed and watered and warm and okay. Yeah, he's not flashy like Vix or Lucy, shiny like Abby, or protagonist like Slink and Eve, but he's more than just 'there'. He's in the background, yes, but he does the little things that mean a lot.

Slink and Eve's conversation... I don't really know what to say that isn't... that makes sense. I'm glad they are going to separate for the moment, and I'm glad Slink gave her the ring even if he didn't propose because that'd be inappropriate at the moment.

Vix would always choose Slink. She always would :')
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