Reviews for The Quest For Pandora
Guest chapter 57 . 9/11
shadowfax00 chapter 57 . 9/11
Yes! This was such a wonderful chapter and closure. I adored Draco :) and I truly appreciate how they loved each other but never needed each other. This has got to be my fav powerful!Hermione story! Thanks for the epilogue!
AuntCori chapter 57 . 9/11
Nice tidy-up.
I love that Draco kept track of what Hermione was doing but that was sort of a given-for me anyway. She should have known he would give her space but Hermione is always so literal, so blackwhite in her emotions.
*happy feels*
sunshine.katz chapter 57 . 9/11
Excellent. So glad Hermione's magic returned and that she realised how she felt about Draco during the time they were apart. And I particularly loved that, unbeknownst to her, he was keeping track of her whereabouts. Thanks again for sharing this!
BadWolfJiggy chapter 57 . 9/11
YAAAAAS! this is one of my favorites! thank you for this. you are so talented
Kimhyoki chapter 57 . 9/11
the most beautiful dramione moment I ever read is this really the end of this story?
mhcalamas chapter 57 . 9/11
Yay! Thank you for sharing this story and updating :)
AuntCori chapter 55 . 8/23
Did you say something about an epilogue?
Clive54 chapter 56 . 8/8
What a really good read! Sorry to read of your own issues. To have done such good work while dealing with them shows what tremendous focus you have. Having faced my own demons, and still doing so from time to time, I feel inspired now to try a little harder to be better at everything. Thank you for writing and please write more soon.
Mr. Meowington chapter 32 . 8/4
half sister* step sister is someone who isn't blood related but related through law of marriage
Guest chapter 56 . 8/2
Honestly the best dramionie fic I have ever read
SpicyLove-SweetLust chapter 56 . 8/4
please put a sequel... everybody would love to know if hermione gets her magic back
BlackHeart-FallenAngel chapter 56 . 8/2
Ouch. That was sad.
Magnolia chapter 56 . 7/8
Thank you for writing one of the most beautiful fic i've ever read. I love the characters growth, and i'm going to wait for the epilogue patiently.

Please take your time because your health come first. I know how it feels to have depression, i've been battling it for years. Hope you get the support system you need. Love and hug, from a fauthful reader.
Suddencharm chapter 56 . 7/10
There better be a part 2, lol great story
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