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Enigma TM chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
So Athos hit Treville? That makes it two musketeers. Honestly, even though I understand Treville's position, I'm not sure that I wouldn't have done the same.
I can't tell you how glad I am that they finally found out. Oh boys, ride fast and bring that reckless fool back!
Issai chapter 2 . 11/25/2017
So Aramis did not recover fully after saving Athos from Spanish...
Goo that they saw the scars. Now he doesn't need to keep silence. Good that he send them to Treville.

I like the way his men took care for him. He had done so a good job by making those merceneries friends and brothers so loyal to him.

Where is Kitty?

Athos clearly doesn’t know how to speak with Aramis while Porthos is furious and d'Artagnan should discuss with Constance before telling anything Aramis ;)
Issai chapter 1 . 11/25/2017
They are losing him. They are so cruel for him. Without knowing what has happened. They show him so much disrespect and are so blind to is pain.
Only Constance seems to remember he was her friend once. But she was the one left behind when they went to the war...
Aramis wanted so much to return and now he knows it's in vain. He bid farewell to his men to discover that there is no place for him in brotherhood. How tragic!
enjoyedit chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
Here's the thing I can't wait for your next chapter in one breath, but don't want this story to end in next breath! If thematic music was available while reading this chapter I would be blubbering! Aramis seems more settled, but the veil of melancholia is still so evident. His introspection and memories of his mother are so poignant. I love the scene with Brojun where the young cadet reveals how appreciated Aramis was as a teacher. Aramis really needed that.

You have left us again with worry; will Aramis be reached in time? But there appears to be an "all for one" mindset, finally emerging. I love how you set the tone of determination so aptly voiced in Athos; "Not this time." Would not want to get in their way as they head out to find their "fourth."
Now back to waiting... for your next installment and I will need to buy more wine! Thank you.
Guest chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
Porthos lost that privilege the moment he stopped wanting to use it... When was the last time he/they sincerely cared for him? Genuinely and from their own heart, not incited or tickled by anyone else, much less being jealous about someone else taking care of their brother. I wish that they all realise that they should have worried for him at some point, even if he had been "tucked" in a monastery. That should not be the reason for Porthos or Athos to suddenly feel guilty for the anger they have been harbouring against him. Having a friend like Aramis and not realising or forgetting his true human value and the extent of his love and loyalty, no matter what, is, war or not, not unforgiveable -Aramis is anything but a forgiving soul-, but surely a deep wound to Aramis heart, who instead always wishes the best to the ones he cares for, like the new lives ahead for Mousequeton, Bazin and Planchet. I love how Mousequeton was almost suspicious of what was going on in Aramis' mind, and I can even imagine him be able to check at Madame Pascal to be sure. Treville, on the other hand, played his role as ministers, and at the end, is the one who really knows Aramis best. It takes him telling him what they should have never gotten out of their views... Is Aramis's absence a reason enough to be that bitter and blind? By bringing back the whole Marsac affair back in the plot, they are forced to see that it is not just after his return that they have been insensitive... As always, you have created a dynamic plot, action in front of us, we can see each character moving across the scenes.
Chanty0 chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
I'm always happy when I see that I have an email notifying me of an update! Thank you for the effort you're putting into this and i'm looking forward to see where this story is going!

GingietheSnap chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
I can't adequately describe how profoundly moved I am by this story. I could pound his three supposed friends into the ground for their flagrant disregard for his feelings, his need for support, the importance he places in his religion, and his ultimate love for them. It took Treville to explain it to them so that they could realize their cruelty. It broke my heart to read how they treated him. And it made me so happy to see how his three war-time friends knew exactly the care he needed, etc. You have written a true Musketeer masterpiece and I can't what for the rest of it. If they ever made a movie with the same cast, this is the script.
Thimble chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
That bit about his mother smiling when she was angry or sad was a bit heart-breaking. And also, very Aramis.

I'm glad that the others know what is going on, and are trying to get him back.

But, I'm still not confident as to a happy ending. At this point, can anyone apologise *enough*? Would all the guilt and residual anger just keep hanging around and make Aramis feel like he was their penance? I just worry.

I really liked the talk with Brujon, about how he'd been with the cadets.
Aednat the Fourteenth chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
This is brilliant again. I love how you manage to keep everyone in character, and still have a very personal take on both the characters and the show. There is a lot of cleverness behind the H/C, a lot of interesting questions.
I really like how you portray D'Artagnan, taking a step back from his friends' influence, while still respecting their brotherhood. And it was nice to have Aramis reuniting with his friends from the war. The confrontation between the present and the past was excellent.
Beeblegirl chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
Oh my. A very angsty chapter. Athos thumped Treville? Oh tempers running so high. This chapter has made me feel so sad for all of them. There's a lot of soul healing ahead of them. Loved the interaction between Aramis and Brujon. Loved the determination at the end of this chapter to not just let Aramis leave them again. Ride fast boys, don't let him get away. Thanks for another great chapter.
Greenlips24 chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
Everyone is feeling used and abused, and rightly so. The secrecy has been so intense that no-one is to blame here. Feel for Treville, his motives were true to their motto, and he himself will have been having his strings pulled, not least by his responsibikities to France. They are all war heroes now.
Terrific chapter. Very thought provoking.
Deana chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
Wow, what a chapter! "Not this time," yay Athos! Hurry!
Debbie chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
Well, what can I say to this chapter! Secrets revealed and what a punch Athos let Treville have. I do believe I would have let loose on the minister as well under those circumstances. But something tells me they're going to hold on tight to Aramis and get the marksman to stay with them.
MJVictoria chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
Another fabulous chapter! A little self-righteous of Athos to feel like only the three of them have the right to look out for Aramis when that's precisely what they haven't been doing. But as you said, they needed to see that to realize the error of their ways.
I'm glad Treville explained it all and they all had their little lightbulb moment... Interesting how you connected it with the Marsac business and that the fact that it was Aramis who had to shoot him was news to them... but it makes sense, I hated how in that episode they basically abandoned him as well, and this would at least explain why they weren't with him at the cemetery. And Treville got punched there too :-D. I have a soft spot for him, but he had it coming then as well as now, I think.
Oh Aramis, so resigned to being alone :-/. The three better catch up with him quickly and start working on resolving things, letting him know they haven't forgotten their brotherhood completely.
Loved loved loved the Brujon & Aramis moment. I love that Treville told the cadets about Aramis and that they respect him and want him around more that the other three. Brujon was so sweet. The fact that Aramis praised the other three, even after being treated the way he was, is a testament to what a great man he is. He's seen as much brutality in the war as they have, if not more, and for most of it he didn't even allow himself to lean on any kind of friendship, while they had each other, yet it hadn't hardened him like the other three, and I love that about him. Can't wait for more, as always! Your stories are the absolute best!
Caroline chapter 3 . 11/25/2017
Another amazing chapter. I am so looking forward to how these 4 will resolve things between them. I get the feeling it will not be an easy road. So looking forward to the next part.
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