Reviews for Zeo Mermaid Ranger
RiveraJ88 chapter 3 . 7/13
Great chapter
pterapink21 chapter 3 . 5/23
At first, I wasn't sure about this story. It didn't seem like it made much sense. But, I have grown to like it since I read "No Ordinary Ranger". I love Emma's inclusion in the Power Rangers universe. She adds a different element to the story than what Katherine did. Her becoming the Pink Ranger was a great choice. Do you think her character would have worked if she was introduced at the beginning of the Power Rangers series (during season 1), but not made a Ranger until the end of season 3? I know that you were trying to line up the timeline of both series, but I was just thinking about a "what if?" scenario.

I am a big fan of both H2O: Just Add Water and Power Rangers. I look forward to more chapters of this story to see where it will go. Although I am sure that it will follow Zeo in much of the same way as when Katherine was in it. I hope that after you finish this one, you will continue to Turbo and maybe Dino Thunder. In "No Ordinary Ranger", I feel like you should have expanded Katherine's character a little bit more, similar to what was done in the show. I think it would have been nice if she was able to explain herself and maybe redeem herself. What do you think about my suggestions? Anyway, great stories. Please update soon. Thanks!
Tyler Klause chapter 1 . 4/24
Me Skylar Storm Musa B-Bop A Luna Sonic The Hedgehog And Shadow The Hedgehog Are In It As The New Time Force Rangers And The New Quantum Ranger
Tyler Klause chapter 3 . 3/3
Me And My Friends Are In It As The New Dino Charge Rangers
Guest chapter 3 . 2/22
Please update!
jdkeller2000 chapter 3 . 2/16
I still say that you give one of the female rangers slots in turbo to another girl from H2O. Aside for that this chapter was morphinomial
gaywhovian93 chapter 3 . 2/13
Another fantastic chapter, keep up the great work
Demongirl123 chapter 1 . 2/13
This chapter was so beautiful. I loved it! I'm so glad the Rangers are there for Emma whenever she misses her girls and hope they appear in a later chapter. The ending was lovely and I admire your talent in building chemistry between characters. Tommy and Emma are definitely in my top 5 of my favorite of your couples even if they aren't together. Also, thanks for dedicating this to me and am glad I'm the source of your inspiration. I don't know why, but it makes me happy.
RHatch89 chapter 3 . 2/12
Awesome update :)
MakiSakura chapter 3 . 2/12
The ending was so cute. Cannot wait till the mermaids enter.
gaywhovian93 chapter 2 . 1/13
Another great chapter, keep up the fantastic work
RHatch89 chapter 2 . 1/13
Awesome update :)
Demongirl123 chapter 2 . 1/13
I'm really loving the bond between Emma and Tanya. That really showed in this chapter. Good to see the Rangers using their zords. Can't wait for more!
jdkeller2000 chapter 2 . 1/13
I hope we get to see more original chapters since Emma is in the story from the very beginning, maybe have some of her Friends from Australia visit
Pink ranger 13 chapter 1 . 12/23/2017
It's a great story and please continue the story! Also it perfect
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