Reviews for Last Year
rebelsaurus29 chapter 293 . 4h
Oh, Rita. You should have known better.
Iseult chapter 293 . 7h
Trying very hard to feel bad about Hermione killing not managing yet! Hermione needed to catch a break somewhere. Glad she didn't have to follow through with Runcorn.
little miss moonlight chapter 293 . 6h
Omg savage Hermione
Backtome2 chapter 293 . 8h
Well, damn!
DutchScorRosefan chapter 293 . 8h
I wondered why she never crushed the darn insect under her shoe before.
thistlefinch chapter 293 . 8h
Yessssss that was a totally enjoyable surprise!
mojowitchcraft chapter 293 . 8h
HAHHAHA omg this is amazing and hysterical and I love it!
ManicAnarchist chapter 293 . 9h
this chapter made me giggle
MotekElm chapter 293 . 10h
nice! I love the ending of Rita. perfect
Gunnhildde chapter 293 . 10h
Yes, that was truly satisfying. Thanks for keeping up with your mammoth mission of daily writing tasks.
kenijo97 chapter 293 . 10h
Bye, Rita! Lol
Alytiger chapter 293 . 10h
Jmgordon33 chapter 293 . 11h
Fuck Rita!
mellashella chapter 293 . 11h
Loving the story still. I don't know what I'll do at the end of the year when it's all over. Really enjoying the daily content.
Carvertown chapter 293 . 11h
Oh my Hell that was so amazing! Lol I loved it!
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