Reviews for Through the Wormhole
WhiteElfElder chapter 35 . 2/19
It has been interesting so far, and Harry's luck is starting to turn the downward direction.
bobthebuilding chapter 12 . 9/22/2023
Great story but the British Prince being able to order Starfleet Security around, or having any authority at all, is utter nonsense.

The British Monarchy being able to give diplomatic immunity that supersedes Starfleet concerns is also utter hogwash, even if reseeding a post WWIII Earth was on the table.
Difdi chapter 26 . 9/8/2023
You have a continuity error in this chapter - in all other chapters, you describe Harry, often in his own words, as a Knight of the Order of the Thistle… but in this chapter, you had him introduce himself as a Knight of the Order of the Garter.
Difdi chapter 23 . 9/8/2023
You have a recurring typo in this and previous chapters - every time you meant to write mokeskin, you wrote moleskin instead. Moleskin is a type of cotton fabric, typically used in trousers. Mokeskin is the skin of a magical animal called a moke, which is used for magically-expanded bags.
Difdi chapter 21 . 9/8/2023
While Parker Brothers produced Monopoly as a family board game, the original designers intended it to warn people of the evils and dangers of capitalism. An interactive cautionary tale.
Difdi chapter 20 . 9/8/2023
You have a physics error in this chapter. Containing a thermonuclear scale explosion, like a photon torpedo produces, within a shield bubble (or other container that can even momentarily withstand the pressure) doesn’t do what you described in the chapter, it does the opposite - makes the explosion MUCH more intense, and therefore MUCH more damaging to the planet.
Difdi chapter 18 . 9/8/2023
Is it Vantika or Ventika? Was he smuggling durineum or deuranium? You changed spellings for both a couple times in this chapter.
Difdi chapter 11 . 9/8/2023
You have a recurring typo in this chapter and others - most of the times you meant to write synthehol, you actually wrote snythehol.
Lordlexx chapter 2 . 7/23/2023
That's actually an extremely disappointing Animagus form... I think the only one worse that I've seen is some silly mythical native American beast that noone actually even knows about.
Koldbones chapter 35 . 7/13/2023
the story is very much a slice of life and has very little action. hp explains way to much about everything and uses very little magic. he leaves earth after spending millions on stuff but leaves the hallows... he doesn't even use legilimens. the story pretty much follows ds9 story.
Koldbones chapter 4 . 7/12/2023
you explain way to much on the hp side but just right on the trek side. way way to much info from hp
Guest chapter 34 . 4/22/2023
Surprisigly good
Guest chapter 2 . 4/21/2023
A ferret , really? ...sigh
odonnellzoo99 chapter 34 . 3/18/2023
I hope he builds the Falcon.
A very interesting and enjoyable story.
Thank you for sharing your creativity.
Smutley Do-Wrong chapter 32 . 1/16/2023
But I grew up in an era where people with traditional indoctrination looked down at that. As a result, I don't look at males that way. Female bisexuality or homosexuality was more accepted, but even they suffered from the stigma."

As a result, I don't look at males that way.
? Really. Or typo or phrasing goof.
Otherwise you make it nuture "tops" lol nature, hands down. If only Harry raised in San Francisco, he'd be looking at males in Quarks to cornhole with?
Cuz if only the Surrey society less homophobic, he'd be gay?

Lol. Like Colon Powell said: he couldn't choose to not be a minority but gays in military had CHOSEN to be gay. Hence not ok to discriminate on skin color, but ok for military to fuck over discriminate against gays.

Fun facts down memory lane: potus Clinton: gays in military, the don't ask don't tell policy years of military.
Bush era: delay kicking out gays until AFTER a gulf war finishing. As among truths in gay stereotypes. Gay males, like het females, average higher re. more verbal abilities LIKE FOREIGN languages. So gays targeted for discharge for being gay, if multilingual or other important skillset in short supply, weren't kicked out until AFTER the main war action completed.

Then Obama and OTP pedestals praise
lbqt...krswevcxyz age begins.
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