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absolutefaith chapter 202 . 12m
I LOVE HIM SO FUCKING MUUUUCH! But, like I said, I’m not receiving any warning :(
MotekElm chapter 202 . 42m
yay. now we confirm sure had some sort of affair with R L and he's messing with her mind. but how does Draco figure into it?
MotekElm chapter 201 . 48m
great chapter
Kahoko chapter 202 . 1h
Fear not, your portrayal of Draco is one I am thoroughly enjoying, my favorite for this amazing fiction!
I guess I'm still trying to define if I can trust Draco. It seems to me that he's using Hermione, thus cannot be trusted, I think with some magic that has her trust him and be truthful with him when he is near by. To what purpose though? He says she has power, is he hoping to sway her his way to his race to power? Seems too obvious, I know you like to surprise us, so I'm confused!

What's frustrating is that we are as clueless as Hermione is! Forced to depend on her as it"s from her point of view, yet knowing her memories and instincts are askew.
So Roddy is in both her memories huh? Isn't it Antonin's plan to plant or erase some of these now? We need more memories before we can make more interpretations!
ghanima77 chapter 202 . 1h
And there's Rodolphus, starring and yet another lost memory.
2009Lee chapter 202 . 2h
I loved the Draco chapters until you said not to trust him.
pgoodrichboggs chapter 202 . 2h
Wow! I have the theory that Alecto who is obsessed with Antonin is causing Hermione to have these episodes. She is the one who is a constant with the bad memories surfacing. Just like the buzzing noise or bell she heard when the funeral was happening and she freaked out. I love the Draco chapters they are my favorite OP, lol! It’s interesting that she always thought that her and Roddy never had any intimate moments. Perhaps he didn’t want her near Draco because he still has some feelings for her too. Such an amazing chapter.
rabradley09 chapter 202 . 2h
Damn Roddy. Didn’t she say early in the story that she tried to pursue him at one point, and he wasn’t interested? Interesting now that memories are proving that he is...
pgoodrichboggs chapter 201 . 4h
Great chapter! I’m glad Draco is still alive. I wonder if Antonin will be home when Hermione gets there and be upset that she defied his orders.
victoriajewel chapter 201 . 6h
You have me feeling as paranoid as Hermione! I was half expecting Draco to pull a 360 with his personality and kidnap her or something. I feel like it's only a matter of time before something bad happens to Hermione again.
frekles chapter 201 . 10h
At least Draco is ok so far! Thanks for the update!
2009Lee chapter 201 . 10h
I just thought of something. The reason Hermione thought she felt being pushed down the stairs... Did Rodolphus make it happen? Was it his baby?
rebelsaurus29 chapter 201 . 13h
I'm glad Draco's okay, but I'm sure someone is going to have noticed she left. Lovely update!
Iseult chapter 201 . 17h
Damn it I wanted her to ask Draco what was going on. I want know! Antonin is treating Hermione like a small child. I don't care tgat he thinks it's in her best interests. Looking forward to seeing more memories unravel.
Happy chapter 201 . 18h
She is SO reckless! :)
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