Reviews for All Good Things Start And End In A Pub
RedDragon30000 chapter 1 . 12/19/2017
To begin with, I was impressed by the way you have tackled a very unusual pairing. Putting together David and Diane is not something I would have ever considered. However, in this story it works very well.

It's interesting the way you've focused on the 'supporting characters' here, as you flesh them out very well. I really am amazed that Diane has put up with David for so long, but she is a very loyal women, and you demonstrate that she's insecure as well. I liked that she took the opportunity to have some fun, to act on the attractions she felt for Ed. it's good that she knows there's someone who truly appreciates her as a person, I'm glad she got a happy ending.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by how well you portrayed Ed. Most people think there would be nothing to him but a lazy, fat slob. However, you added a depth to him that was both impressive and plausible. I liked seeing a sweet side to his nature, his interactions with Diane showing that he isn't just a rude man, but a person who can be affectionate and gentle too. He's also clearly very perceptive , since he evaluates Diane's relationship with David perfectly accurately. It was a really nice ending too, a hope that Diane will have someone who truly loves and appreciates her.