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Adela chapter 29 . 52m
Do you think it's possible that you update before Christmas? :3
Your story is so addictive!
AmethystQtpie chapter 29 . 5h
thank you for updating it fast when you releases the previous chapter. was kinda nervous to see how it turned out but now i'm even more nervous! and i love how vulnerable Sasuke is here. he's forced to confront his real feelings and i hope that their relationship survive. Hinata's dad a real prick. thinking that Hinata is wasting her life just because she's in a profession that doesn't make a lot of money is so arrogant and ignorant. she'll never be happy if she goes back to her father. she would be so miserable. at least with Sasuke, she'd have someone who genuinely loves and support her. and i hope Sasuke learned his lesson to mind his words and not keep any more secrets even if the truth hurts. Hinata seems like the kind of person who values the truth even if it hurts.
anywaaaayyy, love the title hahahaa
SasuHinaxx chapter 29 . 12h
And I really like the title
SasuHinaxx chapter 29 . 12h
My God. My God. My heart feels so heavy reading the whole chapter. This was so intense! And the finality of which Sasuke had said that she's the one... My heart's just gonna burst with all these emotions!
Guest chapter 29 . 12/4
I’m so glad that Sasuke says that she’s the one! :)
Guest chapter 29 . 12/4
Please update soon... I love your story SO MUCH.
The Ram Princess chapter 29 . 12/4
When Sasuke told Sakura that Hinata was the one and he couldn’t live without her, my heart melted! Hinata is so lucky! I hope someone feels like that about me one day ️

This is such a great story.
Break Blade chapter 29 . 12/4
Our beloved author graced us with such a gift. Wow. Really thank you! I wasn't expecting new chapters so soon. An more than one! And while it feels bad how everything went to hell. It was really nice the story. Just if were sasuke i would have attacked sakura and her stupid plans, mostly it was her crap who made things gone shit.

That and sasuke being an idiot. Like really? What the hell, he should just have tell hinata the same instant he learned sakura was coming, what was he fucking expecting to gain by not telling her? And whose feeling did he think he was protecting? For i care, his family and their crap can go to hell and be like. "Hinata my people invited sakura and their family to dinner, i suggest we leave right now" and send to hell his family for being an ass.

Well all in all i loved it. Please keep going. Hope to see new chapter soon XD
hime-23 chapter 29 . 12/3
Eu chorei muito, espero ansiosa a continuação , não sei se eles vão voltar tão fácil ou não mais espero que haja futuro pra eles eu amo eles juntos
Anna chapter 29 . 12/3
Please, I need the new chapter! It was amazing,im so hooked on the story!
dumdeedum chapter 29 . 12/3
Oh. My. Goodness.
Gaara Slapped My Ass chapter 29 . 12/3
Aww Sasuke being a cry baby and his mother comforting him was a nice scene, now I also kinda feel sorry for him and can't bare the thought that he'll loose his Hinata over an argument he had with Hiashi, it wasn't the right time and place for them to be arguing but Hiashi had to get off his fucking high horse and be told the truth, I just hope Sasuke and Hiashi can come to some sort of argument, also it'll be kinda funny if Fugaku tried comforting his son for a change, and the Uchia family visiting Hinata in hospital while her family is also there would also be a fucking blast, think of "while you were sleeping" kind of vibes
tactics2012 chapter 29 . 12/3
I loved the title.
Hello there chapter 29 . 12/3
Is Sakura really over Sasuke? Call me crazy, but I can see her now going to Hinata's room and speaking on Sasuke's behalf. I mean, I almost wanted to throw something when, out of all the people in that house, they send her in alone to his room, but she is behaving. Anyway, Sasuke really needs to stop hiding things from Hina and start treating her like his equal partner... she's sensitive, but she can tale it damn it!
Guest chapter 29 . 12/2
Oh god, at least Hinata's okay!
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