Reviews for Through the Wormhole
kyoshi711 chapter 15 . 9/13
The story has now regressed to the boring.
kyoshi711 chapter 13 . 9/13
I find your characterizations all seem to mimic each other. None of your characters seem to have a personality. It's like a journal that just repeats itself with different characters and seems so mundane. But I applaud the effort as I'm reading it still.
TitusVorenus chapter 1 . 9/11
This story got me hooked to DS9. Please keep Harry in DS9 during the Dominion War and have him improve the USS Defiant (Sisko's Pimp Hand) so it can survive the war. If possible have Luther Sloan meet Harry in a proper manner instead of the subterfuge he used (posing as Lt. Henderson) to engage in the debate on the necessity of Section 31 and its methodology. The Veil of Death as a conduit to alternate realities could be used to send this version of Harry to Babylon 5, just a thought. To misquote SFDebris's "The Potter and The Sisko, first name, Don't Fuck With".
SaintMichael95 chapter 1 . 9/4
You hooked me when I saw "I don't write slash." in the summary lol. I am soooo tired of seeing slash fics everywhere I go... anyways I look forward to giving this a read when I get the chance.
OlegGunnarsson chapter 23 . 8/30
Brilliantly done. It's hard to make a ST crossover work properly, but you've done quite well. I look forward to seeing where this takes us.
kenbre chapter 23 . 8/3
Great fic i hope to see it continue
ECTO-DMC chapter 23 . 7/19
Berry good story I quite enjoyed reading it I hope you continue your excellent work.
tanithlipsky chapter 23 . 7/14
Squigees chapter 23 . 6/29
Loving this story.
Would love to see more, had to laugh at the way harry introduced himself in this chapter and can now piture him meeting Lwaxana Troi for all the fun that would be had.
Keep up the great work.
Pyeknu chapter 23 . 6/15
A good story so far. I like this human Harry; much that I've enjoyed the Lone Traveller series, this version of Harry is much more balanced. Hope to see more.
deckman1234 chapter 23 . 6/11
Can not believe I missed this last chapter. I am still enjoying the story so far, thanks.
MythsterBlack chapter 23 . 6/9
Excellent story but it's been a few months since an update. I hope you have not abandoned this story? Can we expect an update soon?
Squidgod812 chapter 23 . 6/7
great story
paulmoss chapter 23 . 6/5
Loving this story, it has kept me hooked since I started. Please keep up the good work. I can't wait for the next installment.
PappyOldGuy chapter 23 . 5/28
Interesting and (well enough written in my opinion) very good story. I like it, I like it a lot! It seems to be meshing the realities quite well, and I can hardly wait (but I will) to see where it all goes. I do know this, when someone who is not the creator of a character, writes about them, it is to have them do something that the creator doesn't want to or didn't think of. I know that I always think of my favorite characters doing things, I have never read of in books or seen them doing in movies. I think it is fantastic that others (here in "FanFiction") are actually writing their stories of what they want them to do in a "What If" world. For those who complain that the characters would not do this or that, forget them. You need to write this first for yourself, and then for the rest of us who do enjoy your take on what just might, could, should, would and probability (if a frog had wings, his ass wouldn't bump the ground nearly so often) can happen. I do know this as well, I am enjoying it and will follow it as long as you will write it. Also, do NOT feel pushed to post, sometimes the words and thoughts just flow and sometimes you have to cogitate for a bit. Just learn to let them grow at their own pace and those of us who appreciate them will be here to read them when they are posted.

Looking forward to the next post and thank you so much for sharing.
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