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vinayakdj1 chapter 18 . 10/3
Why is it that the one's that ask for money to write a fanfic are usually the worst of all writers in terms of quality and updating schedule?

Though i guess a volcano errupting takes priority
kamenheroHEISEI chapter 1 . 10/2
I really hope you keep writing this

Most shit writers keep trying to insert hardcore cod or halo like franchise or insert inclusive nation writer is from here with hardcore military otaku bs on top.

It's nice to see an ACTUAL proper fanfic that just goes all Japan and anime. Heck in JUST gate fanfictions when you remove oc in the filter and add itami there is ONLY fing three of any sizable stories.

You do you, I really hope you write an end to this story
Axccel chapter 8 . 10/1
Also, the White House would not call for Japan to let "international settlers" into the Special Region. Rather, if anything, the American government would make a lightly veiled threat that any settling of the region would be considered an invasion and abuse of the primitive locals and stealing of their land and resources and imperialism. Which would be met with a very big club. America would be arguing that since this event affects the whole world, Japan shouldn't have sole access to it and, of course, that Japan's own history including quite recent history shows that it cannot be trusted with that access anyway.

Heck, Gate's own series proves that such accusations are completely accurate in their world. Japan's government in there is very much a moustache-twirling villain looking to abuse the Special Region out of its own lust for power and wealth.
Axccel chapter 7 . 10/1
The Church would not denounce the existence of magecraft. The good 'ol obsession with Hollywood as the go-to definitive of Christianity. You will be shocked to learn that it's not at all accurate. From the fact its depictions of the Crusades and Inquisitions are the inverse of the truth to the fact the Witch Hunts were Protestant and any Catholics involved were excommunicated. The Church has no problem with magic and folklore. It never has. That is why such things remain very popular in Christian places and always have been. The view of the Church is that if someone has a special power, it is because God allowed it. And, since God allowed it, the Church has no right to speak against it. If any priest does so, then you can be certain that he is going against the Church's beliefs. Heck, even if the Pope speaks against it, that would mean he is going against the Church's beliefs.

It's just like how the Church doesn't have anything against the possible existence of aliens.

I don't know why so many fanfic writers have this weird, completely imaginary view of the Church that is dramatically different from reality to the point of being inverted or opposite of the truth. But, they do. And it's not just them. Video games, heck even anime and manga, they all are like that as well. Does no one bother actually finding out even the most basic beliefs of one of the largest and most influential religions in human history before writing negative things about it?

TL;DR Protestants hate and attack anything that is "unnatural" and "non-Christian" whereas the Church has no problem with such things as the former wouldn't exist if God didn't allow it and the latter are free to make their own choices. It has always been that way.

They have no reason for any animosity, have had no sign of animosity before now, and assigning someone who did have any negative feelings towards Shirou would be political suicide. Now, you are suddenly making it look like Hazama has a personal beef with Shirou.

It's also stupid of them to think they could just shoot Shirou because they could shoot the wyverns when the wyverns had required very big guns or missiles to take down and Shirou isn't a mindless beast and they know nothing about his abilities.

And Shirou wouldn't be arrested. There's no grounds to do so. What would they say? "We arrested this magus who saved a bunch of people on live TV and whom we paraded and praised. What's that? Why?, well, we don't actually have a reason we just grabbed him and locked him up." Yeah, brilliant. I can't see what could go wrong with that. Imagine the judge asking what the charges are only to be told that there aren't any.
Axccel chapter 6 . 10/1
These people are not even slightly Roman in culture. The Romans would be horrified and disgusted by them. And if they were like Romans, they wouldn't be performing slave raids or anything like that. Slaves in Rome were a mix of criminals, prisoners of war (as in captured soldiers), and people who sold themselves to pay debts as slaves in Rome were treated very well and very diligently protected by the law as a point of pride which made it a pretty safe bet if you needed the money. It was very rare for them to enslave civilians of their enemies unless they really, REALLY hated you.
Axccel chapter 5 . 10/1
Him breaking out wouldn't mean he has something to hide. And if you tried to paint it that way, the public would wonder why you were trying to hold him in the first place. If anything, they'd assume he is innocent specifically because you tried to apparently force him to confess to what you wanted. Especially without any evidence. And if you lie about dismissing what he had told you before, he could easily just go to a news crew and tell the truth on live television and utterly ruin you and severely damage the JSDF.

Even just taking Shirou to a holding of any kind is suicide for Hazama's career. And since the PM had assigned him there, it would look very bad for him, too, and he'd definitely take that out on Hazama and the JSDF. Basically, he was not in a difficult situation in the slightest.

Why do writers so often not understand that cause and effect exists? That people and events don't exist in a vacuum? It's frustrating, makes everyone look incredibly stupid, and takes away from a story significantly.

And the JSDF sure as shit better know that they could be killed at any moment and accept it. They're soldiers.

And Kiritsugu could very easily have killed Zouken. An origin bullet to the guy's wards or one of his worms would have killed him very painfully. It can only be assumed that he didn't know what Zouken was doing.
Axccel chapter 4 . 10/1
I do like Shirou totally ignoring Hazama trying to arrest him.

Shinji is very clearly not remorseful in the slightest. He didn't even see his abuse of Sakura as abuse at all and even mocked Shirou for taking it seriously. Right here, in this chapter, in the hospital, to his face. Did you not read what you had just written before writing more or did you forget while you wrote?

Also, magic circuits do not glow. Magic Crests do. Which I assume is because they are foreign circuits to the magus's body, or perhaps soul.
Axccel chapter 3 . 10/1
Either Hazama or you, the writer, don't have a realistic understanding of people. People usually do good things and help other people for no other reason than because it is right or they want to help just to help. What you described is not the product of a healthy mind but that of someone with a mental problem driving them to extreme self-centeredness. Such people often assume everyone else is like them.

Shirou's actions were perfectly normal for a sane human being. Hazama and the government's thoughts on him and the situation are bordering in psychotic.

The Fuyuki history thing in this chapter is impossible. Ignoring the fact that if they weren't being helped due to economic strain then it is utterly moronic to believe they were not thought about instead of, no duh, economic limitations. They wouldn't have been able to bring food around or make jobs or whatever else. That stuff wasn't available. Period. You can't waive your hand and make it all appear just because you wanted to and only a complete idiot would think the government can just make such things appear and chooses not to.

The women weren't discriminated against, just expected to contribute to society instead of doing things that were already being done.
Axccel chapter 2 . 10/1
"Clemency" is a very foolish word for the PM to use in front of all those cameras. Guess who just lost his next election and might end up in jail pending investigation for abuse of power?

Speaking of Gaia, that actually is self-contradictory in the nasuverse and I think was the devs biting off more than they can chew. Aside from their idiotic idea to float that concepts are somehow finite on top of that, Gaia would not be attracted to the use of magecraft, only to magic. That is because the concepts are natural parts of the world. Just because they're being used through prana instead of manual labor doesn't have any reason to make a difference in that. Magic, on the other-hand, violates or ignores the concepts of the world. It either is breaking through the concepts, distorting them, or are outsiders to the world. This means magecraft has no reason to be limited whereas magic does.

It's like multiple teams or individuals wrote separate lore meant for magecraft instead of collaborating, resulting in lore regarding the relationship between Gaia and magecraft making no sense. Basically, since magecraft is NATURAL, it should be immune to Gaia's attentions, whereas magic being UNNATURAL should get full attention from Gaia. This in turn should also mean that the magi should actually be trying to avoid True Magic, not seek it out.

Speaking of seeking the Root for the sake of acquiring True Magic, nothing in the lore I'm aware of seems to give any reason for it. Why in the world do they care about acquiring magic instead of just honing their magecraft collaboratively for mutual benefit? And their reason for not working together is because of the aforementioned complete nonsense making their magecraft weaker the more people who use the same concepts. But...they all know that, which means all of them are motivated to not step on each other's toes as it would be like shooting themselves in the foot. Which, in fact, means they have very large motivation to work together closely as none of them have any reason to be in competition with each other and every reason to carefully avoid competing with each other.
Axccel chapter 1 . 10/1
They are very lucky Shirou was fine or the public would have gone ballistic. It wouldn't have taken long to find out what he'd been doing and for the public to find out. The soldiers involved and, if their government was stupid enough to defend them, their politicians, would have been in very deep shit. Even with him being fine, they'd still be in deep shit if Shirou doesn't speak up for them.

Not helped by the fact that none of the soldiers would be able to answer the question of "why did you shoot him".

I'm guessing Zelretch revealed magecraft because that way the Enforcers wouldn't end up killing probably more civilians than the invaders did.
Axccel chapter 17 . 10/1
If you're too limp-dicked to kill them back, don't expect them to stop nor for anyone else to get the message.
Axccel chapter 16 . 10/1
That's not a broken phantasm. That's a normal Noble Phantasm. He didn't even utilize its ability. All he did was shoot it. Don't even see why he shot it instead of throwing it since he didn't even make it into an arrow.

A broken phantasm is entirely different, it goes nuclear basically with a release of its energies.

Also, Gae Bolg has an anti-army ability that would have caused it to split and kill every single opposing soldier, creature, etc. The entire enemy force would have been wiped out to a man instantly.
E chapter 18 . 9/24
Short chapter as usual, but good too. I like the mix of humor and seriousness in this story. Grim tone, with absurd events. The dissonance provided there is both interesting and funny. It's a good formula.

I await more, as always.
ImNotAWeeb64101 chapter 18 . 9/23
Bunged this all in one night and olived every chapter! cant wait for the next update.
keybladelight chapter 18 . 9/23
So this one emiya will take the refugees interesting wonder what the mage association will react to shirou decisions knowing Zeltrech he just laughing and accepting Shirou choice.
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