Reviews for This, Too, Is Sacred
girllady chapter 23 . 9/21
damn this was so good! i just hoped that we could’ve seen the casting between harry and daphne, and theo and ginny….
Bittersoueet chapter 15 . 9/21
Loving the story so far! I think I might love your compliments and creative thankfulness to your BETA more though. Sequins, glitter, confetti and rainbows make a lovely gift, and I love how creative you were with bestowing them upon her.
Celestialwords chapter 12 . 9/18
Celestialwords chapter 1 . 9/18
Damn poor Pansy
ieatyourmuffins1 chapter 23 . 8/21
I don't often wish fanfics were 5 times longer but I would've gladly read much, much more! beautiful!
FlowerChild23 chapter 23 . 8/14
holy cow. This was amazing. I loved it.
Audrey Hatton chapter 23 . 8/3
I love it!
Although I would have liked more chapters, especially on how Hermione and Draco brought their project. Their difficulties to be heard by some...
I would have liked to see their wedding, to see Harry's reaction and Lucius' reaction, newly released from prison.
Anyway, great story and nice happy ending.
Nice imagination
adelgado04291 chapter 23 . 6/15
Cool storyline. I enjoyed your narrative. That was a bit surprising that Ginny and Harry didn't end up together. Thanks for sharing
emmabrady chapter 23 . 5/7
It was good...

I would love to see a story were they was no hatred and harry had his parents and he and draco grew up friends and meet hermione along the way and became friends and maybe more between her an draco but have something like this story involved...

Have it like harry and draco are in the park with their families and they see hermione getting bullied and she does accidental magic etc etc..

Either was I really enjoyed your story..
barkers.amanda chapter 1 . 5/5
ayodebbie.sokunbi chapter 1 . 4/4
That was interesting
Aimless Creation chapter 23 . 3/14
I’ve read this several times now and it’s always such a lovely story to read. You do a wonderful job with it. Just enough plot and dialogue to keep me interested, several funny quips in each chapter, some drama, some filler, some fluff. I love it so much.
Gullb3rg chapter 23 . 2/21
I read this story in one sitting, I did like the idea of the summons and old magic, but I agree with others that it made me kinda angry that the purebloods had another way of just continuing their bias.
I also felt that the process of including the halfbloods and old families were the most interesting part and you completely skipped over itBut overall a great write and i did enjoy it!
khayla.mancaorondobio chapter 23 . 2/12
This was such a beautiful read from start to finish. You got me heavily invested on the plot. Brb while I binge read all your stories
AegisOfRime chapter 23 . 2/5
Loved this. Wish some of the plots could’ve been shown rather than described afterwards (like Draco meeting Hermione’s parents, and the entire plot of inducting new families) but all in all a very good read.
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