Reviews for Cables to Aces
Zach chapter 10 . 9/6
Your prose is fantastic. Your ability to paint a scene and capture emotion is superb. Perhaps the best written fic I’ve read and that is saying something
bill2011us chapter 14 . 8/22
I thought I had lost my love for Chuck fandom but reading this story again definitely made me love chuck again. Now that I reread this chapter tho, I do kinda feel like chuck gave her a bit of a easy pass. I get that she has a lot of problem to work through and that's fantastic that you addressed it. But i guess if I was chuck, I don't know if I'll be able to forgive my so that quick. Maybe chuck is just a bigger man than I am. Anyways, great chapter once again.
berksboy chapter 1 . 7/16
This is a very good first chapter, how the hell Carina knew where she was, educated guess but spooky, great dialogue between the two, intriguing end to the chapter, will she or won't she.
tbreslin33 chapter 1 . 6/3
Tremendous story. After reading Cables to Aces, vs the Beautiful Creatures and the Chuck Book it is clear that you have a much, much better sense of the characters as real people with believable, if complicated motivations than is presented in canon. Amazing stuff.

The plotting, setup if dramatic sequences and balance of the (reimagined) characters is really impressive.
Keep writing please.
Dromaeo Prod chapter 59 . 3/2
I want to thank you
It's been a long time since I've read a good Chuck fanfiction, I thought that it was over, that the fandom wasn't interested anymore in writing Chuck stories, you know. I was deeply saddened by that realisation, I mean I love Chuck, Sarah, Casey and cie, and I wanted to rediscover them in new stories and all

And then I fell upon Cables to Aces, and it was amazing ! You're the living proof that the fandom is still very much alive

So thank you again ! I can't wait to read more of your stories
(By the way sorry for the brokken-y english but I'm french so... yeah )
True Love Lives Forever chapter 59 . 2/19
This was an amazing AU and I'm flabbergasted that you wrote it in about 2 months. Wow.

You've certainly changed everything up in the Chuck universe with the whole new Intersect background and how Leader was Mary. A huge change from the show, but it actually makes more sense (in as much as it can make sense when we're talking about computers inside human brains) than Stephen not being able to find Mary for 20 years and seeming not to have a clue where or why she disappeared only for the viewers to later find out about Patient X and how Mary left to try to fix that mess... It made no sense that Stephen didn't know what was happening.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling. This was a fantastic story. Thanks for sharing.
sudhanva08 chapter 59 . 2/2
Nice one. A good mix of characters, and story. Thanks for sharing.
dragonfox123 chapter 1 . 1/27
Interesting idea and plot and chapter
michaelfmx chapter 55 . 1/18
What an evil's a good thing that I'm behind and can read the next chapter right away. Feel bad for the people that had to air a whole 24 hours.
michaelfmx chapter 54 . 1/18
Knew something like this was coming...but it still made me curse out loud. Damn it! Why can't they just have their happily ever after? Ok well, one more mission for Team Bartowski. This promises to be an exciting last few chapters.
michaelfmx chapter 51 . 1/18
Very cool scene at the end of this chapter. I know there's still some spy stuff to come,but for just a moment, this was a nice, normal scene to picture. Everybody seemingly in a good place and relationships getting better. Very warm and fuzzy. Well done.
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 59 . 1/17
The opening voice made me smile, and I liked all the trajectories that you’ve set the characters one. Her realizing that Chuck was about to meet her father for the first time when Jack is trying to run a con on him—that made me chuckle. And then it made me wonder how long it would take Chuck to puncture holes in the con before Sarah gets there. Even with Chuck’s superpowers, I don’t think he’d suss out that Jack is her father, but I’d expect that he’d notice something was off. And then I wondered if Jack knows that Chuck is her husband, or if this is just an awkward coincidence. However it plays out, the ensuing scene—with Molly in tow—is bound to be hilarious and a little heartrending. Are you planning to write a bonus story about it? :)
The Outsider chapter 59 . 1/16
Another wonderful end to a masterful story. Nicely Done, Zettel!
However I will admit, my interest faded as soon as Leader was gone. It's wierd tat the bad guy grabbed my attention so much, he's just well written.
Looking forward to another masterpiece! (if possible, I've always wanted to see a Chuck fanfiction writer do a futuristic sci-fi AU of the franchise)
Always loving your work!
michaelfmx chapter 48 . 1/16
Woah! I think in all my time reading fan fiction, you've nailed a first for me. Carina Miller pregnant. I don't think ive ever seen that in a story. Can't wait to find out the story behind that. Nice twist.
michaelfmx chapter 47 . 1/16
Ok. Trying to move a little faster on thi story. The last few chapters have certainly been chock full of action and character development. I really love how you've made it so Sarah, and her actions and words, have been the reason for Chuck's dad to thaw a little. He, obviously, has good reason to be bitter with the CIA and its agents. He's gone through more in your story than even in canon. But yet Sarah has managed to make him realize that they're not all the same. It helped that he saw Sarah with her mom and Molly.

And the whole situation with Casey and his family is heart warming. I know it's cheesy, but I'm glad that you've taken the route where there might be a reconciliation. I look forward to seeing where that goes.

Now, let's see how this situation with Leader gets resolved. ive really enjoyed the last few chapters.
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