Reviews for Last Year
Lheto chapter 116 . 2h
How could Wood find her so soon? Maybe he spotted her in front of the remains of the Leaky Cauldron or the resistance and Draco have the same tracking secret. I agree that London is no longer safe but where will Hermione go now?
SeleneBlackburn chapter 109 . 6h
Is it only me who wanted him to catch her? Just to know what exactly is Antonin playing at. I'm so so so curious! Antonin is SUCH a mystery. And let's not forget Draco. I love this.
victoriajewel chapter 116 . 6h
Phew! Close call!

At this point I feel like Hermione should just risk leaving the country even though I know why she won't. I want her to have a plan also, she can't just run away forever!
kagomesdance chapter 116 . 7h I read the shit out of this fanfic. Took me two days tops. I'm so slow with catching on to things so she's being drugged or something and is having memory issues or manic episodes..idk but I need more! I need to know what's gonna happen ahh... :)

xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 116 . 9h
So good
chefke chapter 116 . 9h
literally screaming run!
OzMDR chapter 116 . 11h
AHHHHH that was stressful. Glad she got away .. Wood is like a piece of gum stuck to her shoe.
OzMDR chapter 115 . 11h
Hmmphhh that was sad... Also good on her for not accepting Draco's offer right away; she needs double the normal time to think things over and make wise decisions
alttlbitlonger chapter 116 . 12h
will she finally take Draco’s invite and hide away in his home? ooo the daily suspense D:
dramonie1028 chapter 115 . 12h
I wonder if she's really still in her cupboard?
DutchScorRosefan chapter 116 . 16h
Thank Merlin for muggles.
amberehartman chapter 116 . 17h
Ahhhhhh! That was a close call. How does he find her.
Kdougherty chapter 116 . 18h
VixenRosie chapter 116 . 18h
good on her for not pressing charges. but very interesting he found her. maybe it was by chance?
sshanholtzer44 chapter 116 . 18h
that was close!
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