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Prisma19 chapter 27 . 10/17/2021
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I thought I was at the end at chapter 26 then realized I wasn’t!

I am not surprised they are already making plans against the Batfamily and that Ra’s told Talia she had to disown Damian.

I really love that Talia was not expecting Damian to choose Bruce and the family over her.

Ra’s is such a hard man! Damian tortured himself through his hard training overworking himself and Ra’s still says Damian had not met his expectations and is weak! I feel even more sorry for Damian when he lived with and trained with the League.

I really love Ra’s said Tim is going to be a greater foe than Bruce and I believe it! Especially since Tim started being a hero at a younger age than Bruce and is already at his level. I am going crazy right now thinking about how when Tim is an adult he is going to be better and smarter than Bruce!

I was not expecting Talia to be over Ra’s telling her to disown Damian, for her to do it so easily, and have a contingency plan in case Damian was taken away from her or killed by cloning him and doing it so quickly right after she lost him! It’s sad she has to be this way and can’t take time to grief or show it because then Ra’s will make things worse for her and Damian.

I love Crystal’s thoughts about that Gotham has claimed Stephanie and she has no more say her daughters life and that she can’t stop her from being a hero and that has realized Steoh also belongs Bruce/Batman and even though this life won’t be easier for Steph and her she is going to support it and help her and the family anyway she can.

I love these words Alfred said to Crystal. They were the exact words she needed to hear. “Mrs. Brown, this is not an easy task you are entering upon,""To be the support of a vigilante can be heartbreaking. They see the worst things imaginable. We see the effects of the worst."

I also loved it when Alfred told her what they can do to help them and that sometimes they only need to do little things to help them and what they need to do now.

I really love how willing Crystal is to help the family and how she is starting to see them as her family and wants to care of and love them and when Alfred showed her their favorite comfort clothes and family room and that they set them out and got the room ready for them and made their favorite comfort foods from scratch. The Batfamily having their favorite comfort clothes is one of my favorite things the fans have come up with.

I love where everyone was when they walked and that Crystal specifically noticed Stephanie was on Jason’s back and corrected herself when she called Jason a boy and then called him a man.

I could feel how surprised and relived Alfred and Crystal were when Bruce told them they only have bruises since almost every night they come home with more injuries than just bruises.

I also love they all tease each other when they came home and that they smiled so Crystal was able to see the type of family they are and how much Stephanie is a part of this family and how she is starting to be.

I kept wondering why they had to stop at the Hall of Justice. It’s nice the League is letting Tim’s parents stay their and is watching over them until they can make their deaths public. The only good thing going on right now is they don’t have to have to make up a story as to why they died.

It’s so sad Tim is so shaken up by this that he can’t even arrange his own parents funeral which is something he shouldn’t have to do, but he has the whole family who will be there for and help him.

I really love how supportive and helpful Alfred is sbjng to Crystal as he teaches and explains what it is he does and about the family.

I love that after Bruce left Crystal realized she is going to also have to be there for the rest of the family too and is starting to connect with and understands them all. After hearing all of this news about Tim and the dangers and stresses this family lives Crystal is a brave woman for letting Stephanie be a part of this family, helping it, and saying yes to being a part of this family too.

I love how Alfred realized that Crystal is now able to be there for Stephanie instead of the other way around and that Alfred is going to be their for Stephanie’s so she has someone to talk to until her mother is ready and able to hear what she has to say and what happened and will happen.

Jason putting a blanket on Tim is so sweet! Jaosn has officially adopted Tim as his brother and kid! Jason is now Tim’s dad when Bruce is gone and is not able to be! This is also a head canon I have now come up after reading this!

I really love that Cass had her arm around Damian and that this was the first time Cass had done this Alfred realized and that he realized how Damian and Tim have developed a close relationship and that Damian has soften up during the time they were gone, especially when he saw Casa and Damian smile as they snuggled together on the couch.

I also love they all rearranged themselves, the pillows, blankets and tables, so they could all lay down and stil have access to a table. I also that when Jay and Cass mentioned they needed blankets and pillows and Dick said they had to disable the traps Alfred said he already removed the traps and that he and Crystals went to get their stuff. Of course the first thing Alfred did was tell Crystal about the prank wars and traps and showed her how to disable them.

I also really loved it when Crystal looked at all of them and smiled feeling warm and loving and feeling a part of this family more and more every minute. I also love how comfortable Crystal is becoming around them to point to where she is cool with helping Alfred make things comfortable for them and getting things for them.

I also love how some of them were awake and some were asleep and that Crystal and Alfred noticed how over time they lost their fake smiles and real ones appeared and that their fears were going away and they and their facial expressions became more relaxed.

I also love how Barbra just walks in the door without ringing. I am saying she has a key Bruce gave her after she became Batgirl.

I also love that when Babs walked in she saw Beuce coming down carrying his pillows. The image of Bruce carrying pillows is so funny, sweet, and adorable and makes me smile so big!

I could see how relieved Babs was when Beuce told her they had no severe injuries. It’s nice Babs didn’t have to do much and that Amanda Waller offered to help them cover what happened to thank Bruce for the assassins.

I really loved it when Bruce picked up Barbra and put her on the couch with them! It was so sweet to imagine and made me so happy to see! Barbra is a member of the family too and is the second child closest to Bruce and is the first adopted daughter of Bruce.

I really love the descriptions of who everyone was next to and where and how they were positioned. I could clearly see what they all liked like and how at peace and happy they all were, especially when Alfred noted their breathing was slow and when I saw them through Alfred’s eyes. I felt so happy and at peace seeing them all together soundly sleeping.

The rest of the chapter 26 review

Chapter 27

Tim’s time at the funeral and how the funeral went broke my heart, it’s no surprise Tim was so tired by it both mentally and physically.

I also really love how angry it made Damian feel to see Tim like this and angry he was at the fake people at the funeral who said fake things and things they didn’t really mean. Damian was also angry that the ones who genuinely felt sorry for them, grieved for them, said nice things and stories about them and how they lived an amazing life and loved Tim, never really knew who the Drake’s were really where and the way they treated and didn’t really love Tim and no one outside the heroe community would ever never know this. This is what infuriated Damian the most and made Tim feel sad the most.

Yea! Tim is in the process of being adopted by Bruce and I love how happy and relieved Damian feels about it! I also love how Damian was thinking about how Tim is going to teach him things when he was ok again and that the family is going to teach Damian things, protect him,and love him, and how whole Damian felt their family was knowing Tim is finally theirs. It’s so sweet Damian was drawing their family and was thinking about this as he drew them all!

Yes! Dick has started his plans to build a gymnastics center!

I love Stephanie’s new type eskrima sticks she is going to use as her signature weapon and how even though she has waked her face with them many times she is not giving up on mastering them and how supportive and Dick is! Dick is right they both can use each other’s escrima sticks and it will be fun for them to tech other.

I also love how after Steph saw a video of them the realized how they are hard control just like her and how the sticks are a lot like her and that’s why she chose them. I also love what Steph said when she was comparing herself to the rest of them because it’s all so true and that her using these will help her and surprise her opponents making it seem like she is not in control when she is!

I am also not surprised by everyone’s reactions to Stephanie using them. Bruce was hesitant at first to let Steph use them but he knows he can rarely ever change her mind so he is going with it and praying she doesn’t get a concussion or gives anyone else one while she is practicing.

Yes for Stephanie for being a good sister telling Jason to stop bothering Tim as he was trying to sleep. I also love the image of Steph tugging on Jason and wining to him to help her with her homework.

I also loved seeing Tim poke his up from blanket and giving her a relieved look and that Cass took Jason’s place and put Tim’s head on her lap and stroked his hair. I also love that Damian acted like the child he is and stuck his tongue out at Jason's back! I could feel how happy this made them all when they saw Damian do this.

Dick and Stephanie are the best people to tell Damian what’s it’s like to be a kid and how normal kids act and behave and what they do. I also love that Damian sticks his tongue out at all of them and that he does it to Bruce the most and that Dick tattled to him to Bruce. I can feel and see how surprise and happy they all were when they saw Damian do this and I love this is a regular thing they all do each other.

They all definitely have been teaching Damian the signature move which is sliding down the banister much to Alfred’s disapproval. Dick was the one who told Damian he stared it and taught it to him and is the first one who started telling Damian stories about him sliding down the banisters and the time he swung from the chandelier and all of the other crazy things he has done and then others told Damian their banister sliding stories and what else they did when they were kids and what they have done do far in the manor.

I love that Stephanie told Jaosn he had do something outside of the manor because he is being over bearing towards Tim, is annoying him, babying him too much and making him feel like one, and that even Dick isn’t being like this with them.

I am happy she mentioned how she understands it’s hard to see Tim like this, but he it’s too much and he needs to start treating him like normal because he is just reminding him of the bad things and how hurt he is.

I also love how understanding Steph is and gets it from Jason’s point of view as to why heis so worried for Tim because she gets what he is saying about how he lies about everything, and where Jaosn is coming from with his experience with his mom and wants to make sure this doesn’t happen again with Tim when he can help, but Steph is right that Tim being like this and being depressed is normal and he needs to be left alone. Jason is especially being too much when Damian of all people can get him to relax when he is sketching next to him.

I love that Steph suggested Jaosn stop by the Wayne Foundation Offices because he wanted him or Dick to. Stephanie is so right their family does need a kick in the pants every now and then. Another head canon of mine is that Jason and Steph are the best people to do this and to do this to Bruce!

I really love that Jaosn actually went to the Wayne Foundation Offices and listened to the stressed out office manager who has been wondering when they would get a new CEO for the charity foundation as she told Jaosn all of the things they have to do and how stressed out she is.

I really love that Two hours later Jason was in the central office, had requested to borrow an executive assistant, and was taught a quick course in the Wayne Foundations inner workings and that not long after Jaosn understand everything they taught him and fish he Jason talked to the caretaker for the understaffed youth center into staying on, and was reviewing applicants for adding the needed staff. It made me so happy to know and see Jason was able to help them and was getting things done.

I really love that when Jaosn asked when Bruce was going to get a new head of the Wayne Foundation and told him what happened when he went their and that he helped him but they need someone permanent that Tim solved all of their problems with finding someone and said Jason should do it. Tim is so right it’s the perfect job for Jaosn because he will travel a lot and would be a great cover story when he fights with his team.

I am looking forward to Jason’s new team and then going public. At least they are not kids like Tim and Damian so the Justice League won’t be too parental with them.

I am happy they were able to convince Jaosn by telling him they would find him a knowledgeable assistant to do the paperwork and all he has to do is smile, talk, and look pretty and that Tim told him he would help him and this made Jay happy because Tim hasn’t been showing much interest in anything and has only been sleeping. Jason hiring the rest of his team as his bodyguards and assistants is so funny and I love it!

This Christmas is going to be so special since it’s Stephanie’s and Damian’s first one with them and I love how excited Cass is for it! Of course Cass would find out where all of the family had hidden their presents.

Tim looking and feeling so sad and empty and always sleeping and not being interested in living life and not being himself breaks my heart! Christmas will definitely cheer him up.

I love Steph always shouts this when she comes home from school and that Bruce secretly smiles and everyone knows Bruce stays in his study to hear Steph and Tim when they come home.
I also love that Jaosn got caught up with online school! Online school is best for him and Cass.

I love that when Damian entered Cassandra’s room he was twisting his hands and Cass could tell Damian wanted something from her and knew Damian wanted her to teach him something. I love Damian told her and he feels like he belongs in the family and feels wanted they teach him things and he wants them all to teach him things so he can be the best Robin someday.

I also love you mentioned when Cass told Damian she is not what she can teach him since when Bruce teaches her things it gets jumbled when she explains it, because this is so true and something I never thought about before! I never thought about how Cass can’t explain things very well, but I will now. I love that Cass was finally able to think of something she can teach Damian and that it’s how to read the family on a deeper level, which is something she can definitely do without saying many words.

Tim feeling numb for weeks and using it to hide from his guilt and it taking severe weka until he could grief is so sad! It’s so sad Tim felt like the death of his parents felt like they were strangers that died instead and Tim felt guilty for it, because he knew he shouldn’t, but its the truth. It’s great Tim eventually got over this and realized it was ok if he felt this way because it it’s true.

I am so happy Tim was finally able to be himself out in public, that he got his bedroom to himself again, that Jason's new role as head of the Wayne Foundation was distracting him, and gave Tim time to think, that Jason was not always texting or calling, but mostly did if he had questions for Tim, and that Jaosn and Tim were doing great working together and had a better relationship now.

It broke my heart that three weeks after his parents funeral, Tim realized the hope he had that his parents might one day want Tim again could never happen and that they could never get to know him, praise him, and have a good relationship with him. I can see Tim feeling a bit better after being captured by Ra’s and then forgetting about his parents deaths and then remembering that his parents had died and realizing all of this.

It broke my heart to see Tim cry as he thought about how his parents could have changed and the type of parents they could have become, and all of the fun and happy things they could have done together and the happy family and great relationship they could have all had with each other if they had not abused Tim and had died. It was also so sad Tim cried as he thought about how he could have been less sad after his parents died if they were great parents and if he had happy memories and fun times he could remembering sharing and having with them, but he didn’t and could only remember them as the bad parents threw were to him.

As sad as it is that Tim felt like this, thought these thoughts, was always depressed and sleeping, hiding how he really felt and the thing he was thinking, and not wanting to live life, it makes me so happy to know that when Tim woke up each morning he woke up to and remembered he has a family who was so excited to see him, get to know him, encourage him, care for him, and love him.

It makes me so happy to know Tim was finally able to think about his parents much anymore and the messed up family and he and his parents and instead thought about and focused on his new family who is his real family.

I really love all of the things Tim does with his family and that these are Tim’s new thoughts and views of what family means to him. I really love that Tim finally felt a part of the family, felt like and knew they all love him and everything about him, and want him to be himself, and love Tim for who he is and want him to always be himself and don’t ever want him to change! I really love and am happy that Tim is finally happy, finally knows what true happiness feels like and is so happy he has them all as his family and looks forward to seeing and spending time with them each day! “Family was Bruce's proud look when Tim talked circles around a dazed businessman who thought the teenager was an easy target to get information from, Dick's hugs at just those moments when Tim thought he would fall apart, Barbara's snarky challenges daring him to play with her tech, Jason invading his room when he worried about Tim, Cass's delight when she learned another word from him, Stephanie's excitement when Spoiler and Robin got to patrol together. Family was Damian looking up at Tim with eager eyes, wanting to learn the secrets of Robin. Family was Tim, in a pile of brothers and sisters after a bad patrol, safe in the Nest.”

I love this so much! I literally binge read from chapter 16-27 last Sunday and have just been writing a couple reviews for each chapter each day since then.

You did a spectacular job wiring this! I love this AU even more now after reading all of this! I love and appreciate all of the time and thought you put into writing Bring My Brother Home and in this one, all of the details, descriptions, characters, action scenes, and all of the time you spent researching. I also really love the way you wrote Tim and Jaosn! Tim and Jaosn were so cute and sweet and adorable! You made me want to hug and squish them and I still do! I love
Prisma19 chapter 26 . 10/17/2021
It’s nice they are heading home now, but it’s not going to be happy again just yet, and everyone is especially concerned about Tim. Tim being this sad is so heartbreaking and he is going to need lots of help and support.

I really love everyone noticed how close Tim and Damian are and how protective of each other they are.

I also really love the explanations as to how when someone is like this Dick is usually the best choice to help, but when Tim is like this Dick’s talking and affection made Tim flinch and be on constant alter, so Jason decided he was going to be the one to help Tim since he knew he is the best choice too, especially since Jaosn can restrain him and not be spontaneously. I also love they all learned from this Bruce who does this with Tim.

It was so sweet and comforting when Tim put a hand on Damian’s knew and told him to keep close to him until they are home. I love how Tim knew Damian needed him and him touching him to make him feel at ease.

I feel bad for Tim that his brain won’t stop thinking so he can’t sleep.

I really love that Bruce called Tim Baby Bird and how special it was and is whenever Bruce calls them by their nick names they call each other.

I also really love that Bruce knew Tim needed something to do so he asked him if he could do a report and Tim said that would be easier for him than to just sit their and think. It’s nice everyone was understanding of this even though they would rather Tim sleep, but they knew just how bad Tim was doing when they saw he never referred to himself in the report and saw how much he needed to do this.

I really love that when Jason went to take a nap he pulled Tim close because he needs to have Tim close to him to be able to sleep and that he told Tim he needs to know he is safe while he sleeps. Jason is so good at getting Tim to sleep and do things he doesn’t want to.

I also really love that Jay gave Tim one of his buds so they can listen to a Gaudy Night Book Bruce likes and when Jason commented on it Tim told him he likes to read them too. I love all three of them love to read the same the books! .

Of course Stephanie pulled Damian close so they could sleep together. I also love Cass is interested in learning how to fly and went to watch Dick fly the plane.

I loved it when Damian told Bruce Tim said he would fight the ninjas if they hurt them and that after he told Bruce they already knew they would make lots is trouble they let them stay together which let Bruce know Tim and Damian worked together when they were captured.

I also really love how Steph could tell Bruce wanted to hold Damian close and how much she knew Bruce needed a hug so she got Damian to her and then got Bruce to hug Damian through the group hug and she said their special saying.

I also really love how happy and relieved Bruce was knowing his family was safe and seeing them all together and at peace.
Prisma19 chapter 25 . 10/16/2021
I love the logical reasoning as to why Bruce positioned them the way he did.

I love that you mentioned Bruce knew where they were and remembered this same Lazarus Pits and its location and which side of the mountain they were on. This detail is very important Bruce has been here and at this moment he was remembering all of the other times he has been here.

I was happy when they finally arrived but, then I became so angry when the men pulled Tim away from Damian. I love that Tim promised Damin though that even if he gets thrown in Bruce will be there and will have the antidote.

I love all of the details of what was going on as the Bat Family finally jumped in to rescue them and as they were fighting.

I love you mentioned Ra's has scarred on his hands. When Ra’s grabbed Tim by the neck it was kinda scary, but mostly funny. Tim was just angry and annoyed with his arms crossed like this happens on a regular basis to him broke does and wasn’t scared. Tim was ready for them to defeat Ra’s and ninjas like they always do and go home.

I also love Bruce was able to see Tim was doing something with hands and knew Tim had a plan and knew he had to play along and distracted Ra’s.

Ra’s’ predictions about what would happen to Tim and Damian if they were thrown in the pit and came out we’re very scary and worrying especially since what he said was true and would actually happen and they all don’t know what else could happen to them once they come out.

Damian telling Bruce to choose Tim because he felt like Bruce and needed each other more than him and that Damian looked to Tim and smiled as he said this was so sweet and I love how proud and horrified Bruce and everyone was at the same time of Damian making this offer.

I also really love Stephanie said these words to them to remind them they would both come home to them.
"Not letting go, Dami," "Not letting either of you go."

I also really love how after Tim said they shouldn’t have to choose Damian still kept on insisting Tim to be the one to go and asked Ra’s if he swore his loyalty to him if he would let Tim go and what would he take to free Tim and that Damian saying this distracted Ra’s and allowed Tim to get out of his grip and allows Tim the chance to stick the needle in Ra’s.

I also really love all of the descriptions of what was going on as Tim and Damian were fighting and breaking free from Ra’s.

I was not expecting Tim to inject his Lazarus Pit purging mediation into Ra’s. It made me so happy to see Ra’s crying and weak on the ground throwing up. I could tell how happy they all were and how especially happy Jaosn was the good time he was having watching Ra’s, especially since he had been through this before.

I was happy Tim had many more vials and was able to threaten Ra’s that he would throw them in Lazarus Pit and mess it up if he didn’t let them go and that it convinced Ra’s to let them go and take Tim’s parents with them.

I really love Tim was able to surprise Ra’s because he knew Ra’s was expecting him to do what Dick and Jaosn did when they were Robin, but Tim did the exact opposite and didn’t show them everything he had and pretended to be weak and outsmarted them all. Tim is the smartest one and is the smartest Robin!

I really love these powerful and true words Tim said! "I chose Batman long before he knew about me. That is my place. That is my home." And right after Tim said them Bruce thought about how it was not normal for him to rant after he had won and knew Tim was emotionally affected by everything had that happend deeply.

I love that right after Ra’s said they could go Tim immediately started giving everyone orders because he needed something to do to distract himself over what happened and what he just went through.

I also love that Talia admitted they won and told Bruce to take Damian while she stays and tries to fix things with their dad and Bruce thought about how it would be better if she left with them because he knew their way no way she could really fix things, but then he thought about how she would always be loyal to her messed up father and deserved her fate after all of the horrible things she has done and tried to do.

I really love Bruce thought about Ra’s had addressed Robin in a way that praised him and brought him up to Batman’s levels and that Ra’s acknowledged that Tim was one of the greatest and most skilled people in the world and deserved his honor and respect and how proud of Tim he was.

It was so heartbreaking though once Bruce realized how what Ra’s had to Tim and Damian and that he killed his parents deeply affected Tim, would continue to affect him for a long time, and that Tim would blame himself for whole for his parent’s death.

Even though all of this made Bruce sad, he was also happy that Tim was free from them and from Ra’s for a while and that now Tim could finally live a free and happy life and is now officially Bruce’s son and no one could ever take Tim away from him.
Prisma19 chapter 24 . 10/16/2021
I was happy to know that Tim still had the things in his secret compartments and that he felt happier and more energized to fight against the ninjas and knew he still had the tracker in him because they didn’t make him throw up.

I also love the descriptions of what it looked like inside the plan and how they were restrained and how concerned for Damian Tim was. Tim being confused as to why Damian saved him at first is something I really loved.

I really love all of the details and descriptions on how Tim was able to roughly calculate where they were, which direction they were going, and how much time had passed based on how hungry he was, when they got home, when the attack started, and the angle the sun was shining through.

I also really love Tim was confident Bruce and the family would be able to find them and save them based on the plane Bruce has and that even though the tracker would be hard to track sometimes Tim knew they could still track it even after it passed through Tim.

I also really love how Tim pointed out Damian’s mistake of him moving too fast to look at their area, but Tim noticed it was a good thing because he was able to know the reaction time of the guard and that Tim and Damian realized they had to pretend to not like each other since them knowing Damian saved him could make thing worse for both of them.

They were being so petty not wanting to give in to ask to use the restroom so they just kept on angrily staring at each other, not wanting to be the weak one first. As annoying as this is it was best they did this.

I also love you said they were bound in a specif way and mentioned how Tim was able to loosen the rope and still had his lock picks. The Batfmaily always has hidden lock picks that are extremely hard to find. I have never heard of medieval binding before, so this will be something interesting to look up later.

I also love how Tim was able to notice that he and Damian were being treated the same and that Damian wouldn’t be severely hurt.

I love that the Batfmaily has special signals they all know and use to communicate and that Tim and Damian used them to communicate and plan their escape. I could see them using their hand signals aggressively and making angry and annoyed expressions as they disagreed and came up with their plan and that Damian gave in and agreed with Tims’s plan.

I love that Damian told them he would not obey them and fight them but, that Tim didn’t and was smart in his response and made it seem like they wouldn’t fight them and then when the guard hit Damian and the guard looked Tim and Damian were able to use the distraction to free themselves and while they were directed Tim was able to loosen the ropes. Tim is so smart! I love all of the descriptions of the fight! I could clearly see what was happening.

I love that Tim told Damian he was going to help train Damin to be more relaxed and how to surprise his opponents when he fights and how dumbstruck and surprised and also appreciative Damian was when Tim told him this and that Damion asked Tim to teach him how to be someone else! I could feel and see how happy Tim was Damain asked him this!

I love how Tim used the fact that he knew they wouldn’t hurt him but would hurt Damain and used this information to get the men to not restrain them and let them stay together

I also love that after Tim explained things to Damian and how this would be good for them and put his hand on Damian’s shoulder Damian flet better and reassured him would not be separated and that Damian kept close to Tim.

I really love how in that moment when Tim and Damian were sitting close to each other Tim realized Damian was trusting him, realized was Bruce was right that Damian was watching him to learn his strentgs and not to harm him, and that Damian now likes and respects him.

I really love the description of what the landscape, fortress, and the clothes they wore looked like and how it felt like they went back in time. As beautiful as this was to imagine it was also tense andscarry knnwoing Ra’s was watching them from his balcony.

I aslo really love as they walked into the fortress and Damian moved closer to Tim fel determined to protect Damian and relaized how much he loves him and accepted Damian as part of their his and as his family. I really love the descritpion of what the inside looked like and how it told the story of their past and of the past.

I really loved it when Tim pulled Damin closer and glared at Ra’s he told Tim to not worry about him and that he would be pnished and Tim told him he will not while he is here and in that moment saw and accepted Damian as his brother. It made me happy when Ra’s agreed to let them stay togehter.

When Ra’s showed Tim his dead parents I felt so sad for Tim. This was so heartbreaking and espeiclly hit me when Tim fell on his knees, but it was nice Damian was there for him. I could feel how comforted Tim was knowing Damian was next to him.

I rally love DMain’s thoughts on how when they landed he realized Tim would protect him and keep him from being hurt and how happy and comforted he felt knnowing this and knew Tim would get them out of this situation.

I also really love how in this moment Damian realized how much he loves Tim and loves and appreciated him putting his hand on his shoulder making him feel safe when he didn’t have to considering all of the times Damian tried to hurt him.

I felt so sorry for Tim that he was blaming himself for his parents when it wasn’t his fault. Damian tried to get Tim to see it wasn’t his fault, but Tim is not going to realize this until many weeks later. I also felt so bad for Tim that he had to hear those harsh words from Ra’s about his parents before he killed them.

When Tim told him he didn’t need to kill them because they were living their life and he was happy they were even though they hurt him and didn’t care about him that much it was a really powerful moment. It was so kind of Tim to not care that his parents never cared about him and that he was content to let them live their lives even though they hurt him so much and would still want them alive after all of this.

I love how in awe of Tim Damian was after Tim said those powerful words Ra’s and how much he admired Tim’s bravery.

I love how concerned for Tim Damian was after Tim said his apology and promise to his parents that he would avenge them and moved on so quickly from their death by suppressing his emotions.
I love how reassured Damian felt after he told Tim his concern about him possibly going into the pit and when Tim told him about his plan and felt like everything was going to be ok because Tim was acting like Bruce.

I love that Damian told Tim he saved him because he didn’t want their family who he was starting to feel a part of to break because Tim died and that Tim told Damian Bruce loves him too and he the family would break if he dies too and reassured Damian of this and how much Bruce loves him and Damian realizes there was a place in the family both Tim and Damian and that Bruce can love both of them.
Prisma19 chapter 23 . 10/16/2021
I love that Tim knew as the shot went off that there was not an armor-piercing bullet in the handgun and he was thinking about how many layers of Damina’s armor it went through.

I really love all of the descriptions of where everyone was, what was going on, what they were doing, and planning as they were fighting. I coil clearly see what was going on and how intense and difficult things were getting as they were fighting and shouting orders at each other.

I also really love that Tim knew when they were surrounded that there was no way they were getting out of this fight and he was not going to let Damian be taken alone but he tried to fight anyway and when he realized this battle is going to be a losing one he took one of his trackers from his gloves and swallowed it, sent the signal out, let they take him, and knew since the ninjas were in a rush they would no think to search for anything that could be inside of him.

I also really love the descriptions and details on what was going on with Bruce when rubble came on top of him and that he was panicking at first, but then relaxed and freed himself. It sucks though that Talis ended up with them, but it’s good to know they got minor injuries.

I love that after Jason and Dick were finally able to get through to the jammer they were finally able to contact Oracle and Bruce told her to have some Justice league members on standby and knew Tim had done something for them.

I really love that after Batman told Spoiler and Batgirl to go to the cave Stephanie told Bruce that he was hit with most of the collapsed rubble and that he needs to get looked at too and he agreed.

It also sucks they weren’t able to chase after the ninjas, but its a good thing they are all ok enough to go after Tim, that Tim’s tracker signal is still working, that Bruce knows what type it is and that they won’t find I so they can find Tim and Damina, and that as much as they don’t like or fully Talia they all realized * that she is willing to help them and that she has useful information that will help them even more in finding Tim and Damian.

I also love Batman asked Oracle to see if a speedster could come to the cave and help them round up the prisoners for A.R.G.U.S to interrogate. I really love how Bruce is asking the League for help and this hidden relationship the Batfmaily has with them and Waller.

I also love that it Was Barry and Wally who came to help them, helped to clear the rubble, and that Alred was communicating with the other heroes they are close with to come help them.

I also love Robin’s rule and the agreement he has with the Titians that they don’t come unless he calls them or if the Justice League is called to help and that Bruce is cool with this.

"Not yet, but you know I won't stop him. I will let him know you have us on call. If you call in the Justice League, the Titans will come. Robin has put a rule in place that unless he calls for them, or the Justice League is called to intervene, the Titans are not allowed to come after him."

I also really love Jason was the one to check over Bruce for any injuries and that he said this
"Alright, old man, let's get a look at you" and Bruce did not argue! I have always thought that besides, Alfred and Dick, Jason is the next best person to get Bruce to agree to be looked at, is the only one who sometimes can, and is the next best person to look over Bruce since he and Bruce are alike when it comes to injuries and Jason knows this.

Things are going to be interesting when they rescue Tim and Damian because they are going to have to go near a pit and that could make things difficult for Jason. I love that Jason’s response to this is so casual "I'll bring booster shots, as well as some of Tim's experimental stuff," and he is not worried about it!

I love all of the descriptions and details on the plane they took, what it was like inside the plane, where they are flying over, what languages they can and can’t speak and are learning, the places Talia has been to for Damian’s training, and why she is restricted to certain countries.

I also love the details on the advantage the ninjas have and how they planned for that, that Stephanie added it to her list of things to remember to know and how she thought about how a lot of what they learn from Bruce only made sense when used it which is so true.

I love how Stephanie’s realization that Afghanistan is not a place the Drake usually dig at and how that led to them figuring out it was Ra’s who sponsored the trip and that lead to Tais telling them they had this planned out for over a year and told them more uncovered information about Tim and Damian.

I love Bruce figured it all out and that as bad of a mom Talia is she does love Damian in her won twisted way and did try to dave him from Ra’s who is now going to try to make Damian earn his place in the league and if Damian doesn’t then he will kill him. I am scared for Damian now!

I am happy to know they have an advantage having Talia on their side because they won’t expect it and they have a good chance of stopping them now.

It’s scary what Ra’s is going to make Tim do!

I love that there is a secret passage only the most trusted know about and that Talia knows about it and was able to get them there and how concerned Bruce was for Jason. I love that after Jason confirmed Dick’s question if this was pit he was put in Jason was no longer scared, but had blocked it from his mind and ws now focused and angry and ready to fight.
Prisma19 chapter 22 . 10/15/2021
I love they all have things they add to their suits and the cape Dick and Stephanie made for Damian. It’s too bad they couldn’t wait until Christmas to give it to him. I could see how happy, honored, and accepted Damian felt as they gave him the cape.

It was so sweet and heartbreaking when Tim made Damian promise him to look after Bruce if he died and told him to make sure he doesn’t kill and reminded him of how Bruce almost destroyed himself when he almost killed and cross the line after Jason died. I could see and feel how sad Damin was hearing all of this, but I could also feel how honored Damian was by the request and felt his determination to make sure Bruce doesn’t kill.

It made me so happy when Nightwing threw an extra pair of eskrima sticks to Stephanie and when Alfred put a bullet in his shotgun. Alfre with a shotgun is one of my favorite things to see!

I really love that as DMaina was fighting with them he saw the real Tim Drake and Robin and was in awe of him and in that moment understood and appreciated Tim more.

I also really love that as Damian was fighting he applied and realized how useful Dick’s and Stephanie’s defensive lessons are and I really love the descriptions on how Damian was using the skills and the different sized blades. It was nice Damian

I also really love Dick came up with a special Robin move that’s called the Robin special, the descriptions of what they did as they did the move, and love it was Stephanie and Damian who did the Robin special together for his first time doing it and that as Damian was preparing to it he was thinking about how the other did to best suit their fighting style and body type and did the same thing when he did it. I could feel and see how happy and proud he was right after he did it!

I really love Tim made a crawl space to get into the vehicle bay not long after Bruce took him in because Bruce was being overprotective and that he would trick Bruce into locking down the cave while he escaped through it, used it to escape when Dick and Jason would not leave him alone, and that Bruce keeps is as a reminder that Tim is intelligent enough to outsmart at times.

It made me so happy when Damian said these words!

"I'm part of Father's Family," "Their fight is my fight."

I really love the descriptions and calculations Damian saw and did as he saw Talia was about to shoot Tim in the head. I could clearly see and imagine what was happening and was going to happen in slow motion and then in real time. I also love Damian was at war with himself on if he would save Damian or not and that he was at war with the two different sides of him and that in the end he did not listen to his Al Ghul side of him telling him he would never have a place and listened to his Wayne self telling him he does have a place in the family and he beloved it as he jumped to take the bullet for Tim.
Prisma19 chapter 21 . 10/15/2021
It’s nice Crystal is moving out of rehab and that since she doesn’t want to receive charity and that Jason remembered the cottage that is close to the manor and that she said to stay there

I love that Tim and Oracle each have different alert systems that alert them of specific threats that relate to the Batfamily, the family, and the city. I also love that Bruce was hacking into A.R.G.U.S. to see what they had on the League of Assassins and that he does every once in a while and that he Amanda reached an agreement that she reports this because she has to, then on the side, she sends Bruce the information because he tests their systems for them.

I also love Julie and her story and that she was Bruce’s mom secretary and now she is Bruce’s and has stayed with the company for all of those years and was one of the only few companies who believed it was a good idea for Bruce to adopt Dick and supported him and him adopting all of the others.

I love and think it’s so sweet they all have and send alerts with their icons to each other to let everyone know they are ok and that Cass came up with the idea to make Damian’s is a baby bat symbol!

We all know that Jim knows Bruce is Batman and the other’s secret ids and that Bruce knows Jim knows, but they aren't telling each other to make things easier.

I also like the story of the relationship between Bruce, the principal, and Mrs. Dost and how Mrs. Dost helped DIck, and how once Mrs. Dost suspicions about what was going on between Tim and his parents was confirmed and that her suspicions about Bruce being the abuser were found out to not be true she softened and became more understanding of Tim and realized it was good thing when he acted out.

I love Stephanie feels comfortable with Bruce now to the point to where she is not afraid to use Bruce’s guilt to get what she wants and that her worry Bruce would change his mind when it came to her is almost gone.

Tim finding out it was Talis and not Ra’s who planned this and broke Clue Master out and that she is coming for them was a surprise.

I love it when Bruce in Batman mode, but I love it even more when changes back to being a dad! Bruce realizing it was Damian who cried and rushed over to hug was so sweet!

Damian realizes Talis’s plan is for Bruce to choose between keeping Damian or Stephanie and Damin thinking Bruce would choose Stpahnie over him made me so angry and so sad for them and Damian! Then things made me feel even worse after Stpahnie said her special and saying to to him! "You aren't going back to her. I won't let go, remember."

I love the descriptions of where everyone was and what they were doing. I could see just how angry and ready everyone was and was to fight. I also love how loved Damin felt seeing everyone gather around him and Steph like they did for Tim, that Steph and Damian held hands and stood next to each other and that Jaosn gave Damian one of his hidden knives and reminded him not to kill and told him he has the right to defend himself.

It’s so horrible Talia is typing force Bruce to choose between Stpahanie and Damian! I love Bruce’s and Tali’s conversation they had about Damian and how badly she mistreated him. When Talis told Bruce she had to hurt Damian to train him and said Bruce did the same thing with the others, I love Bruce’s response to her when he told her how what she vs what he did was different because Bruce never forced them to do anything and controlled their life. It's also bad Tim's parents might be dead.

I fell for Talia though and know she genuinely cried and felt bad at times. Ra’s is a hard man and is even worse and would have sent him away and hurt him and trained even harder than Talia did so I get she did what she had to save Damian, but she still should have shown him some love and explained the situation to him.

Its still messed up though that she thought Bruce would go over to her side with Damian and that now she sees it's not a possibility she is trying to take Damian away from the family so he won’t have to fight Ra’s and Tim. Bruce is so right that Talia really feels this way then she needs to leave DMain with them and fight with them, especially since Talia still could never give Damian the love and attention he needs and deserves. This fight is going to be very intense, especially since know Ra’s was and is involved too! You had us going back and forth for a while now and I was not expecting any of this at all
Prisma19 chapter 20 . 10/14/2021
I love how insistent Tim was at finding the two con men and woman after they just vanished all of a sudden and that despite what the others the think is doing this and them thinking it was nothing and the he shouldn’t look into it he still does and finds and follows the bit of evidence they leave behind and it pays off. I love the last name you gave the conmen! It’s a very interesting and fun name to say!

I really love Tim’s explanations don’t details he told to Damian as to why these conmen are more than they appear to be and how talented they are and how most cons operate

It’s so cute Damian wants to learn from Tim and figure it out before he does and is concerned about all of the time Tim is investing in this case.

I also love how Dick stood up for Tim and mentioned they can miss things and that Tim has an instinct for catching those things they don’t and that Tim is rarely wrong. This is all so true and so true about Tim!

Damian realizing that the family lets Tim do what he wants to teach him a lesson and that he does through his experiences is so true and is something that Bruce and the Batfamily do to each other. I also love Dick told him that they can also protect each other if they run into any danger or if the experience could cause them harm.

I also love how Damian learned more about what it means to be a family and how families don't all work one way and that one a way a family operates wont work for another and the dynamic and difference between the Batfamily, which are all so true.

I really love you mentioned how Dick is like an Octopus! Its ome my favorite head canons and things people write about and have headcanoned for Dick, but its not much a head canon because its so true!

I really love that Dmaian realized Dick needs to be a lot and i Love the memories Dick told Dmaian from when he was with the circus, his parents, and how it was difficult living with Bruce at first because he wasn't as affectionate, but then later Dick was able to get Bruce to get used to begin hughes and giving hugs and affection to him and other people and Bruce became happier and hugged more and became more affectionate. Dick making Bruce more happy and affectionate and lovable is one of the things I love the most that he did for Bruce when he was a kid and that he did for Bruce!

I really love you said how Dick can also be silent and still at times because a lot of times people just write him always moving and being loud, but that not true. Dick also likes to be silent and still at times.

I really love the way you described what Damian and Dick was doing and how calm the atmosphere was as Dick and Damian were thinking and reading each other and when DMain reached over and hugged Dick and then quickly ran away without a word! This was so cute and sweet of Damian to do! He is so troubled but also very adorable I just want to hug him and have been wanting to hug him so hard ever since he hugged Stpahnie after he had his frist nightmare in the manor.

I really like Bruces observations about the relationship between Tim and Jaosn and Tim and dick and how Jason became closer to Tim than Dick. Its all so true!

I really love all on the details on how Tim figured out the disappearance of the cons and why they are staying at his house how it was all connected to him because of the previous crimes he stopped them from committing and how he thinks Talia is connected to it all and Cluemasters attack.

I was not expecting this! If Talis did leave behind this vase with pit water and a green flower, this means big trouble for Tim and Damian especially and the whole family.

I feel so sorry for Damian that Cass grabbed Damian so harshly and rapid-fire questions at him so quickly after they saw the pit water and that it terrified Damian and he was terrified that Ra’s could be behind it. Thankfully Cass was able to tell he was telling the truth.

Knowing that all of the cases Tim stopped were set up by Ra’s as a test for Tim is so scary!
Its so true bedside Bruce Tim is the only one Ra’s is interested in especially since Tim is on Batman’s level more intellectually and is the one who can follow Batman the best out of the family. It’s also so true Tim is most times the only one who can speak out against Bruce regularly and get away with it and get him to stop and listen to him besides Dick! This is going to make it difficult for Damian to be nice to and like Tim and it’s so infuriating because he was finally making progress with getting to know and be nice to Tim!

I really love how Jaon is the one who most times suggests they have a Pillow Party after one or some of them experience a hard time or event.

Now it was not only Father and Father's family choosing Drake over Damian, now it was Grandfather offering Drake an important position. Mother would never dare challenge Grandfather. Damian had failed her plans anyway. Drake had the attention of Damian's Father and Mother.

I like the story of how Ra’s chooses the next person his protégé to become second in command rule by his side and hopefully become the Demon’sHead and that this position and person is called the Demon's Hand.

Knowing Ra’s had already asked Tim and he has refused the offer but Ra’s is willing to give up and believes Tim is still enough that he can manipulate Tim into saying yes and that Tim could die by refusing is so worrying and scary! I did see all of this coming!
Prisma19 chapter 19 . 10/12/2021
I feel sorry for Tim that he feels selfish and he is troubled he wishes Damian had never come and that he is now questioning if he has always been selfish and was being selfish when he became Robin when he has never thought himself to be and never did when he became Robin. He knows he is not but he doubts himself and him thinking all of this is understandable.

I love that you mentioned Tim had seen the same horrors of the world the others have when he would sneak out and take pictures of Batman and Robin. I had never thought of this before, until now and so true that even though Tim had both parents and lived a normal life he still saw it all each night he went out.

It breaks my heart that Tim thinks his parents never wanted him because he was selfish and only took from them and never tried hard enough to the son they needed him to be. This all especially hurts because I thought Tim had gotten over all of this but he still hasn’t

As much as it breaks my heart Tim thinks he doesn’t have much of chance for Bruce the his dad, its so sweet he is so hopeful Damian does and that Damian can be and feel like the boy and son Damian should have been that Tim never was instead of the son and the boy Talia has made him to be.

I love Tim’s line of thinking on how he realized and figured out that Talia is coming for Damian because he decided to be a hero like the rest of them.

I love that Jason asked what’s Damian’s legal status because this is something I had not thought about and I love that Bruce prepared for this and changed the papers so he has sole custody of Damian. It might mean much to Talia but it does to the family and the US.

I love the descriptions who they are standing next to and what they were doing as they wait in front of the manor for Talia. I could feel how tense, nervous, angry, and determined they all were and how Damian felt safer being with the family and realized no matter if he messed they would still help and be there for him.

I also love the description of what Talia was wearing and that it was a specially designed suit to be worn to fight in public.

It was so hard for Dmaian to hear from his own mom and know that she had lied to Damian the entire tim that he could gain their trust and respect especially from his dad and that this was all a game to use him as a awn for her own selfish ways and drag Bruce and the family into it.

Then I really loved it when despite Damian had all of this crashing don on him he stood up for himself and against Talia and said he wanted to stay and let the fear disappear from him and become brave as he thought about how much he loves all of them and that he is willing to be friends and do anything to not lose living with them all and not loose receiving their love and care.

I also really love these true words Steohanie said to Talia!

"Children don't owe their parents for raising them!" "They don't have to be what you want them to be. He's not some mindless extension of your will. You're as stupid and delusional as others."

I also really love how Tim was able to figure out what Talia had been up to in her criminal activities and how the world and the Us knows about it thanks to them and that she is on their radar so that forced Talia to leave.

I also love that Jason said this and then Bruce mentioned how they all figured this out that same morning and they were all sleeping.

"It would be nice to be in on the plans”

Then I was thinking how Bruce got a taste of his won medicine of what happened the night Cluemaster crashed the gala. Now Bruce will rarely ever judge them again for last minute plans without telling him.

I felt so happy once Dick reassured Damian that they would have fought the League to keep him with them and Damian felt relieved and at ease.

I also love you explained the way through Damians’s and the extent they all give affection and why they are more or less affection and how it makes Damian and the others are of this and are careful when they touch and give affection to Damian.

It’s so sad Damian feels like he will always be known as “the little assassin, arrogant and wrong” and that he will always be lower than Tim.

I really love that Damian has now realized the things he has in common with Tim and that instead of watching him to look for weakness he is going to watch him go look for his strengths and apply and use them
Prisma19 chapter 18 . 10/11/2021
Good for Cass for making an ultimatum for Steph so she would be safe which lead to Steph comics up with this brilliant plan with Cass.

Oh yes the carefully crafted interviews that help tie everything together and make it harder for the public to suspect their secret identities. I love their ideas they came up with.

I really love that after every hard and sad event they go throw they throw a Pillow Party! I also really love that since Dick knew Damian and the rest of them were not ready to be with Damian in an small room Dick suggested he and Steph have their own Pillow Party in Damian’s room, which is what they did.

I love how Jason knew Bruce would be up every hour to check on them all and that Bruce wouldn’t sleep much at all. Of course he would it’s the same thing Jason himself would do.

Oh Oh when Babs comes over they know things are serious and are about to get real.

I love that Tim groaned and let his head fall onto the table because it shows he is still a child who acts immature and hasn’t fully grown up yet.

I love Jason trying to come up with excuses to leave because he thinks he is going to get into the most trouble and that he tires to leave and Bruce stops him by grabbing his wrist. Jason is so funny and I love him so much!

It’s also so funny that Jason
set a sensor in the window that fires a paintball gun since they all were using his window as easy access to the backroom roof. Tim betraying Jay is going to get him trouble nor Jay is out for revenge!

I also really love these words Barbra said as she wheeled herself in. They are so funny and really knows them all very well.

"Since Jason isn't scrubbing a car, Tim hasn't finished his coffee, and Damian isn't in time out, I suppose the explanations haven't happened, yet."

After Damian asks why they are all afraid of Barbra shows that he still has no idea what she is capable and the power she has over them, until Babs gives him and answer why, and her answer is so true especially what she said about Bruce, Dick, and Jason! I need to see Babs say this and more things as to why in the comcis!

"Bruce knows he has to keep me happy, because I can lock him out of his own systems, Dick and Jason know to keep me happy, so I don't send them into smelly places, Tim touched my system without permission, and Cass and Stephanie came up with a risky plan on the fly."

I also love that Bruce knows their is no way out of this and says they will talk after they all finish breakfast and their coffe and then Babs just makes herself at home and helps herself to breakfast Alfred offered . I could see Alfred’s knowing look on his face when they all came down for Breakfast and when Babs came over. He knew how this would all go like he always does.

I really love that Damian learned from that night that the family does not always listen to Bruce and that they will do their own thing every now and then.

It makes me so happy to know that Damian is now finally in the cave and has a place at their special conference table with each having a special chair with their logo on it. I really love that they have this table and that Alfred, Leslie, Catwoman, and the Justice League members they are close with also have their own chair at the table and will all occasionally join them and that Jason has dubbed it

"Batman and the knights of the Oval table" I have to say this is all canon now!

It’s already been five months since Damian has been with them! Time flies! I really love that Bruce told him how he and the family has noticed and can say that Damian learned restraint, and proved his is capable of learning and that they know he wants to change.

Damian still doesn’t fully understand they do or fully believe their mission, but he will soon.

It broke my heart when Damian thought he blew his chance to be with them.

I love that Damian how scared he was that he was going to loose everyone that night and that he is beginning to realize how much he cared for and loves them all now.

I also love Damian told Bruce he can’t apologize for going out last night and Bruce told him he is not mad at him because it was Jason’s fault he went out their and then told he he was proud of him and that he saved lives and that Bruce’s praise mad him feel so happy.

I also love Jason told him he is a great at being on the offensive for being so short to boost his confidence again and that Damian leaned it is a big deal to take hits and that he shouldn’t always have to and can instead avoid taking hits by defending himself.

I also really love that Bruce is going to be the one to teach Damian how to use his skills without killing people.

I also love Jason’s logical reasoning as to why he let Damian go with him and it really was the best decision to make considering the circumstances and all of the unknowns and that he stood up for Damian and said he is not sorry for making the decision either and that Jaosn doing this made Damian feel happy and made him think that he can respect and get to know Jason more.

I also love that Damian is understanding Tim more and the many personas he uses depending on where he is at, the people he is with, and if he is Robin and that he is thinking about how Tim can help develop his own persona.

I also really love Tim was the one who said the persons they play have actual true parts of them that are not an act and that his words wowed them all and Jason and that Jason said Tim gets it more than the rest of them so he should help Damian find his true self and develop it into his persona and that Damian is realizing Tim knows more about him than he originally thought and is curious to find out what it is.
Prisma19 chapter 17 . 10/11/2021
Chapter 17

I really love the details and explanations as to where the family was and what they were doing as the attack was going on and how their position relates to the situation.

I also really loves Tim’s answer he gave to Tam as to why he adopted them all.

"I think he was lonely. He wanted a family, but he never met the right person to start a family with. So, when he saw Dick's parents killed, it reminded him of himself, he had to help. It just snowballed from there."

This is all so true!

I love how you showed how smart Cluemaster is and that he was able to tell they were lying and how he knows Bruce and the family aren’t who they always act like.

I really love their plan they set up and executed and the back story for how and why Stephanie gave up Spoiler and gave it to someone else. and all of the details. Their plan was well done and it was well done and confused Cluemaster and the people their.

I also really love these words because they are so true!

“Sometimes Bruce liked the simplicity of being Brucie. Not quite an idiot, but seeing the world very basically”

I also love that Jason brought Damian along and I love Phoenix's into and that he was joking around with Damian having a good time fighting with him and called him “young grasshopper”

Bruce being confused at to what was going and being astounded at this plan and wondering who the hack thought this was good idea and thinking about they are all going in trouble and how Jason especially will be for bringing Damian is so funny and I really enjoyed reading about it and the fight. The fight scenes and details were great!

Tim’s words at the end were so funny!

"Hey, Bruce. He broke my phone”

I love how random it is, but I also feel sorry for Tim. He just survived a shoot out and a hostage situation and now his phone is broken and he is sad. Oh well Bruce will buy him a new and better one.
Prisma19 chapter 16 . 10/11/2021
Chapter 16

The way you wrote on how Gotham views Bruce and his family is so true, but the funny thing is none of them really act like that it’s all just what they do to hide they are vigilantes.

Stephanie’s bold personality at galas and social events is so funny and shocks the world and I love it so much and the way she handles herself around them and doesn’t let them them and the rich people get to her.

Damian is growing up now. I wish you wrote about his 12th birthday it would have been fun and interesting to read but I can imagine what it was like.

Damian asking Jason what Dick is doing has so much meaning because it shows Damian and Jason are warming up to each other. It was so funny when Jason told him that Dick was being himself and Damian was so confused and outraged and Jason is just smiling to himself thinking this is all so funny.

Steph and Cass chewing up kids at these events and helping them to not be bored is so cute and sweet!

Damian has now officially learned and understood what the people who are interested them are like and what the rich people are like and what they are all like towards Bruce and anyone in the Wayne family poor Damian. Its funny how annoyed Damian was with all of this and how hard it was for him to restrain himself to get to Bruce.

“He had to do this without stabbing or punching anyone!”

I was happy when I read about the Fox family and their places at Wayne Enterprises and that Tam and Tim work together and will work together more.

I really enjoyed reading about Damian thoughts as he learned about and saw the family’s personas and how they were acting at the gala and how annoyed he was that he had to relent and ask Jason to take him home after foaming out that Dick actually likes attending these events so his plan wouldn’t work.

I love how determined Damian is to come up with a persona of his own, how he is beginning to respect and admire Tim, how Damian is growing on Jason, and how Jason has high hopes Damian will change.

When Damian said his first joke and called them all Family it made me smile to big! I also love their other conversations about their nick names and heights.

I also really loved it when Jason he loves Damian and Damian realized he loves him to and when Damian tried to punch Jay and Jason said.

"That was pitiful. If you must be Family, you should know how to punch." These will be more special memories Damian has and will be his first ones and some of the of memorable ones he has with Jason

I also really love all of the details and explanations as to what was going kn as Jason was teaching him.

I was not expecting this! Things are about to get real interesting with the family snd Cluemaster!
Prisma19 chapter 15 . 10/9/2021
I read both chapter 14 and 15 and then went back and reviewed them and I realized that I got some of the chapters mixed up Tim rebuilding the Titans and Jay being with Roy, Kori, and Donna happed in this chapter.

I love that Stephanie has a special spot she goes to when she wants to be alone and to think and that she can still see all of the members of the family from their.

Damian having a sleep walking night mate that his mom said he had to leave because he is not good enough and that his dad would too is so sad! I loved it when Stephanie said those comforting and reassuring words to Damian that he is always safe here and that Bruce would never hit him or ignore him and that he just wants him to be himself.

I also really loved it when Stephanie hugged Damian and called him “Baby Bat” and reassured him it was hug. It’s so sad she had to do that and that Damian thought about how Talia would have been mad at him for what happened and questioned if Bruce would be too, but I felt so much better after Damian understood it was ok to be afraid and that he had a nightmare.

I also love that Stephanie said this!

"If he gets mad about us being up… I'll slap him!"

Stephanie is the only one in the family who is brave enough to actually say she will slap Bruce and actually do it!

It’s so sad Damian asked why Stephanie was hugging him! I am so ready for this kid to just accept hugs and love and attention whenever he needs it and to accept love and hugs spontaneously.

Stephanie Promising Damian she is never going to let him go and will always protect him when he tired to pull away was so sweet and I could feel how comforted and relieve Damian felt after hearing those words.

I am also so ready for Damian to understand that Bruce does love him and want him! I thought he already knew this but nooo he still doesn’t get it yet and I like that he still doesn’t because if he did things would be progressing way too soon.

I am so happy Damian leaned in closer and Steph told him Bruce does want him and that he is not giving up on him when he doubted it because he feels like it’s Bruce’s duty to take care of of him and that Dick loves and cares for him more than Bruce and Steph explained to him that’s not true it’s just taking Bruce longer to process he has as son who was hidden from him.

I also really love these very true words Stephanie told Damian and that Damian said Stephanie was weird. It was so cute and funny!

“Yes, he has a duty to you, but why does everyone act like doing something out of duty is not love? If my dad had done his duty, it would have been an act of love."

I also really love these words Stephanie said, the ones Dick told him, and the owns she said when she joked about how different she was from the rest of them. They are the exact words Damian needs to head and believe!

“….you will have me as family, whether you want it or not."

"Tt. Grayson says we're already family.”

Stephanie wanting to do a childish thing with Damian by hiding so they can scare Dick and Bruce and Damian actually agreeing to do it with her is so cute!

It’s also so funny and adorable that Bruce has to steer Dick who was sleep walking towards his bedroom and that Dick was mumbling about cereal and went off to eat cereal! I don’t blame him I love cereal too and it’s the perfect thing to eat at any time of day or night!

I could picture the fond and happy smile on Bruce’s face and how shoot he was when he pulled back the curtain and saw Damian asleep on Stephanie and how adorable it was that they were going to scare him. Finding out he was sleep walking while having a nightmare made him feel sad for Damian, but he felt better knowing he let Steph comfort him.

I also love that Steph made Bruce promise to never let Damian go back and that Bruce did and promised her she would never have to go back.

I really love that Damian has formed a connection with Dick and Stephanie and has started to call them by their first names sometimes and they Steph wakes up at night when Damian does and is their with him and that the family knows.

It’s sad Tim is always tense and still feels like he has to be alert in case Damian decides to attack him because he feels like he still might and that Tim is going back to his ways of not being open and honest and asking for help and feels pushed aside because everyone is so focused on Damian which he understands and knows is necessary but he can’t stop himself from feeling this way. I don’t blame him for feeling this way, and it will be so nice when Tim feels like he is apart of the family again and gets more love and attention from them. At least this time the family knows what’s going on with Tim and is watching him.

Clark realizing that the family is more broken than Bruce realizes is not surprising since Clark is more emotional and can see them all from outside point of view and has known them all for as long as Bruce has.

I really love it’s a regular thing that Tim and Jason go to skate park and skate together and Jason is trying to do all do the same tricks Tim can do and is making everyone go with them because they all need a break and that he picks Tim up and carry’s him over his shoulder. That is a signature Jason and Dick move!

I also love Jason calls Cass the “Silent Ninja” and Bruce and Jason teasing each other at the end and that Bruce laughed and calls Jason his biggest and loudest child which is so true!
Prisma19 chapter 14 . 10/9/2021
I forgot to mention last chapter review that I love Tim is rebuilding the Titans and will be heroine and spending time with his friends and that Jason hangs out with and fights crime with Roy, Kori, and Donna and that they have plans to be a team.

I love the progression of Damian’s privileges and how he is being given more freedom week by week.

It’s very memorable that Damian’s fist afternoon of being allowed out longer since being confined to his room happened on Stephanie’s birthday and that his first family meal since then was also on Stephanie’s birthday.

I love that Jason was the one who drove Stephanie to the rehab center to visit with her mom. I love it when Jason is a big brother!

Yes! Finally Damian and Tim apologized to each other and Damian admitted to Tim he was wrong! He wasn’t completely sorry for hurting him, but the kid is still learning and making so much progress so yea! Also Damian looks at Dick and asking him if that’s all he needs to do was so cute!

I feel bad for Damian that he longs to be with his dad more and be in the cave which is a big part of him but he can’t and that he is so scared to say the wrong things and make his dad made that he carefully thinks about what he says and doesn’t say everything he wants to say, but at least he has noticed how happy Bruce is when Dick is around and is using him as his role model.

I really love that all of them had a read the same book about law and that Dick had to read it several times after messing up some arrests which they all have because was Dick said is so true “Working outside the law to find the bit the Law can use, can be frustrating” I have to say it’s canon Batman made each of them read that book and many other books!

I really love that Dick broke off the twigs for them to use and how Damian knew what was about to happen and and realized how he was going to learn so much from them. I also really love all of the descriptions and details of what was going on as Dick spared with Stephanie and Tim, that they also have conversations as they spar, that and Damian picked up on how it can be used as a distraction, that Damian realized just how really awesome Tim is at fighting and the grace he has while doing it and in his movements, and that Tim always has is staff with him and tricked them all into thinking he was weaker and slower. As I read all of this I could tell how in awe of them all Damian was as he watched them.

I also love that Stephanie climbed on Dick’s back and then did the same thing with Jason and Damian realized it was Stephanie’s special way of hugging them!

I really love that Tim knew Bruce watching them from the window in his study and that they all waved at him and he gave them all a thumbs up! Damian should have waved too, but it’s ok the kid will soften more and feel apart if the family eventually.

It’s sad Damian was afraid to accept Dick’s offer to spar with him when he really wanted to because he was afraid Bruce would be mad at him. Dick is so right Damian doesn’t know how to defend himself or other people and he needs to learn how to and that his skills can be used to help people.

It was nice when Damian finally agreed that it would be ok and accepted the sticks Dick threw at him and started to spar with him. It’s so cute hoe exited and honored Damian was at being taught by Dick on how to use Nightwing’s signature weapons which he is the best at using.

I also really love all of the descriptions of what was going on between Dick and Damian and Dick and Stephanie as they demonstrated to Damian the many ways he can defend himself.

Again Damian’s fear that every little he does Bruce will judge him for is killing me! Damian should have just continued and not dropped the sticks! I am so ready for this kid to feel confident!

I really love these words and how you can tell by these few words the deep and close relationship they have!

"Oh, hey Bruce," Dick said. "I figured out why it's so easy to beat Ra's' ninjas. They aren't taught a good defense."

I also really loved it when Bruce told Damian to pick up the sticks and that he won’t be angry at him for defending himself and that he has then right to know how to defend himself to be safe and that even Jason and other’s agreed with this and when Dick called him “Baby Bat” !

It was also nice Bruce told Damian that’s it’s ok and necessary to leave from a fight if you have to so you can live and that he will learn from the experience.

Damian’s having another panic attack was just as heartbreaking as the last one as he understood all of this and Bruce’s words. Bruce telling Damian he can even defend himself against his own father was really hard for Damian to accept and think about, especially since he was thinking about how he might have to do that someday.

It was really nice that this time Bruce was the one who comforted Damian and helped to calm him down. It’s also really nice that Jason is starting to feel for Damian be softer toward him and beginning to understand how miss treated Damian was and was by Talia.
Prisma19 chapter 13 . 10/9/2021
Jason is right that weight now Damian only wants to stay and feels no real remorse for what he did so that is the only reason why he agreeing to behave, but like Bruce said Damian now understands that they don’t operate the same way the league does see

I feel sorry for Damian that he has to be restricted to his room, with no access to the internet and that he has to always be under surveillance, for now even though I know it’s all necessary.

It’s heartbreaking Damian was so angry but also scared after Bruce said all of this and spoke so that’s why Damian didn’t speak was terrified if he did he would loose his chance of not being sent back.

I love that everyone in the Batfamily except for Jason and Cass is not ok with Damian staying with them. It makes things interesting and it’s nice to see things from other sides point of view. I like Cass’s and Stephanie’s conversation and it was so nice Steph finally got Cass to see what happened wasn’t her fault and got her to understand things from her and the rest of the family’s point of view about Damian staying with them.

What a hard first week it was for Damian and Tim, but I feel bad for Tim the most because they are being over protective of him and I feel bad for Damian being confined in a room makes him anxious and freak out.

It’s nice Bruce’s visits Damian and talk with him and teaches him the right way and what they all bemoans how things are done.

Yes Dick has now finally decided to form a deep connection with Damian has started to make him his brother, help him, and get him to understand he can trust Dick with anything and tell him anything. It was also nice Dick looked out to Damian that Bruce isn’t always the best person to talk to but that’s ok because he always has Dick.

It’s so sad that they are hesitant to talk about Tim around Damian which I understand, but still through all they want to do is get Damian to like and accept Tim and that’s hard to do if they can’t talk about him in front of Damian.

These words broke my heart! Especially since I thought Damian leavened their is no ranking system in their family.

"I am aware Father prefers Drake, but he has said I may stay. Therefore, I must grow accustomed to being second. It is better than being sent away."

I really like how you wrote that Dick had to be careful before he explained things to Damian because he could miss interpret things.

I am so happy Dick knows one of Damian’s punishments was that he was sent away and that Damian knows it was wrong and how he should have punished like Dick was or not been punished at for meeting exceptions that should not have been a thing in the first place.

I am also happy Damian is understanding how a family works more after hearing Dick’s story on why he left Bruce and tired to keep Steph away and how no matter what you do you can always come back to your family and they will always forgive and love you.

I am also happy Damian now truly understands what he thought and did was wrong and that he wants to learn more and asked Dick for help to figure things out and what family is and what being a part of a family means.

It’s good to know the second was batter and that Tim was walking around now, that Damian can leave his room, and that Stephanie is also in charge of watching Damian.

I love that Jason and Cass are the ones who are in charge of Tim and guard his room when Damian is out. It’s sweet, but Tim is so annoyed with and their over protectiveness.

Yes! Bruce visiting Damian more and eating with him sometimes and Dick coming in to visit him frequently and Damian enjoying them doing this and Dick chats and being happy is so nice!

I really love that Damian has a note pad where he writes down a list from his conversations with Dick
about what Family is or is not and all of the questions he has.

I also really love how Damian now understands how Dick is and that their is no escape from him. It’s also sad Damian feels like he can’t his protests about it and won’t protest anything against Dick and the family because he is terrified they will send him back.

I really love and enjoyed Dick showing Damian his photo album from his circus days and explaining each of the pictures to Damian and how happy Dick was even though I know it makes him a little sad but he was mostly happy.

Damian finally realizing that most of what his mom said to him was a lie and that the others really were right and having a panic attack about it and hyperventilating broke my heart! I almost cried!

I really loved reading about Dick comforting Damian and holding him close and laying down with him and that Dick called him “Little Bat” I almost cried again while reading all of this and this whole moment!

I love that Jason took Tim and Cass into town because Tim threatened to post a Guitar Hero video of Jason to Facebook if he didn't

Yes Stephanie gets it and now the other will to that they are going to
to talk about Tim in front of Damian whether he likes it or not because If they don't they would be pushing Tim out of the way and If Damian is going to stay, he's going to have to accept Tim.

I also really love Stephanie was the ones to suggest Dick call Damian call him little d and they all call Dick big D and the nick names they call each other.

It’s so sad Damian felt ashamed of cry and showing his emotions, but it as nice ie he felt better after Dick hugged him tighter and gave Damian the courage to let it all out and feel safe and comforted in his arms and move closer to Dick and for the first time ever Damian did not feel ashamed to feel weak and let out his emotions and felt comforted by Dick words.

I love you said Tim likes to play skater punk in public, as well being little genius, because he is both and I love sakterboy Tim.

It was nice when Bruce told Tim he is not leaving the manor and that he shouldn’t have to because the manor is his home and Damian is not going to push him out and that Tim leaving only lets Damian know he has won.

I love how considerate Tim is of Tim and is offering to leave to make things easier for Damian, but Bruce tells him he can send him to the penthouse and Tim says they can’t because Damian will feel like he is being sent away and even though he doesn’t like him he wants the manor to be his home too.

It’s been awhile since Tim has been the one to hug Bruce first so I really loved when Tim did.

I also love that Stephanie, Jason, and Tim are going to teach Cass cup games! and that they usually have to buy plastic cups themselves because of course Alfred doesn’t!

I could picture just how happy Bruce was to see Damian sleeping on Dick as he hugged and how happy he was Dick finally got his hug with Damian and that Damian let Dick do all of this.

I love Dick told Bruce he wants to have a family meeting and that they need to let Damian out more. It was heartbreaking but also good as Bruce heard the news Damian finally understood that what Talia told him was a lie and that their guess that he was severely punished if he thought she was wrong has been confirmed.

The most heartbreaking and saddest thing is Bruce thinking again that what Talia did to him and what he went through was a lot like what everyone else went through except for Dick and that he wishes he knew about Damian sooner so he could have saved him, but now Bruce is more determined and more hopeful he can and will do just that.

From now on I am only reviewing the parts that really touched me and the ones I love the most because these reviews are getting way too long to it’s going to take me forever to finish this story and I really want to get on with reading the other chapters.
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