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Spark chapter 21 . 2/19/2018
What do you mean by "pretend" to be a fan?
Gemini chapter 21 . 2/19/2018
Illdon27 chapter 1 . 2/19/2018
Name: Illdon27

Choice: First Route, return to [Player]'s Reality

Comment: I do have to agree with Spoodey on this one that I feel like this ending is the supposed "true end" to this story. After everything that [Player] and Monika went through they deserve a happy ending back in [Player]'s reality with the rest of the girls. Even though how Monika said that it's possible for an accident to occur, that's something we have to live with everyday as well. We never know when our time is coming but we have to make the most of it. If [Player] and Monika were to stay in the simulation, sure they could theoretically live forever, but would it really be living? [Player] would have to give up his family, friends and everything he knows in his reality to be in the simulation. That's why I believe that the first route is the best route for all the characters. (Although it would certainly be interesting to see how the third route turns out hmmm).
crystalnightshard chapter 23 . 2/19/2018
Name: Crystalnightshard

Choice: First Route, return to [Player]'s Reality

Comment: I don't really want to convince others as to why i chose the first option, but i want to say why I personally did it. Letting the cat out of the bag I'm not happy, and i don't really know if I'll ever be happy, but i try to make others happy and even if its something as some would call childish to care for those they can't see i do it. Secondly, beauty isn't meant to last forever, if it did then it would lose its meaning, beauty doesn't last long so that you can appreciate beauty when it does shine through. Third, Even though it may be cliche to have happy endings the reason (at least to me) i would choose a happy ending over almost any other is because it reflects what i myself one day hope to get, my own happy ending.

Sorry If i rambled too much, anyways thanks again for the wonderful chapters
Natsukiisbae chapter 23 . 2/19/2018
choice: 2, ddlc world creation
I had a really tough time deciding between the first and second choice. The biggest draw to number 2 for me is the potential for future writing. We the observers are getting a whole new world we know very little about. Monika may fall under the temptation of power but after everything ive seen her go through, I choose to place my trust in her, In her friends to keep her on the straight and narrow. In this world of infinite choices, nobody has to die anymore. Being made to live in this new world, leaving behind everyone he ever knew to get to know this new world and it's characters is Player's cross to bear. After having lost of all of that, I'm sure he won't forget the sacrifice that had to be made to give everyone a future. He won't let life become meaningless after everything that happened.
ThunderAnt011 chapter 23 . 2/19/2018
Do the third route, it'll be very interesting to see them put in another universe, Also more chapters im assuming :))) and in a zombie apocalypse there will most likely be more Monika x player action, since they'll be alone in most scenarios
Antoine chapter 23 . 2/19/2018
Name: Antoine
Choice: second route, stay in the complete simulation
Comment: This has been such a fantastic experience! Thank you so much for sharing this whole story with us! I must say, the threat of the doomed ending in option 3 actually gives some real dramatic tension to this final confrontation, and hearing the “character” of Finalsacre brazenly arguing for it right in front of his helpless victims helps give him some serious weight as a villain! I even found myself considering his arguments seriously for a while! That said, I want to see our beloved hero and heroine defy the gods that would harm them, to triumph, and to move into a world of infinite choices, something better than even we “gods” can experience! Something bad may happen with one or another of them, but I feel fairly confident in their ability to deal with those things.
Antoine chapter 22 . 2/19/2018
I was so excited to see this big confrontation! After all, we, the readers, are pretty personally invested in it now!

It was wonderful to see that the reviews that had been written specifically for the characters actually made it through to them! It made me actually wish that I had thought to address them directly, as well, but oh, well. This is so exciting!
JustAMonikaFan chapter 23 . 2/19/2018
Now I'm going to be honest, I just read this before, and I did not really care about making a reply or anything. But, i would hate to be in your situation and not have help, and i feel for you. But a few things need to be addressed.

One, monika. You have committed horrible acts. Really atrocious ones. Have you really changed? And is it really right to use your power as you have? You basically did what these cruel B******s are doing. [Player] forgives, and I Forgive you too. Don’t mess up this chance. You can do it, i believe in you.

Two, “Gods”. Man up and take responsibility for your actions, and have some Damned morals. Nuff said.

Three, on the sex thing, yes, Everyone saw what you did a couple day ago(sorry about that. I respect your privacy at least).)

Four, Monika, [Player], These “Gods”
Are not really Gods. they may have power, but they are still finite beings. Everythign has a limit use that to your advantage

That being said, I refuse to take control. I give my decision to the couple, and anyone else who complains about it or tries to change it can kiss my A**. oh and “Gods” don't think I won't notice if you change this, I will know, and I will kill you, and you will not be able to stop me. monika, [Player], Make your decision. You will get your happy ending. It will be hard, and you might expect the worse, but you will get it, eventually, if you try hard and persevere.
Antoine chapter 20 . 2/19/2018
This chapter was really exciting with anticipation! I liked the confusing little surprise of the girls being catatonic, as if their AI had been switched off or something.

I appreciate that [Player] continued to advocate for the reality and personhood of the other club members! I liked that they focused on their love for each other as they overcame that last conflict between them.

This review comes too late to influence the story (after all, I already applied my influence via AO3), so I just want to say that I appreciate the interactive element here, as I think that it is quite appropriate for a fanfiction based on such a wall-breaking game.
A Random Role Player chapter 23 . 2/19/2018
Name: A Random Role Player

Choice: First Route, Return to [Player]’s Reality

Comment: Finalsacre, you have done an amazing job with causing unexpected twists and turns within this simulation. You have done what most people would never be willing to do. You did everything you could to make something enticing out of this simulation. That is something I respect immensely out of you.

However, your sadistic nature has caused you to make one fatal mistake: using an overdone plot line such as a zombie apocalypse as a means to bring the characters to an inevitable demise. Although your argument in this debate is exceptionally valid and persuasive, you lost the moment you decided that the apocalypse would be the bad ending. And although not every story has a happy ending, you could have made the ending more unpredictable, like you had with the other two, rather than creating it for the sake of satisfying the sadism within you and a few others.

The true conflict in this scenario is between [Player] and Monika.

Both scenarios have the chance to go completely wrong. There’s no saying what will really happen. But I’m not concerned about that. Bad things happen to everyone, and while it’s not always their fault, people can use these bad things to help strengthen or weaken their own character, depending on what they decide.

So the real question for me here is this: Is it better to live happily forever in a fake world, or is it better to enjoy a life in the real world that will eventually perish?

I sympathize with both points of view. Either route can go good or bad, as has been brought up several times before. However, I chose the first route because of these reasons:

1. The first route allows [Player] to be back with their family. Giving up your entire family, even if it is to be with the love of your life and the ones you fight to protect, is a very big sacrifice that I do not wish on anyone, real or imaginary. I sympathize with [Player] and his pain, so I will plead for his case.

2. I agree with Spoodey, that this is the true happy ending. Although Dan Salvato, the creator of DDLC, didn’t create the moral to be about happy endings, but rather about living in a trapped world and making us realize how little influence we may have on the outcomes of our world, he still gives a happy ending to some extent (although Monika doesn’t get that happy ending, which does sadden me). The characters fought hard for their happiness, they were willing to do what it took. And even if this ending is like the others, maybe it’s for a good reason. And who’s to say that life is boring? They can make so much from it.

3. I don’t want Monika to be living in a world where she knows she’s trapped, even if she believes that staying in that world to protect the others is the better option. Because she is an AI created in a dating sim with the sole purpose of loving [Player], her ideas of love and even of the whole world are limited to her life experiences. She doesn’t have much memory of before the club, and even if she does, it was all programmed into her mind rather than something she was directly involved in. Because of this, she may not truly know what’s best or how to resolve very thought provoking matters like this. Not to say that she isn’t redeemable, she is still gaining a happy ending, but her argument is the equivalent to saying that we should be happy while bound in chains. That’s why humans resort to drugs, to unhealthy relationships, to sex, and to so many other addictions: they believe it truly makes them happy because it dulls their senses to the outside world and it gives them a feeling of satisfaction in a somewhat selfish manner. They trap themselves without truly knowing or believing it.

There may be plenty of counter-arguments to the points I just gave. My arguments may not even be that strong, even with the fact they derive from real-world problems as well as personal experiences. I could have simply just said I wanted the first route without explaining the faults I saw in the other choices. But I’m not the kind of person who would make a decision without analyzing everything, and all the possibilities.

So in conclusion, I choose the first route, in support of Spoodey’s perspective and in favor of [Player]’s wishes. I have argued for both of their cases. I hope my words, although may not be much, are enough to influence you all to fight for their cause. I apologize for taking up so much of your time, but I had to say what needed to be said.

[Player], Monika, make every opportunity you can out of this ending. Make my words meaningful. Make me glad that I chose this route for you (although I am already proud of the both of you and how far you’ve come, even with your shortcomings). Life is what you make of it. Choose wisely.

Sincerely, A Random Role Player
P.S. You can call me Randy for short. It’s a newer nickname someone made for me and it’s starting to grow on me.
Antoine chapter 21 . 2/19/2018
I really enjoyed having the influence that we did as the “gods” beyond “the fifth wall”. I could really empathize with the terror and vulnerability that [Player] and Monika felt at the beginning of the chapter.

“I intend to gently open it” Ah, ha. I see what you did there.

I have to agree with Monika’s caution. I tend to be a somewhat risk-averse person, myself, and I am glad that [Player] decided to listen to her. I was really caught off-guard by the scene beyond the door. I supposed that it was supposed to represent something like the landscape of entertainment that exists on the Internet, including semi-realistic team shooter games, dance videos, and other assorted surrealism.

In some cases of fanfiction, breaking the fourth wall and self-inserts can seem cheap, but I can think of no fandom better suited for it than that of “Doki Doki Literature Club”! This is certainly a context where such a device does not seem contrived, but entirely well-suited to the subject matter. I am honored by your personal congratulations, and I really liked how you described the analogs to the various acts of the original DDLC! I am also excited to see that the surprises are not entirely over, and I look forward to seeing more!
A Random Role Player chapter 21 . 2/19/2018
What kind of drugs were you taking to write this chapter XD still, I’m curious to see what’s next
Guest chapter 8 . 2/19/2018
I really am enjoying the world building your doing so far, the unexpectedness of events that don't follow the original story allows for more conflicting scenarios to be introduced to the story, and not to mention that all the other characters negative traits were turned up to eleven cause [player] to juggle around everything at the same time.

All in all this story hasn't disappointed so far and I'm glad your expanding to alien territory, even though I'm only in Chapter 8 and I know that there are 14 more I really hope this doesn't turn into a tragedy and I'm guessing you've already though up a conclusion to this.

I look forward to seeing what comes next as I read, great work on this.
Strikingzebra chapter 23 . 2/19/2018
Name: thestrikingzebra
Choice: second route, stay in the complete simulation
Comment: Well there goes my idea of destroying the gods and deciding your own fate... Personally I do love a good "Let's kill this being who thinks they're a god but really they are not due to their own selfish desires" story like Fire Emblem Echoes, but hey, might as well give you two a happy ending! Although I expect there to be super smash bros in this virtual simulation. If not I am going to be salt. Well at least I can use that salt as motivation to finish up my story.
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