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deannajanine4444 chapter 7 . 10/9
I just found this story and it's really interesting and unique. I know it's been a while since you updated, but if you feel up to continuing it I think a lot of people would be captivated by this story.
Yellow Green Fish chapter 7 . 10/1
Wow I really hated it at first with Adrien dying and all but I've to admit I'm hooked. I want to read more about Marinette and her struggles to move on. Can't wait to read the next chappie, keep up the good work!
P.S. thanks for the chocolate ;)
The Moxie Fox chapter 7 . 7/30
Your writing style is beautiful and eloquent. You do such a wonderful job setting the scene! You inspire me to get better in my own writing! I really hope you aren't on a permanent hiatus as I'm really enjoying this fic, and your others, you are very very talented, and I'm on my way to your Tumblr now to read the original because I just can't wait to see what happens! Please keep up the phenomenal work! Looking forward to more 3
The Moxie Fox chapter 6 . 7/30
Oh my gosh I thought I'd be able to get through this fic no problem without all the feels but I couldn't have been more wrong! This chapter reduced me to a snotty, crying mess! Well done!
The shadows only want to play chapter 7 . 4/24
Please continue this
CuteVyper chapter 7 . 4/21
Ive read your other works. I wanted to kill both you and our favorite couple in Lucky Us. So many times I lost count. But damn I loved it and wanted to open a bottle of champagne at the ending. I also loved the moment when Adrien got fired. It felt so... Darn good for some reason lol.
Anyway. Back to this story. For the sake of my(in my case I know how the drama goes) and the readers, who haven't watched or heard the story of WS, sanity please don't punch us in the gut continuously with the feels you obviously love so much to torture us with.
And my other insane part of me asks you to do your best about the matter involved in the previous paragraph since from what I've seen you can do so: bring me to the edge from the feels and adorable self-denial (add in there also the innocent ignorance, the stupidity of just overthinking/thinking less of the important details standing right in front of them and the cat puns although it would be amazing to see Felix doing those) of our favorite couple.
Please make me go insane.
Angela Jewell chapter 7 . 4/7
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this.

Winter Sonata was one of the first Korean Dramas I ever watched, so even though it feels a bit dated by today's k-drama standards, to me, it's always held a special place in my heart. So of course, when you started writing your Miraculous version on Tumblr, I followed it like a mad-woman, and absolutely loved it, so when you announced you were planning to rewrite it again and expand upon the amazing universe you'd created, I was beyond thrilled! You've captured its essence PERFECTLY in this story, so much so that I'm in tears by the end of every chapter and eagerly awaiting the next.

So thank you for writing this (again), and rest assured, I'll be here to drown you with reviews everytime you update from now on. I'm armed with several boxes of kleenex, and ready to laugh, cry, swoon, and cheer as Marinette and Adrien fight their way to their happily ever after. :)
Angela Jewell chapter 6 . 4/7
Wow. It was hard to read this chapter... my eyes were all blurry and I kept sobbing like an idiot. So, job well done, lol?
Isilril chapter 7 . 3/23
I just caught up with your works, just finished Lucky Us and this...
Unfortunately for me, I'm reading at work and it's a bit suspicious when I start crying XD Ah well. I love it too much to stop anyway.
You're awesome, I can't believe I had not read your fics sooner. Keep going strong !
(also, thanks for the easter chocolate bunny ! )
Cyber Rogue chapter 7 . 3/15
I am kind of disappointed in Lila too. She should have told Marinette! On the ups side, Felix made an appearance! Gah! I am so excited for that!
Anonymous Person chapter 5 . 3/13
Just wanna make sure I'm not going insane. Basically, Chat Noir aka Adrien died after the building collapsed(or at least supposedly died). Soon afterward Gabriel aka Hawkmoth moves to New York whoch would explain why Adrien wasn't seen in Paris either. In the New York it'd be safe to assume that no one would suspect that Chat Noir and Adrien are the same person so even if they (New Yorkers) had heard about the death of Chat Noir it doesn't make it extremely weird that Adrien is still alive. Although how many people actually know about Chat Noir's true identity aka Adrien? The impression I get is that Ladybug aka Marinette might be the only person to know along with maybe Master Fu. For that matter if the ring is lost doesn't that also mean Chat Noir will never exist again?
Saphira113 chapter 7 . 3/13
I'll admit, I caved, I read the basic summary of the Winter Sonata TV show. I just couldn't deal with Felix introducing himself as Adrien's cousin.

Is Nathalie's visit to Ladybug in the hospital, when she asked for her forgiveness, pertinent to how Adrien (or his lookalike at least) survived?
Saphira113 chapter 6 . 3/10
Thank you for explaining how Marinette got to the place she is now. But damn you for continuing this cliff hanger ;)

I'm very consciously not looking up the plot of the TV show Winter Sonata so that everything in this story can be as much a surprise as possible. I'm looking forward to seeing where you will go!
Maddiebug chapter 6 . 3/8
Your writing is so good. It makes me feel emotions. All of them. I almost cried
Cyber Rogue chapter 6 . 3/8
I am crying now! That was so sad! Poor, poor Marinette, and I cannot say it enough. This was so tragic, and I can only hope that she finds a happy ending. You updated really fast and it was a pleasant surprise! Keep updating and God Bless!
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