Reviews for Inaction's and Consequences
Milla chapter 63 . 5/23
Love this story! I hope you update soon!
Jenndifurry chapter 63 . 3/1
I'm assuming your British. things like the word "torch" for the American flashlight or queues instead of line when talking about people waiting to get into a club.
Jenndifurry chapter 38 . 2/27
big bad, Scooby's somebody likes Buffy.
amazing Aisha chapter 63 . 1/12
Reading last four chapters was true joy and I loved your protyal of enzo more than anything. Update soon please
Leeloo87 chapter 63 . 1/8
Loving your writing as always! Very plotty and interestingI'll get to the other story as soon as I get some time for it
Guest chapter 63 . 1/8
Loved it, can't wait for the next one
Leann Nickerson chapter 63 . 1/8
This was a great chapter! Loved the humor! They got some "good" news! Thanks so much for your time and effort in writing this!
Damonfangirl chapter 62 . 1/6
I read last two chapters back to back and completely enjoy it. Enzo and bonnie makes me happy as delana .Update next one soon.
ScarletRose chapter 62 . 1/6
I am so loving this story. Enzo was one of my favorite characters and it saddens me no end to think of the long but tragic life he led and his untimely death. It waa just too much tragedy in one character and I love reading about him here.
shnicky87 chapter 62 . 1/2
Another great update hun... I love the building of Enzo and Bonnie... can’t wait for more and how Jeremy will take it haha

Hazel x
Leann Nickerson chapter 62 . 1/2
Soulmates are everywhere! So great! Thanks so much for your time and effort in writing this!
Guest chapter 62 . 1/2
I love Bonnie/Enzo... They are so cute together. Can't wait for the next chapter
Leeloo87 chapter 62 . 1/2
Lovin' Bonnie and Enzo
Guest chapter 61 . 1/1
This is the best way to start the new year. I love It
HoneySexy chapter 62 . 12/31/2018
Love it. Enzo and his myPhone
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