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bluecatcinema chapter 10 . 9/12
A little wait isn't too bad if it results in exciting chapters like this. Keep up the good work.
ctran03931 chapter 10 . 9/12
No worries, I get that you got other projects to work on as well as getting much of your personal life done and dusted for the next stage of your life. Believe me, I've been there since I've only registered to begin working towards my Master's Degree in college (I'm actually returning to UMUC for a new field which is Learning Design And Technology as my major for my Master's).

All the same, I'm glad that this story will be making traction again. However, if you don't have any new ideas on how to continue this story since you just got back into it, I've a few suggestions to PM you with that I came up for a new friend of mine from deviantART. Since this fanfic could be somewhat akin to Attack On Titan (I'm at Season 3 and that season doesn't disappoint by far even at 8 episodes currently), I'd like to impose a few ideas inspired from the anime for you to play around with and help you develop this story further to help Twilight and her friends realize further that in times of war, friendship is dead and the only goal you have is to survive and give them some help.

Looks like things have indeed have gone from bad to worse for everyone and despite the petty and unnecessary tension that was stirred by Silver Storm (seriously, I still think he's a total ass to Sunset despite everything that vindicated his anger towards her and like Celestia, he probably hasn't even tried hard enough to help her before she backstabbed and defected them before running away to Canterlot High after their fallout) and despite the reinforcements they have, the forces they now have is still not enough for them to survive this war.

Twilight and her friends as well as the others better get ready to soak their hooves with blood once they get ready to fight for real for the sake of the survival of Equestria and the rest of the world (if the story along with Every Laurel Has It's Thorns somehow takes place before, during or after the 2017 MLP Movie, if they can be considered canon in a way or otherwise). If they hesitate for even one second while fighting and trying to "save" Dark Sin from Celestia and Luna's mistake years ago, they'll end up dead. Even Discord will get himself killed if he goofs off and doesn't take the threat as seriously as he should've since his jokes will no longer mean anything in times of war and there's no time to clown around when you're trying to survive and escape with your life intact. If they see an opening of some sort in their enemies, they should go for the kill.
ctran03931 chapter 9 . 7/2
I can understand that Silver is badly wounded mentally from Sunset's betrayal but it's also partially his and Celestia's fault for not being understanding enough and realizing sooner that their own actions resulted in Sunset defecting against Equestria and them in the end. Not only has Sunset failed herself, Silver and Celestia still failed her so how exactly can Silver live up to himself being a hypocrite or somewhat of an ass when at one point, he probably went through a similar pain Sunset went through barring the loss of his family and friends?

I'm not sure whether or not to support Silver or to downright rage at him for holding a grudge against Sunset, he'd be no better than her when she betrayed him and Celestia years ago.
ctran03931 chapter 8 . 6/22
While it's nice and great that Twilight, Laurel and their friends got reinforcements in what they have from families and fellow allies, I have an eerie feeling that they'll not be enough to combat and destroy Deadly Sin after what happened to Sunset and they'll need more help from other creatures like Ember, Rutherford and Skystar and Novo, if Deadly Sin and his forces haven't got to them and their kingdom first if he's gonna drag them into the war.
bluecatcinema chapter 7 . 4/26
This was a great chapter. I especially liked the little history lesson, and the Snowflake/Silver moment.
ctran03931 chapter 7 . 4/25
Looks like Twilight, her friends and the others barring Laurel, Cadence, Silver and Shining are finally getting a reality check that the war they're about to take part in is no longer a "friendship problem" but a matter of life and death. Shining's obviously got a huge point when he mentioned the grim reality of war that it's killed or be killed to them and it's obviously something along with the cruelty of life the Mane 6, Spike, Starlight, Flash, Sunburst and Laurel's friends have taken for granted.

They're definitely in an Attack on Titan scenario in which they'll have to survive in their most dangerous game yet and either live or die.
ctran03931 chapter 6 . 4/9
Things are definitely gonna get worse for everyone, especially since because of Honor Medallion betraying everybody as revenge for the shameful and stupid "guard" that insulted and shamed the Royal Guard and the princesses and with Celestia and Luna now at the mercy of Deadly Sin (whom they'll have to realize their mistake and their own part in how their most deadly adversary came to be and would have to realize and right the wrong they've made at some point).

I understand that Silver won't be part of the Guard anymore if he continues to let himself be ruled by his emotions but Shining's A TOTAL ASS for making a shameful threat towards his own comrade and surrogate brother! He's actually gonna go through with backstabbing Silver and stripping him of his only reason to live as well as the only home he ever knew following his tragic past. I would've thrashed Shining Armor and made him realize that he's gonna make a horrible mistake that'll make Silver hate him forever if he does strip him of his position! He'll probably be the one who has a lot to think about this time, especially since he's now horrified to find out that Honor Medallion betrayed Equestria because of his hatred for and his grudge against Equestria and the Royal Guard (which I suspect that Silver will also fill him in on Honor's tragic past) and even the others are gonna be heavily rattled by this and realize that Equestria is not the "Land of Friendship" that they think it is.
bluecatcinema chapter 5 . 3/30
Poor Laurel. This chapter was not very kind to her.
ctran03931 chapter 5 . 3/29
I can only imagine what Silver went though since it sounds like he had a unbearably rough life and some sort of incident involving him and his grudge against anyone suffering from others who are haughty, snooty and shameful excuses for ponies like Laurel's treasonous and monstrous "parents" made him the royal guard he is now.

While his rage was somehow misplaced, I can't fault him for raging at those monsters for berating their own daughter and shaming their own family in the process. I would do the same too and would also knock their blocks off or else use something like the Cruciatus Curse or a combat spell or Veritaserum from Harry Potter to force the truth over why those creeps berated Laurel as they did (I didn't want to resort to such brutal measures but I don't know any other means to make them talk and drop their aggravating and shameful attitudes if I'm not getting anywhere with them if I was in Silver's shoes).
Mariah chapter 4 . 3/7
wow she truly has changed a lot.

love you new story what will happen next?

I was once MMM
ctran03931 chapter 4 . 3/8
"The prospect of war is on the horizon for everybody and it's already a grizzly and horrific asset that they really don't want to resort to. But, will Deadly Sin's arrival back to Equestria force them to actually go through with it? And will they be willing to die, even if they'll hate it? The plot thickens next time, on My Little Pony."

War is such an unavoidable thing and a deadly as well as tragic thing that many of us wish we won't have in any other place, especially in different worlds. Twilight, her friends, Laurel and her gang, Shining and Cadence and Discord may hate it and feel horrified at having to be forced to go to war when their home is on the line was well as the lives of everyone living in Equestria but they'll have no choice but to go through with it.

It'll probably be like the whole King Piccolo Saga in the original Dragon Ball series from the looks of it and war's not something even friendship can rectify and survive from.
bluecatcinema chapter 4 . 3/7
Some good history there. Very dark stuff. Can't wait to see the next chapter.
ctran03931 chapter 3 . 11/21/2017
"As the ponies tried their hardest to get some semblance of sleep despite the looming threat of the Second Great Pony War completely terrifying them, the gang tries their best to keep their heads up even in the face of imminent danger completely unavoidable no matter what they think. Snowflake Swirl was feeling the worst of it but her worries were dispelled for a bit by a stallion in the Royal Guard by the name of Silver Storm, who unknowingly took a shine to her as they talked following their first unorthodox meeting. But there was no time for them to grow their now-budding love for each other as the threat of the Second Great Pony War still requires their and the others' attention. It was to be the next beginning of the deadliest conflict that Equestria has ever faced and will have to tackle head on if it wants to be rid of the deep scars of the past but will the ponies all make it through when the only thing that matters is the will to either live or die as they're about to be briefed about the entirety of Equestria's bloodiest war?"

Snowflake Swirl seems to have had a good night thanks to Silver Storm but it could be just a temporary reprieve for her as well as the others despite the unicorns bearing the horrible brunt of it thanks to their nightmares from the Pulsations. The others may be fine now since they didn't feel anything but they haven't even begun to fully feel the horrors of what they're about to be and they'll also still be affected no matter what.

Celestia and Luna better disclose the whole story about the Great Pony War, otherwise they and their old foe could end up repeating the same mistakes that happened years ago because they had to keep much of the grizzlier aspects unknown for the best but this time, the same and/or new life or death situations will be thrusted upon Twilight, Laurel and their friends and they will also have to end up making the most dangerous choices of their lives as they try their hardest to live when the Second Great Pony War breaks out.
bluecatcinema chapter 3 . 11/21/2017
I really enjoyed all of Snowflake and Silver Storm's interactions. They are very cute together.
ctran03931 chapter 2 . 11/16/2017
"The horrors of what is to be the Second Great Pony War is starting to come to fruition as despite the Elements of Disharmony now completely gathered, their troubles were already beginning. Twilight, Laurel and their friends were all given horrifying visions in which they've experienced their worst fears by means of Pulsations, giving them a taste of what they're about to experience and the hardships they'll have to endure for their very lives. The gang had no choice but to get some sleep in order to prep themselves for their deadliest challenge and most dangerous game yet but as they did so, Celestia and Luna had a haunting feeling that a familiar foe of theirs will come back to haunt them from the shadows and declare war on everyone. It seems as though they have another dark horrifying secret that they've left their friends completely in the dark about..."

Seems like Celestia and Luna still haven't told everyone the whole truth about how the Elements of Disharmony came to be and that the new enemy they're about to face was someone they know all too well and shamefully had to keep under wraps or completely erased to shield Equestria from a dark past they should've learned from so they don't repeat the horrors they've witnessed. Unless they disclose the whole story to them and better prepare them and themselves for the next war that's about to destroy and ravage Equestria until it's nothing but a barren wasteland of destruction, hate, malice and despair, there's no possible way they can find the answers and solutions everyone needs to survive their most dangerous game yet and conquer their most dangerous and deadliest enemy yet. They could all be setting themselves up for the war that'll strain their bonds of friendship and possibly sever them until this whole thing ends or with no chance of being repaired.
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