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Schnitzelman21 chapter 28 . 9/22
This is absolutely one of the best fanfics I've ever read! Most manage to somewhat follow a plotline with some action here and there, but you have absolutely crushed it with the world building and details! I love all the games Victoria plays with her friends and all of the magical theory and all the background characters; you've really managed to bring the world alive. I wish you the best of luck with your original work and hope to see you back on this at some point in the future!
Six chapter 12 . 9/12
I love your fic (I'm rereading atm), but I can't express how much I hate this transfiguration test scene. The test itself and the spells are great; even the concept of Victoria bringing the spells altogether and performing the whole at a higher level due to her innate talent and inborn instincts is great. It just doesn't sell itself well, no matter how much I want it to.

I wonder why. Part of me feels like what she did is reminiscent of what effective learners already do and that the accomplishment should be restricted to better than average wizards, but not just the top tiers like Victoria. I feel like Victoria's comparison to running highlights this and actually works against selling the impressiveness of the scene to the reader. Of course, some of the meta structure behind how spells are combined/casted simultaneously might explain the difficulty, but the core problem is that I'm still not buying it. I feel like it's not a straightforward problem to fix either.
lockmyhart chapter 28 . 9/5
I just read this whole thing in one sitting oh my gosh.

I don't even know how your mind comes up with this it's literally so good. All the best with your original work, I'm sure it'll be just as (if not more) amazing, and I hope that maybe on day you decide to take up VP again :)

Your exploration of magic & nature was so so so good. Victoria's intuitiveness with the Draught of Sparta is probably my favourite thing I've read in months.
RDDash chapter 14 . 8/29
Skydoors it's like asking why wizards don't have garages.
RDDash chapter 11 . 8/29
I think I like this story so far and I know that some people don't like this story because of Hermione, but honestly I hope this 'know it all' gets over herself
RDDash chapter 10 . 8/29
Poor girl going to the Dumbledore party
Big Fan chapter 1 . 8/12
So I didn't realize that Obliviator you mention, Emmaline Vance, is the same name as the aunt in "Fragile Soul" by BlueAsphodel. Nice nod!

Any who hope things are going well.

Tata for now.
A big fan chapter 28 . 7/31
Well don't just rest on your laurels lazy bones! Get back to work making more chapters I can read! For every month you don't publish one you should make two new ones the next so you owe me quite a lot of chapters in this one!
FledditFliveflind chapter 6 . 7/22
LOL You don't get to make demands of people. You DO NOT own this. People get to do whatever they want with this FANFICTION THAT YOU DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO. And your track record, we all know this garbage will never be finished anyways. chapter 28 . 7/15
I loved this story so much. I binged it in just a couple of days. I wish you the best of luck on your original work, and will be hoping that one day you return to this.
themagicplok chapter 28 . 7/15
Man a scientific magical article is really cool! I love it when writers go into magical theory, and you are one of the best in that regard. The whole fic is great, but this makes the world feel truly alive!
ironhair chapter 27 . 7/1
Poor Susan. I hope she recovers. Victoria is partly responsible for her firing the curse, hope that doesn't make her feel guilty later on.
ironhair chapter 19 . 7/1
This was a beautiful and lovely ending to the chapter. I hope it does come up again / someone mentions it or the option effect is discussed.
LuaSaturni chapter 28 . 6/30
I love this fic so much! Please say you're continuing it?
ironhair chapter 14 . 6/30
Interactive quiz via radio, now that's interesting.
Your entire fix has been very different and unique. Thanks for the journey so far.
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