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kim-onka chapter 4 . 8/6/2014
This is so beautiful. I love the child's perspective, the uncertainty, the Silence which plagues him - it feels very real. And Curufin taking care of his little son like this is both sad and adorable.
Klose chapter 5 . 5/10/2003
Great continuation! But... and man do I hate to do this... I just wanted to point out something.

"No. It is only those who come from the outside who are shocked by the heat."

A great sentence... but I was a tad jarred here. I know it was intended as an abrupt reply, but I had to scroll back up to see what Curufin said before... I just feel that the continuity is affected at the risk of such masterly introspection. In the paragraphs before, I was brought into the mind of Celebrimbor... and quickly shoved out. It was probably intentional, but yeah.

A most interesting conversation between Curufin and Celebrimbor... and the imagery with the settings ('singing swan'... woah) was incredible.

But er, I was bothered also by the sudden lapse into the first person point of view (from "It is not to become like you, Father." onwards)... perhaps you could italicize it? It just seems a tad... inconsistent.

I hate to be fussy like this... and I've probably missed something here (feel free to hit me, if I have). Needless to say, I did enjoy this interlude. Good stuff. :)
Cirdan chapter 5 . 5/8/2003
The idea of an Elf wearing out his body struck me. In ME, yes, I suppose it would be possible. Celebrimbor's strong reaction to that was interesting. He wants to believe that it's untrue, but then again, I think Celebrimbor has different limits from Curufin and a passion that Curufin lacks in matters of the forge. But to be fair, it's not as if Celebrimbor understands Curufin either. I think this is one of the strongest moments of resentment for his father that I've seen. I also wondered if Celebrimbor has the skills with words that mark Feanor and Curufin or if he only got the skills of the hand. But he's a good boy. If he wasn't, he wouldn't feel such ambivalence at Curufin's unexpected exit.

Despite Celebrimbor being the POV character, I actually think I associated more with Curufin in this story, and I think it's especially because of his sudden exit. There's the game, then there's the reality hidden behind the game that can never really come out into the open, and then there's the quitting of the game. Maybe part of why I feel so much sympathy for him is because this part came right after Part 2 of Silence, and you did a good job of setting up the chapters in this way rather than putting Celebrimbor's life in chronological order.
monocotyledon chapter 4 . 4/30/2003
Catching up on my should've-reviewed... :P

Celebrimbor is insightful... funny about his thought on Feanorians all being motherless... hope he enjoys his visit to his mum. And Curufin was lovely, as usual. :D
Klose chapter 4 . 4/26/2003
Sigh... poor Celebrimbor. My heart is just breaking for him... and I'm actually feeling some pity for Curufin. That doesn't hapen too often.

Do you have other stories about Curufin and Celebrimbor? If so, I'm off to read. If not, I do hope you write some more, because, this was wonderfully poignant... so bittersweet, so heartwrenching... thank you. :)
Klose chapter 3 . 4/26/2003
Signed in so I could add you to my favourites list. :P

This was great: You've managed happy Feanor without a total departure from his character. And you've done a marvellous job with the characterisations... and I just love the interactions that Celebrimbor had with Curufin, Finwe and Feanor! It was very sweet... but in a slightly bitter way.

Very well written!
Klose too lazy to log in chapter 2 . 4/26/2003
I have only just started reading this after it stagnated on my list... but I am greatly enjoying it so far.

God... poor Celebrimbor. You haven't quite explained the reason for his pain yet, but I'm feeling it very clearly.

Just one nitpick though: monolog- shouldn't this be monologue? Unless monolog is a word. Heh.

The part that actually struck my heart the most was the last: where father and son sat together in silence. *shudder* Very sad. And very well done.
Cirdan chapter 4 . 4/25/2003
Very cool. Celebrimbor is so cute, and he really does have the feeling of a child. His crying seemed real; if that seems like an odd thing to say, it's because often characters will cry but I can't actually feel their sorrow. Curufin was amazing. It's hard to believe he's the same Curufin as in your other stories. I also liked Curufin's take on dreams as a way to remember the joyful events of your life, because I know how bad things will get for the Feanorians. Curufin's helplessness at not being able to give Celebrimbor a mother was moving. I also think right and logical that Curufin would go to his eldest brother at such a time. We often see less interactions of these brothers so that's why it's worth noting. And Celebrimbor at the end... Curufin's amazing, to have given his child such a memory to cherish. Dreams can come true. :)
jilian baade chapter 4 . 4/22/2003
The Feanorians really had a most bizzare lifestyle at this point, and I begin to see how Feanor convinced his seven sons to swear the Oath. Odd how little Celebrimbor considers them all motherless, and I really hope he enjoyed visiting his mother.
Furius chapter 4 . 4/21/2003
Sorry I forgot to review Chat Noir, I now give you my belated thanks. I loved my bday present from you and categorized it under happy Celebrimbor. Feanor..well, your Feanor scares me a little- full insanity indeed.

Great chapter 2 however, and well done to making Curufin an elf with a soul. His moments with his son are poignant and this fic is starting to say, Formenos, a most things with Feanorians.

The touch with the motherlessness of the Feanorians is somewhat startling, but somehow it fits. The effect is terrible, in a good way, of course.
Nerdanel chapter 4 . 4/21/2003
aw, Celebrimbor is so cute! I really feel dorry for him, he's just so confused. Seeing all this through the eyes of a child is quite interesting, I hope you write more! (You have now got me really interested in Celebrimbor)
erunyauve chapter 3 . 4/20/2003
I had an image of a music box, whose figures come to life when the box is opened, only to freeze and hold their stillness when the box is closed. Here, the child seems to be the only evidence of life in Formenos - or perhaps the only life not yet tainted.
Jillian Baade chapter 3 . 4/20/2003
Little Celebrimbor is so cute! But Feanor wanting the family to become one is disturbing. He wants to own his family, not just love them! Scary!
Jillian Baade chapter 2 . 4/20/2003
What an incredibily lonely life for a child. I feel quite sorry for poor Celebrimbor.
Cirdan chapter 3 . 4/19/2003
This is Feanor at "relatively sane"? I'm worried. :b Well, though I admit your Feanor does become much more insane than this. Celebrimbor's cute. :) It certainly is a happy Celebrimbor story. I suppose, as a child, he really does delight in everything. I loved your description of him maybe tripping on purpose. I can really see it in a child. His questions are also very innocent and charming for that reason. I loved your use of the shell.

Feanor, on the other hand... *shakes head* He still has a screw or two loose in his head. He wants so desperately for his family to be together that I can't help but to feel a bit sorry for him, but I know that desire often ends up stifling others. His thoughts about them being alike because they're both motherless was a bit worrisome. Well, but I suppose he is relatively sane. A bit bitter, but overall sane. Still, he's very keen, and his talk of smithying was pleasant enough.

Well, I'm glad to see Celebrimbor getting more attention. :) Especially as a child. Him and Feanor really do have a special bond, don't they?
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