Reviews for Harry Potter: IronWizard
GroveWolf chapter 7 . 7/13
What?! why didn't interrogate the last guy? they were waiting for him, which suggested to me that he had something important to say. Or probably knew something. He doesn't know what was going on when he apparated somewhere with a woman there, so he kills the guy? Why didn't he interrogate the man and woman? what if the man was there to attack the woman?
Stormshadow13 chapter 10 . 7/11
Love the idea. Great story.
Guest chapter 10 . 7/9
It always makes me sad when Dumbledore doesn't get to die a peaceful death when he's a good - if misguided - man.
MonsterRideOp chapter 10 . 7/3
Good story. Only thing missing is an omake showing what happens when Fawkes eats a habanero.
neweldi chapter 10 . 7/2
Thanks, I love it :-)
Siriusyellowlab chapter 5 . 6/20
War is hell.
Siriusyellowlab chapter 4 . 6/20
Another good chapter!
Siriusyellowlab chapter 3 . 6/20
I like the pace of the story
Siriusyellowlab chapter 2 . 6/20
Another great chapter
Siriusyellowlab chapter 1 . 6/20
I just stumbled across this story, and like it! It is well written, and I agree with Hermione regarding Dumbledore.
william488 chapter 10 . 6/16
great story.
odonata201 chapter 10 . 6/16
Still one of my favorites despite the sometimes stilted language. I must say, you do write a better Susan or Hedwig or Hogwarts than you do Hermione, but you did a good job with her. Thanks for what is still a very interesting and entertaining tale.
Adran06 chapter 10 . 6/10
Even if you didn't write that alternate ending, we now know how the other end of the prophecy could have gone now. Thank goodness it didn't.
Bronze chapter 2 . 6/5
What you and every other ff author seems to've missed is that this is a war between two old men. One doesn't care if he rules over a dead world and other thinks he can tell everyone in the world what they should or shouldn't do on a daily basis. Riddle doesn't care if he rules a dead world. Just as long as he's the ruler. Dumbledore thinks he knows what's best for the entire world. Of course he intends to do it from behind the scenes. He'll be the puppet master controlling everything and everybody. Neither one caring what anyone else thinks or says. Neither cares about anybody who gets in their way. Ask yourself this, How many Order members died needlessly in the first war because Dumbledore refused to allow them to kill the Death Eaters? He wants to redeem every Death Eater at the expense of everybody else. Death Eaters on the other hand operate along the lines of " Kill 'em all! Let god sort it out! "
Bronze chapter 1 . 6/5
Mr. Burns? Me thinks you've been watching too much Simpsons. I hope I get to finish this time. I know the first time I started this it seemed to just stop after only a few chapters. I like the idea of the story and wanted it to continue till the end. Now I get my wish and AM going to finally finish it!
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