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Enoraptor chapter 26 . 9/22
Found this story today, read through the whole thing, and I am loving it. Great story so far, and I'm sure you can keep it up!
CrazyLemon chapter 26 . 9/21
Every time I read a new chapter you post, I'm stretch by how beautifully you've captured the sense of whimsy and wonder of the HP universe, taken the whole thing up a notch, and given the magic consequences! I can't get enough of this fic.

I also loved how you subverted the CoS plot. Amazing twist!

And finally, it does seem a little contrived, but I like how the experiences Victoria has build up to her learning new things about magic or character or herself.
Guest chapter 4 . 9/18
Hey Taure,

Great story so far! A small continuity error in this chapter- Victoria’s trunk was too big to fit in the boot of the car, but she pulls it out from the boot just before Vernon speeds off. Just wanted to let you know!
SirBufflehead chapter 26 . 9/20
Amazing! Fantastic! I've been reading this fic all day. So exciting.

Scrimgeour's question is my favorite part of the chapter: "Has the Dark Lord been sighted?" now I'm left to wonder, was it the amount of power Victoria summoned at the end that registered on whatever alarms the Ministry has? Or is it based on dark magic?

Honestly, that whole scene is so great. It really feels like Victoria had some growth, and maybe she'll survive when the Chamber is actually opened... I'm so excited to see her take on a basilisk.

You've definitely taken liberties with Lockhart's character. He makes for an entertaining villain, but he feels conveniently evil, rather than something authentic. I'm glad he's out of the way now.

I especially liked your sentence structure and word choice when Susan was thinking about casting the Killing Curse, and the repercussions after. You have a lovely writing style and sense of realism, and it really showed right there.

Thank you for posting! Can't wait for the next chapter.
Emily Mae chapter 26 . 9/15
This is one of the most brilliant Harry Potter fanfictions I have ever read. I love how all the plotholes that JK Rowling made have been solved. Amazing story! Love how Lockhart is atleast a bit compotent. So, what happens to the diary of Tom Riddle aka Voldemort? Since the real chamber was never opened atleast not for Victoria. I am very excited to read the next chapter! But I wanted to point out that Susan using the killing curse is a bit too much. That curse requires intent to cast and I am pretty sure Susan DID want to harm the acromantula but I am pretty sure she didn't want to kill it. Other than that, I love your story!


P.S Please update soon!
Emily Mae chapter 26 . 9/14
O.M.G! This is the most amazing fem!Harry fanfiction I have ever read! Seriously, I mean it! Loved how Lockhart was behind the attacks.. Though I wonder what happened with Tom aka Voldemort's diary? Will his diary open the Real Chamber? Also, love the way Victoria is not overpowered but not your average witch either. Like how she has her faults but is truly loyal to those she cares about!
DebatorMax chapter 22 . 9/14
Keep it up!
Fires of Eden Red Rose Aurora chapter 26 . 9/14
This is super good, and I can't wait to see the reactions in the next chapter, and I want to know if Susan is alright.
I found the first year a bit slow, but once we got a chapter or two into second I really found myself unable to put it down. I am also curious to see how the diary will affect the story, too.
Good job and keep it up
Mudsock chapter 26 . 9/7
This chapter was very intertaining, though I don't know about Susan casting the killing curse. It seems a bit much for a 12 year old to cast that, it is after all a very powerful spell that not all can use. Also isn't there a need for a desire to kill in order to properly cast the killing curse, I can't imagine Susan wanted the spider to die as much as she wanted it to go away.
Guest chapter 26 . 9/4
i’m hooked on the story! i can’t wait for a new chapter. keep up the great work! chapter 1 . 9/5
Hey i eil read it but i had to pass by first and ask you to update The one he feard
Geriana chapter 26 . 9/1
Holy. Fucking. Shit.
This plot... I just. Wow.
Is it insulting to say you've beyond exceeded my expectations?

Well done!
Please never stop writing.
SommerSnow chapter 26 . 9/1
Great story! I like both your pace and your world building quite a lot. The way you add little details (from Wizarding shows, to the design of Malfoy Manor, to the entire magical theory) and fix plot errors JKR made is amazing, and it just gives the entire story a far better mapped-out and 'realistic' Wizarding world. Instead of just making every adult lack any logical thought, you struck a good balance of weird irks the Wizarding world has and (at least in Victoria's perspective) responsible and intelligent adults around her. Especially Dumbledore and Lockhart are far better characterized here, with Lockhart actually being able to do more than just a vanishing charm, and Dumbledore taking an interest in Victoria's safety and education. Also showing the Ministry as an actually competent institution (with flaws which are probably only shown later) is in my opinion far better than JKRs take of making it seems that only a handful people where actually doing their job and making it comically bad.
I personally also like your take on fem!Harry, the way you can already see her intelligence and power but how she isn't overpowered or super mature for her age. Letting her have an interest in stereotypical feminine things is refreshing and interesting to see, although I agree that sometimes she seems very vain. But then, it is a unusual weakness for a fem!Harry, and by letting her have her flaws, you created a very three dimensional character, so good job!
While it might spark some controversy, I like how Victoria cheated on Hermione during the exam (and how Zacharias Smith still won). It shows exactly why Victoria is a Slytherin, and I am always a fan of letting your protoganist do immoral things for selfish reasons.
Your pace is pretty good, slower than in canon, but instead you add more detail to your world and complexity to the conflicts Victoria encounters. All over, it seems far less black-and-white and 'childish' than Canon, and I really look forward to your updates!
Peppei chapter 3 . 8/29
Nooo hedwig. But I am looking forward to cat dumbles lolol
MILA chapter 26 . 8/27
Please don't ever abandon this.
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