Reviews for Bred to Suffer
Ecarlates chapter 5 . 3/17
It's my first comic's fanfiction, and it was worth it ! I loved how you manage to get some funny sentence even so the whole story (minus the end) is placed under a sad atmosphere ! I even laugh at Jack and Bruce who doesn't seem bothered by their assailant, they even seem to enjoy their little free time just together ! Really great ! And I liked also the part with the scarecrow, when Jack help the kids and react like a fish in the water in the whole alerted city ! But, I think that the best part was, when thinking about Bruce, he became a little crazy to save the kids and manage to get the scarecrow run away in fear !
You did a really good job, well done !
Uriel chapter 4 . 3/6
That was hard to read. And excellent, a song darkening the light places, discordant notes ripping through instruments never meant to play them, but weaving inspiration nonetheless.

I'm torn inside, and bleeding, and it is glorious.