Reviews for Who Saves the Hero (New-AU Version)
bluism chapter 1 . 7/9/2020
I stopped immersing myself in this story around chapter 3 and instead skimmed ahead and through the extra/side material because I started to get some suspicions, and they were confirmed. In short this story reeks of the "Our Elves Are Better" trope in regards to the Asari, and this is seemingly based on a "what if" using the faulty reasoning that (as a rule) all societies, individuals, and civilizations progress in a set and steady and linearly upward rate. As a result everything that has character (e.g. races, civilizations, individuals, etc) in the ME universe/this story are not exactly three dimensional and realistically believable due to lack of nuance, as well as all things with character in canon ME being out of character.

The Asari in this story has the strongest military instead of the Turians. They have the greatest Intelligence agency as opposed to the Salarians. The Republics economy also goes from being the most robust in the galaxy to being so unassailable that it can afford to wage economic war with a galactic super power based solely on a perceived slight. Basically all the negative traits of the Asari are forced onto other races and almost all (if not all) the positive traits of the other races are absorbed onto the Asari.

What's more the Asari eradicated the Turian's culture as well as the Hierarchy's economy and this is portrayed as a good thing. The Asari did this at best for no good reason. At worst the Asari did it because of an authorial change to the Turians that seem to exist solely to justify this AU version of the Asari committing cultural genocide and the utter economic destruction of a species that, at that point in their shared history, had shown no aggression towards the Asari. The Turian Hierarchy is not the only sociaty/people the Asari has committed cultural genocide against. This is especially ironic as the author seems to mock and/or speak out against the "hard men making hard decisions" trope within three chapters of this story, yet this trope seems fits this AU Asari to a tee, albeit with the Asari having a more gental and culturally genocidal hand.

If you like all of that then this is the story for you, but if you're looking for a story with humanity being more realistic newcomers to a galactic stage with the characters of the ME universe, then you will be disappointed.
tarken20 chapter 25 . 7/5/2020
Re-read again and thoroughly enjoyed as always! Would love to see another chapter though I can imagine real life is probably throwing up some real hurtles!
Rydan fall chapter 10 . 5/16/2020
So, how is it going?
Everything alright with you?

No live problems, I hope.
I hope you just have a writers block and not something worse, even if I would like to read the next chapter of "Who Saves The Hero".

Are those SA12 couplings those engineers want, a option?
And what about Shepard seeing if she can get some non Cerberus mark clothing, if of Asari make?
Perhaps letting Shepard fend a bit to child T'loak about all the Cerberus markings all over the ship?
Surely she can make it so Shepard would not have to go to those shops, right?
Yes, reverse psychology, see if that Asari bites or not, either would be fine, complete refusal would be a shame, but would paint a even clearer picture of the distrust.

It would slso show her if there is a change on ordering anything from the shops., like star maps and personal gear.
Double so if Shepard could make a point on not having the star maps needed to reach Ilium, for a Council sponsored ship upgrade that takes a good look at all the details.

One ship upgrade would be installing a seperate computer system, for storing the gear upgrade modifications on, so Cerberus can not get their hands on them easily, by locking out EDI, thus no wifi connection, solid datasticks only.
Do not trust that aquarium, do not trust the aquariu m windows their vibrating/cleaning system, at all.
OMNI gel seems quite a handy product, can some big storage tanks be mounted to the sides of the shuttle bay.
We today have latex skinsuits for male and female, to dress up as some unknown female.
Could Shepard get one shaped as a Asari?
It would help her with posing as a Asari mercenary, if she could go out on shore leave, for say shopping, without armor, while still looking as a Asari.
Then add in the hot showers needed to get out of those latex form fitting skinsuits, later on or being too tired to do so.
Would memory materials help, here?
I would think the System Alliance or else the sex industry, would have created such skinsuits for either undercover or bedroom, reasons.
Perhaps both, so operators can easily get the gear in the field in such a way that it leaves the System Alliance clear of being involved with that.
Rydan fall chapter 25 . 11/30/2019
Do the Mordin mission first, he needs time to proparly set his clinic up for him to leave it, so ideal time for the Archangel mission.
Thus having a place to bring Garrus too, if you let that canon ME2 missile to the face, thing, happen again.

As for the Mordin mission...
You can let Shepard pull a I Will Wait Here, Till You Lot Are Back From Dealing With This Problem, Since You Lot Seem Plenty Strong Enough.
IT IS Afteral, Not MY Problem, Nor Am I Allowed To Help, As You Yourself Said, Not even Council Space and thus outside my theritory to deal with, have fun!
Then just taking a seat on some crate or so, maybe even selecting a place for a nab.
Perhaps AFTER asking Mording if he has a hardsuit or other type of vacuum rated gear.
Hell, he would not have made it so his clinic is vacuum rated, now would he?

See what those Asari do, then.
The enviromental systems shuting down is something they have to deal with, right the hell now, yet they can not leave Shepard behind, will they force her to come with them or call in reinforcement?
Maybe even adding in a treat that if they get either of them killed, after they agreed to help her with her mission, she has to consider them compromised in the same way Benezia and Saren where.

Did Shepard talk to her engineerings duo yet?
And if so, did they request those couplings, yet?
That in and of itself could also be a good one, handing those Asari a little shopping list with the question of any of that, happens to be in stock.

Do let Shepard dive on those SMGs from the Kasumi mission.
It does contain a chip with the original blueprints and a updated set of them.
That would let her get some old style heatsinks back.
And two of those SMGs, with old style heatsinks, would allow duel wielding, so something to think about.
Also, why would you give a sniper rifle the new heatsink system?
Would think the old style heatsinks would actually be better for them, since after a couple of shots, you need to relocated anyway.

Also, check how long it takes for those new heatsinks to cool off, maybe a old school revolver setup could work, there, if modified.
In ME1, you had power armor upgrades for your full body protecting hardsuits.
If you have that, wny the hell would you even consider weapons weight to be a limithing factor?
Just ad a couple of aditional old style heatsinks to the weapons.
Also consider quite a few people compromised as well.
Basically, let Shepard become more and more, frustrated with the new weapons, since it all depemds waaay too much on a working supply chain, which in a proper interstellar war, does not exist.
A OMNI tool can fabricate a basic ammo block, if needed, but those new heatsinks and so on...?
I really do not think so.

As for reconstructing and updating the Menvra, might I suggest mixing the ME2 and ME3 versions?
As in, the ME3 shuttlebay upgrades and Eezo core enhancements.
Also get additional shuttles, that way they can employ several strike teams at the same time, to different locations.
Two or three Asari ones, could work, there.

I tnink Miranda her sister, might need relocation to Thessia, you know, harder for non Asari folks to get too, easily.

Now as for the Andromeda Inititive, the way I see itm with the Council now becoming aware of facts, can Shepard make them aware the Citadel might be Reaper made as well, just like the Relays?
Because in that case, all their govermental data is stored there.
Looks to me a couple of Andromeda Inititive its Nexus class mobile spacestations, in both travel and station mode, might thus be wanted in order to decenterlise(?) things a bit.
They could use that Quantum Communication System to link everything together.
It also means they can keep any future refuge problem, handeled by redirecting them to secure locations (Nexus class stations.
And they can even ad in things like food production, shipyards, goods production and so on.
Think what would have happend in ME3, if Acturus was replaced with a Nexus class mobile spacestation?
They would not have lost the station, its crew and its facilities, at all.
That they are also rated for interstellar trips and thus can do a non Eezo or relay, oriented FTL trip...
Well, thats just another bonus, right?

Now, personally, I hope Shepards gets a Asari Sword and hopefully some Asari clothing.
Mmm, if the Mordin and Archangel missions go well, could that be part of her shopping list, named under the term Non Cerberus Marked Clothing WTF are they trying to brainwash me?.

How fast can a OMNI tool create a OMNI blade?
Why I ask?
Could it thus be used to replace the ammo block on the heavier weapons and just switch to a OMNI gel clip that needs replacement after a certain amount of shots?

Think wild, think crazy, but most of all, creative and fun.
Hope your muse is willing to cooperate with you and till the next chapter, hopefully soon.
tarken20 chapter 25 . 10/10/2019
Cannot wait for chapter 26! Looking forward to how it all goes down with the T'Loaks!
Torklan chapter 25 . 10/3/2019
Great writing as always. I am glad you have kept writing this story. I remember when you were working on the first version posting it for beta testers to review for you.

I do have one suggestion. You should as something that Humanity excels at over the other races even slightly. Evolutionary we evolved not to be stronger then our prey but to chase it until it dies of exhaustion. We run marathons (42.195km) for fun. By adding this you give those like Cerberus/Humanity First something to rally around.

This gives you nice options like saying humans pretending to be asari in the Traverse but not taking breaks as often. Where asari would stop and socialize to stop being tired humans just keep walking, ect. This could lead to humans being giving jobs doing more manual jobs because they do not get as tired. Causing them to feel like they are being treated as less then the other races. it also opens the door to other races like the asari of thinking of humans as sexual objects rather then being treated like them.

It also opens up possible plot points like the experiments on Jack to increase her biotic stamina. Picture this Jack only needs four hours of sleep. She is constantly full of nervous energy. Going all out in fighting or drugs are the only way she can get a deep dreamless sleep. This gives her a reason to want to get into lots of fights. Otherwise she is up for hours with nothing to do by think. Something that she absolutely hates.
Rick O'Shay25 chapter 25 . 6/1/2019
PLEASE tell me Vasir and Liselle are good in this story, and that they live. Stories with them are ultra-rare.
misha197 chapter 25 . 5/29/2019
Thank you so much for a great AU! It is so much more believable and deep. The character development is one of the things I appreciate the most. Looking forward to more!
Rydan fall chapter 24 . 5/24/2019
How far along would SAM be, at this time or the Tempest prototypes?
Seems to me the Illium dockyard visit is the ideal time to bring the creator of SAM in, since SAM is mend to counter a dissease that was created with Eezo slash biotic experimentation.
To help regulate the body, so to say.

What happens if he is one of the persons dragged in, to help with creating that Prothean Amp?

As for checking out the Menvra, that Salarian design team that created the Tempest, seems lime the most logical choice for such a check up.
If there is one group who can create the blueprints of the ship, it's them.
That you could also give Shepard a (virtual tour) of the Tempest , is just a bonus.
It lets you put the SR1, SR2 and the Tempest side by side, on a computer display, for comparison reasons.

As for the Nomad, it really seems like the civillian version of a Grizzly(?) upgrade packet.
Same wheel basis and all.
I do feel that the Grizzly is the easiest to upgrade into a hovertank that uses for hoverlift platforms and thus I think something fun could thus be created, that way.

Aria will be fun, I bet, considering how her kid is reacting to Sheoard, that is.
Hope you ad in ME Andromeda weapon upgrade abilities, besides the ME 1, 2 and 3 versions.
Never really got why you could not select all the good stuuf, to make a weapon out off.
Let such things determine the general weapon level, for example.

I still hope Shepard will get a Asari sword and armor.
But fat change, that.
Do wonder if Aria will force Shepard to switch armor and OMNI tool or not, you know.
I can see her pulling that one, with a secure storage system as well.
Best to be save, right?
FireInLife chapter 25 . 5/17/2019
I still love the world building you write in this story, and the completely fresh take on canon events. It honestly feels like I'm playing Mass Effect for the first time all over again.

Thanks for the chapter. Things are ramping up, I'm excited to see what happens next.
Frosty Wolf chapter 25 . 5/15/2019
Sadly Shepard does not seem to have made a good impression on the T'loak heiress, though her hostility hasn't helped matters. Hopefully she'll have a chance to change her mind while she talks to Mordin and Archangel. And this Aria seems much more attentive about the plague situation here, at least compared to canon's 'seal it up and wait for everyone to die' strategy.

Meanwhile Miranda's value continues to drop in Shepard's eyes, Jacob's too probably since he was aware of the monitoring devices. That'll have an impact further down the line I'm sure.

Overall another solid chapter, I look forward to reading more.
TheWickedTruth89 chapter 25 . 5/15/2019
Great chapter, can't wait to see more.
Guest chapter 25 . 5/13/2019
good story
Chinchi37 chapter 25 . 5/13/2019
Thank you for the chapter~
Thomas chapter 24 . 4/5/2019
I think Sheppard shoul request a copy of the files Udina failed to foreward. Otherwise I allways love it when you update your stories!
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