Reviews for Assimilation
Guest chapter 101 . 3/31
As Tristan from yu-gi-oh abridged once said. "Just fuck already!"
Death Fury chapter 101 . 3/26
Excellent chapter
Archangel Change24 chapter 5 . 3/19
Your character suffers from several issues that a character already present in dc comics suffers from. That character is Cyborg. The whole “am i even me anymore bullshit. “I think therefore i am.”
Archangel Change24 chapter 5 . 3/19
And here we run into one reason i hate the whole “telling people about the comic books” shit. They end up thinking that all their lives are written out! If your character had kept that shit to themselves or even only shared it with people who have EARNED his trust then maybe this crap wouldn’t happen.
Archangel Change24 chapter 4 . 3/19
Kinda irritated that he just spills a major secret like that. Not the end of thr world but still kinda pissed me off. These are real people not comic book characters. For all this idiot knows he could be in a world where they would datamine what makes him HIM to get the information he remembers and then toss him into thr phantom zone to prevent him becoming a major threat!
Gamermykke chapter 101 . 3/18
Thank you for the update. I don't think I've left a review yet on this story, but I have been following it for a long time and really enjoying it. It is well written. Thank you for sharing your stroy with us.
NeoNinja73 chapter 101 . 3/18
Thanks for the chapter~~
moozga chapter 101 . 3/18
Hurray, New chapter! Can't wait to read more!
Waki Paki chapter 101 . 3/17
I... Really don't care about this chapter. Not only was it pretty obvious something was going to happen to the helm of fate when it was left idle with the team instead of, ya know, the League, it just feels like so much spinning wheels when all I want is for the main characters to just make solid progress and go. This last arc is just a drag and I find myself skipping huge chunks.
Ultimatrix bearer chapter 101 . 3/17
Long wait but Totally worth it. Seeing the villains planing makes for DELICIOUS dramatic irony. And the helmet actually getting taken is going to have serious consequences when someone puts it on again.

chekhov's firing squad chapter 101 . 3/17
Another great chapter. Sorry to hear about losing your mental power. It would be disappointing to see this fic die, but you should never sacrifice your time, physical or mental health for a hobby. Do something because you like it, not because other people expect you to. Writing this fic should only take precedence over other hobbies if you like this more. If not, don't. Hope all is well on your end and you make a healthy decision. If you choose to continue, I look forward to the next chapter!
ordnassela6 chapter 100 . 3/17
I haven't even read the chapter yet: I was just really happy seeing the update and got flooded with nostalgia about the reading this the first time. Thank you very much for posting. I'm in for a reread
Guest chapter 101 . 3/17
Noah might have a deathwish as well as having the scared boner.
Isaac Young-Star chapter 100 . 3/10
So you went from once every 4 week for six years to mot posting for 4 months? Ate you ok?
joabear chapter 57 . 3/5
I'm only over half way of what we have of the fic so far, so maybe it has already happened but I swear from as early as the first few chapters Machina has been giving off some serious villain potential vibes. Starting with him not really feeling the full impact of murdering others, the Bialya incident, and now. Don't forget the biggest villain flag being when Abra, the literal guy from the future attempted to run in fear after realising who he was, almost slipping up and called him "D-" instead of anything else, while also hinting at the Reach. Speaking of what Abra almost accidentally calling Jacob a different name, I think the safest bet for the moniker he might pick up if he goes full villain is Dominion. Named after the god that gives Calculator his powers. That or if he does go full villain he uses the name Doom from when he was doing the whole Doctor Doom gag during Donna's test.

I could speculate more, or I could actually read the 43 more chapters that might confirm what I'm saying. So I'm going to do that instead.
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