Reviews for so here's a secret
cheadsearc chapter 1 . 11/6/2017
okay, so I never really thought about blaise, because I am always fixated on draco (but you know that already) but ohmigosh, this is wonderful!

I love the concept of a pureblood hating purebloods because if I were a pureblood, that would be me.

lol, that didn't even make sense.~

also, I was reminded that I have signed up for the swear jar challenge and should get writing. thank you for that.

loved it!

xx di
golden-queen-writes chapter 1 . 11/4/2017
Omg so I loved this?! Your Blaise was such a layered person and I love the idea of him hating pure bloods, that’s my new headcanon. I’m adopting it.

And then Hermione?! Like gosh I can do see her invading his privacy and threatening him like that and I love the game played at the end.

Gosh, the data in the blew me away and I love the interaction and the deceit behind it and gahhh I’m blabbering because you’re so talented.

End point: this is perfection. You’re perfection. *hearteyes*