Reviews for THOR Alter: Digital Story
Chaos Dragon God chapter 96 . 11/28
Ah man, the perfect time to do a "HERE'S JOHNNY!" moment wasted, though short and a breather chapter it was a good chapter
DragonForceAsh chapter 96 . 11/27
Ah so the different colored Digizoids are coming into play, nice.
turbotoujin chapter 96 . 11/27
As far as breather chapters go, this one was pretty good.

Glad to see the Chosen helped Oren retake his original base Castle Town! Oren and company are right though, Nero has no sense of cleanliness if he left Castle Town and Paradiso Castle a pigsty. I mean what kind of Tyrant doesn't even mow their own lawn?! At least the group got a much needed laugh out of it! And I'm glad to see Kinkakumon and the rest of the Resistance are working with them. At least they made sure Nero won't be able to hack the Castle security again!

And oh the irony, they were so close to beating Nero this time, they had no idea! And he hasn't learned to Master the D-Necorn yet. I got a feeling he will soon. Whatever he's working on must be super important to hide it under doors made of Red Digizoid. I know he's building something that would make Oren's castle obsolete!

Oh, and Happy belated Thanksgiving Swift56!
Felipe1402XZA chapter 96 . 11/27
ow men, they so close but cautios win and worng this time, so bad luck
Nomad118 chapter 96 . 11/27
True to the title. The Chosen needs a much needed breather and stress relief before they can think of a plan to face the insidious Nero again. It has been a terrifying experience after entering Dark Area, after all.
Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig chapter 96 . 11/27
That was casually unexpected..
Guest DCDGojira chapter 96 . 11/27
To Swift
Awesome chapter!
Light Mega Z chapter 95 . 11/19
*Deep breath* Welp, I'm gonna call whoever in the world is an expert when it's comes to psychopaths. This guy needs some serious hitting.
Chaos Dragon God chapter 95 . 11/16
Um... where's the BFG 9000 when you need it to vaporize a psychopath

No seriously from what we have seen from earlier chapters you guys have put data from other medias of earth in the digital world so the BFG 9000 being in the digital world is not to far fetched and quite possible... along with many other powerful game items... that Nero should never be able to get his vile hands on... like say a serine fleshy soul eating sword or even a couple world ending viruses (blacklight, the many viruses of resident evil/biohazard, ect)

You get the point you unintentionally opened pandora's box when you did this
Kaizerthewriter chapter 95 . 11/15

I love the cards from that card game, thanks for at least noting that it exists.
And awesome chapter by the way.
ultima-owner chapter 95 . 11/15
I'm get Call of Cathlu vibes
Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig chapter 95 . 11/15
Man this story is at a turning point..
NeoJay7 chapter 95 . 11/15
Last chapter had Mummymon, this one had Arukenimon... and now Nero has command of the Dark Area/Dark Ocean AND Dagomon's data... The Chosen are f**ked, aren't they...?
Nomad118 chapter 95 . 11/15
Sorry for the late review, anyway.

But damn…that crazy tyrant Nero is playing with the most dangerous power he’s wielding. Transforming his Digivice into a terrifying gauntlet form of said device, the D_Necron, after devouring Devimon, Etemon, and the remaining three of four Dark Masters (Piedmon, Puppetmon, and MetalSeadramon)… that’s an absolute madness. Not to mention absorbing Dagomon after its defeat by Nero’s hands to further his insidious plot.

I can honestly compare that to Megatron of Transformers Aligned Continuity (WFC, FOC, Prime) when he sought to harness the power of Dark Energon for his absolute conquest, and tried to control Cybertron when he finally poisoned its core but only to seal the planets fate when Primus (who is planet’s core himself) shuts down entirely after he gave the Matrix to Optimus, to which leaves Cybertron nothing but cold and barren.

This is a dangerous game that tyrant is playing. If he continues to harness that dark energy with his D-Necron… he will not only bring absolute chaos and destruction upon the Digital World, but on Remnant as well.

It’s really gonna take an ACTUAL miracle happen for the heroes if they’re gonna be able to bring down Nero for good and save both Digital World and Remnant.
DragonForceAsh chapter 95 . 11/15
This guys has made everything so much more difficult now, just wow
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