Reviews for A New Beginning
HFinch309 chapter 27 . 11/10
Just found this story, enjoyed it for the most part. Any chance of a update?
kblankenship1025 chapter 18 . 10/13
Hmm not really a fan for the way you portray the Veela effect. What’s an allure compared to the most powerful dark lord? Surely a bit of overkill on his reaction, no?
kblankenship1025 chapter 15 . 10/13
Hmm I can’t believe it. There’s only 4 people that know he’s alive and we still haven’t heard from 2 of them. Unreal.
kblankenship1025 chapter 12 . 10/13
I’m really hoping for another Bill Fleur scene tbh.
kblankenship1025 chapter 9 . 10/13
This is dragging on much too long. But is playing out exactly how I thought it would. The only problem is I don’t know a timeline bc thankfully it’s post. Good to see you’re getting on w it though. Time for fireworks.
kblankenship1025 chapter 8 . 10/13
Oh the suspense in this… amazing.
kblankenship1025 chapter 7 . 10/13
Oh you missed out so hard on introducing a bit of Potter luck! Just imagine if you had Bill recognize the thing.
kblankenship1025 chapter 7 . 10/13
I’m at what I’ll call THE SCENE of this chapter and I’m trying to decide whether it’ll be time for the stag problem to show up. It would be just his luck.
kblankenship1025 chapter 6 . 10/12
Well the start is decent. Although it’s taking quite a long time to come to bear.
Cole the Demon Hunter chapter 27 . 10/9
Great story. Hopefully you pick it up again soon.
wkwestbay chapter 21 . 9/22
I CAN’T SLEEP... I Just have to Keep Reading...I tell myself Just one more Chapter and I’ll start again tomorrow... THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE STORY! WOW WOW WOW... You 2 Are FANTASTIC! Such Talent... I am a SUPER FAN! This Story Deserves a FANFIC AWARD... ABOSUTELY BRILLIANT! And I read a lot of them... Your Guys Talent needs to Be signed... I think You can Quit your Day Jobs...️️️️️️
Cario Regun chapter 27 . 9/13
Damn an amazing story so far, you got me hooked!

Looking forward for the next chapter!

Damn Ron! Well Hermione maybe should tell him that Viktor is a spy and is working for her? if she had the same confidence in Ron, like Harry on Gabrielle everything would be easy lemon squeezy lol
flame55 chapter 27 . 6/12
This is great can’t wait for more
Isaacl112 chapter 27 . 6/7
Great story!
Ironhidensh chapter 19 . 5/12
Ron is a piece of trash.
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