Reviews for Fifty Shades of Gryffindor
yellow 14 chapter 9 . 3/10
This is pretty cute. Keep writing
Maisie Malfoy chapter 8 . 3/4
Is this second person I see? I love second person fics so much! They're just so much more real, like you're the one experiencing this.
One thing: When you want your work to have these things - you need a space on both sides.
While the scene changes were a bit plentiful, I think they just added to George's mindset after the war and I'm okay with it. But in the future, keep that in mind.
Fred is the only name we see, and that's beautiful. If I could make hearts work in a review, I would, but I will settle for the &hearts.
Wonderful story!
from-the-mountain-to-the ocean chapter 8 . 3/2
And I am sobbing. Alana recommended this to me, but I never expected...this. (She has a bad habit of reccing amazingly heartbreaking fics. That or she writes them...)

So, I am (once again) in awe of your writing. You are definitely a wonderful member of Lumos! (If you would like to join another writing forum [totally optional, by the way; no pressure at all], go to the list of Alana's forums and click on the one that says "Fanfiction All Book Prompts". You would make an amazing addition!)

Because Alana has somehow been deleted from the community staff, I will be the one adding this to it...

Dawn xo
galaxies in her eyes chapter 8 . 3/2
O.M.F.G. dare you write this amazing story and completely tear my heart to shreds. I loved the tense in this, and you wrote it so well!

This is going in a community. *nods head* Yup, going in a community of stories that everyone needs to read. Uh-huh. This deserves it!

~ Alana
DobbyRocksSocks chapter 8 . 2/26
Oh dear lord but what is this! You just murdered my feels, and then stamped on them just to make sure they were dead. My god.
So... This is stunning. And hearbreaking. But in a stunning way. Post war George is always hell on the heart, but Christ on a cracker Rainy, this is something else.
I loved the repetition of 'The End'. It tied it all together with a pretty ribbon, and the beginning and end both tie in beautifully as well.
Omg that last section. You've left me a bit speechless with this to be honest - I'm sat staring gormlessly at my screen, because my brain is just screaming WHHHHHYYYYYY.
But the writing is beautiful. Very well written, hun.
Zivandre chapter 8 . 2/25
Oh my. Thank you. You've just destroyed my feels, ripped them out, and stomped on them. This is so heartbreakingly beautiful, and just poor George. I just want to grab him and hug the life out of him. The only problem I have with this is you putting 'Enjoy!' up there. I am not enjoying this feeling that you have created. Oh poor George. You are a monster.
This was still so beautiful and sad, and oh my. Really, you did a fantastic job on this!
The Crownless Queen chapter 8 . 2/25
well it's fine i clearly didn't need my heart anyway
Gods, that was gorgeous. Just, all the feels. All of them. At once. I loved this so much there are no words. The idea that George equals the end of the world with Fred dying is somehow perfect and heart-wrenchingly painful, and that sweet flashback at the beginning was actually the perfect set-up scene.
I loved that this was second person pov too. I keep meaning to write/read more of it, but good ones are always so hard to find it's annoying :/ But this was great.
And just, all the 'the end is' was such a great thing. The repetition just hammered the pain in and it was glorious - it didn't feel like a repetition at all, even.
One small thing I'd not though, is that your scene breaks really aren't necessary in like, 95% of the cases, and they break up your flow more than anything. I think just paragraph breaks for all the 'the end is' instead of 'X' would have worked better.
But this was genuinely amazing anyway :)
Nice work!
Cookies and Ink chapter 8 . 2/25
I don't even know what to say Rainy. This hurts. My heart hurts.

I was a little apprehensive when I was the sheer number of breaks there were in this fic, sometimes fics in snippets can be a bit jarring - but for this, it was absolutely perfect. It felt ever so slightly disjointed because I was unsure of the passage of time, was it weeks, was it years but that really worked in its favour because you're in George's head and he's just coasting on fumes, barely aware of what's going on.

The fact that Fred is the only name used throughout the fic (apart from the memory at the top) was so clever and powerful, I'm blown away by that subtle little touch. The callbacks to the memory and bit being the end kept it all tied together, each short sentence or brief paragraph feeling like a nail in the proverbial coffin.

What I really love though is that it's in second person.

That's a pov that you rarely see and one that's easily messed up. Being inserted directly into George's thoughts just makes this even more visceral and painful, which is right I think. I was mourning and hurting along with him.

On surface level, a George grieving about Fred fic seems obvious in a lot of ways, because we can all imagine the pain he's going through. But you made it sharper, your own with the lack of names, second person, the pointed paragraphs like daggers into my heart.

Heartbreaking, powerful and brilliant as your writing always is.
MissingMommy chapter 8 . 2/25
Post war!George always hurts my heart. I like the choice of using second person. It helps connect with George in ways that first or third couldn't manage. I enjoyed the idea of what Fred thinks would signify the end and what George finds it to be.

I feel like the 8 scenes following the "Fred was wrong" scene should've just been a scene. Because of all the scene changes, it felt a little jarring. I think that the "the End" paragrahs would've seems a little rhymic if there wasn't scene change.

I also adore the idea of George not being able to look in the mirror. It's one of my headcanons and I love when I read it by other people. The final scene just broke my heart. I can somewhat emphasize with George; losing someone you never thought you would lose is a terrible, terrible feeling. So it was all too real.

Great job!
ipsa dixit chapter 8 . 2/23
oKAY rainy remind me to read more of your things because i love your writing and you review so many of my fics so i sorta feel bad
this was so sad. like. i'm sobbing now. and i have to go to school in ten minutes.
i'm usually really impressed when someone pulls off second person because it makes me able to really feel what the character is feeling because i am the character, but nOPE I DON'T WANT THESE FEELINGS GET THEM AWAY
god why do i torture myself with post war george
that one sentence, though - 'you stop looking in the mirror' aHHHHHHHHHH. that makes my heart hurt more than all the rest of it D:
a little thing about em dashes - if you're not using an actual em dash (—) it's totally cool to use a hyphen (-) but there should be spaces on either side of the hyphen ~
amazing story, rainy!~
Someone aka Me chapter 8 . 2/18
wow, okay, that's fine, i didn't need my heart anyway. ow.
I'm sitting in my living room and i'm crying and it's midnight so yeah.
This is gorgeous.
I have recently learned that I am still not over fred dying so ow.

I actually adore the second person for this; I think it makes it far more immediate and for something that's pure emotion like this, I feel like that works really well. I also love the sort of definition based style this has, as it's very original. The fic does a marvelous job of linking the beginning and the end as a full circle and feeling like a cohesive whole.

I love the transition between the beginning scene with percy and then just "Fred was wrong" has such an IMPACT goddamn.

This is amazing and gorgeous as hell and full of heartbreaking emotion. Just. Wow.
Emiliya Wolfe chapter 8 . 2/13
Oh my god I'm speechless. Just like George, I was not prepared for this, and I never expected the title to feature so prominently in your story. It's amazing, and it's blown me away, and nearly reduced me to tears.
I love everything about this, the slow progression and the slow descent. The worst part is the "how dare you make his face look so lifeless and agonised" and oh my god it's so realistic and I feel like crying all over again.
I wish I could leave a review that lives up to this story's powerful emotion, but I just can't, so I'll settle with saying that this was so beautiful, Rainy, and I'm recommending it to everyone I meet.
yellow 14 chapter 8 . 1/26
Sad and insightful. Keep updating
yellow 14 chapter 6 . 12/29/2017
Really well done. Keep updating
The Kapok Kid chapter 5 . 12/18/2017
Ah, Greyback. Lovely fic; you've got the contrast between Greyback's mindset and the mindset of Remus and Lavender so well. You've made me feel sorry for Greyback.

Also, RainyDayReading - great pen-name!