Reviews for Cables to Aces
sevenrez chapter 28 . 4h
There was a lot to love in this chapter! Thank you!
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 28 . 5h
I liked the Lisa/Irving exchange. I liked Graham’s mental play-by-play, with the “he was happy about that ... he was not happy about that” litany. The combination of sanity/insanity in his voice is really compelling. I also really liked Jill’s POV, and how surprised she was at the strength of her reaction to Chuck. Chuck’s transition from overwhelmed to solid again was also very well done. I’m looking forward to where you’re going with this!
Rachel Smith Cobleigh chapter 27 . 6h
I really liked the Morgan/Sarah conversation. Nice job reminding us of Rose’s resemblance to Beckman. The mystery surrounding Graham deepens. Does this mean he loved Bartowksi, against his will? :) Yay, Morgan got to punch Bryce!
wilf21 chapter 27 . 7h
I'm getting very edgy about Bryce. Or, I've got a bad feeling about this!
xxx Rob M xxx chapter 28 . 7h
So Jill is no longer playing games behind the scenes, she's officially making her move now. This should be interesting.

Given the reveal last chapter, that Bryce's feelings for Jill aren't part of his programming and Jill's obvious interest in getting reacquainted with Chuck...which I like, because I feel like Jill does love Chuck, as much as she's able to love anyone, anyway...I'm starting to see some parallels develop between what Bryce did to Chuck in college, and what Jill is doing to Bryce right now. He's being manipulated and betrayed by someone he cares about. Assuming he survives this, maybe he'll be a little more understanding about what he put Chuck through.

I can never get enough of vulnerable Sarah...fearing that Chuck might be scared of her. How can you not love her?

Graham's declaration of one last mission towards the woman who betrayed seems ominous, but his comment about being clearheaded for the first time in awhile makes me wonder if there's another twist coming. Maybe he isn't as evil as we think?

...great job, as always!
The Outsider chapter 28 . 9h
Loving this, Zettel!
atcDave chapter 28 . 9h
This starts with the cutest Charah scene you’ve done in a while. Both Graham and Jill seeming plenty dangerous here, lot’s of trouble!
wilf21 chapter 26 . 9h
Great final scene, thank you.
wilf21 chapter 25 . 10h
An interesting point about Graham's breakdown being possibly non-coincidental.
Guest chapter 1 . 11h
Did you just pull a Clive Cussler, and write yourself into this chapter?
wilf21 chapter 24 . 10h
Trust Chuck to come up with the goods, however unconventionally. Glad Sarah was able to tell Chuck she loves him.
wilf21 chapter 23 . 11h
I'm kind of glad Sarah was subjected to all that. It certainly got her thinking! Now when is Bryce going to screw things up for everyone, or is Chuck going to notice something's up before any damage is done?
fezzywhigg chapter 28 . 12h
Snap! What a way to end a chapter. There are a lot of balls in the air and they are so interesting. I'm glad Chuck is recovering from his shock by remembering Sarah. Jill is going to be pissed ;)
Marc Vun Kannon chapter 28 . 14h
Good news, Chuck knows that Sarah owns his heart. Bad news, he's in an apartment with a nearly-naked Jill, and she doesn't know that. Hopefully Chuck will have the brains to realize that they can use this against her. Maybe we'll see some useful contributions from Morgan, too.
Nervous about Graham's 'several women'. Not looking forward to some misguided revenges.
supesfan18 chapter 28 . 14h
That's not nice leaving it there lol. Great job can't wait for more
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