Reviews for Coloring In the Roses
Jiasa Stormcloud chapter 1 . 6/15/2004
Fantastic. I really like your style. Your characterization of Arashi seems dead-on, with all his stubborness. And Hiro's even better. You took the little hints from the manga that made him so interesting, and elaborated. So he's different from anyone else's Hiro, but he's distinctly Hiro. . . If that makes any sense.

I also love the description of the roses, and how Hiro's thoughts match up with Arashi's on the matter.

Liking how the two played off of eachother . . . some dialogue is forced. Yours sounds natural, like they're really talking to eachother.
da punked-out gym bunny chapter 1 . 1/18/2004
Right now I'm really happy with this fic. The thing about the rain and "rather than run into another room like a sensible person" is exactly an Arashi moment and Paradise Kiss too, how they use little things like that to help characters run into each other...
"and George, being George, somehow wound up talking us all into going out, buying paint and fabric, and redecorating the whole place to match this one freaking tiny stain." That is so true! You're close to Arashi's language too.
Okay, everything from "It's cold" to "...but brittle" is so dead on that this is really one of my favorites. Exactly what I needed today, and better than I hoped!
This is so sweet... and hits too. The line where Arashi swears he'll be all brilliant for him and every tiny thing will be perfect between them.
It wasn't enough, so why torture myself with the possibility?
Why, when I always knew we could have this, did I do everything I could to get away?
Author Alert list!
I'm so happy for them! And in the book it looked like this could be true too. Actually I thought Arashi might have given George a chance for a short time and *that's* why he fights the teasing so much; not because the flirting itself is 'gross' but he's afraid of people finding out. And that would explain why he's protective against Hiro, because he cheated first so he knows it's possible for Miwako too. Just my thoughts. But I love your perspective.
Did you read the book Rainbow Boys or Rainbow High yet? You'll like, you'll like. Trust me on this.
~Happiness and good life~
lilyoko chapter 1 . 3/30/2003
i like it a lot. i would have never have thought about it in that way.
Jexia chapter 1 . 3/26/2003
This was beautiful.
Aine chapter 1 . 3/22/2003
I really liked this fic, as Arashi and Hiro are my favorites. It was interesting what you did with them, and I hope you'll write more.
radishface chapter 1 . 3/21/2003
_ It's wonderful to see that Paradise Kiss has finally gotten a section of its own! I think I was one of the first to write Paradise Kiss slash fanfiction and post it up on the Parakiss ML, but now there's a spot for it on ! ::coughs:: Sorry, I'm rambling...

I really enjoyed this piece of work. It's SLASH, hello. U There's not a lot of Paradise Kiss slash/yaoi fanfiction out there, and yours is one the first one I've read that I've really, really liked. Hiro/Arashi is such a good possibility... Hiro's mellowness and Arashi's hot-headed-ness... it fits together pretty well. _ You've shown that here in 'Coloring the Roses...' and I hope you continue to!

It would be absolutely WONDERFUL if you would write more Hiro/Arashi fanfiction... I feel myself being converted from George/Arashi to Hiro/Arashi. And if you would write a sequel to this- ::sighs:: that would be paradise!

Well, since I'm already gushing, I guess I'll go on a bit. This deserves it.

Hiro's chilvary was adorable. _ I could do with more Hiro-the-knight-in-shining-armor. And Arashi's skepticism and thoughts on George- a little humor in an otherwise introspective fic, not at all intrusive.

Some quirks, though: It seemed a little OOC for Hiro to say "I missed you," although it was sweet. _ I don't think he'd be so obvious about it, unless I'm missing out on a few things in book 4 (which I haven't read yet). Another little thing (perhaps just me) was that you didn't really delve into the whole Miwako-Arashi-Hiro issue that it required. Arashi's sleeping with Miwako, and loves her (or either keeps up the pretenses really well) but also has feelings for Hiro... it's quite a serious issue. Shouldn't Arashi be more conscious of it, how he's betraying Miwako by thinking of Hiro, and vice versa?

Again, this might be because I haven't read the 4th book, but I didn't understand the last line. Are you referring to the blue dress that Yukari wears? If I remember correctly... I THINK the dress is blue, I don't remember. Yeah, burnished blue (2nd book... right?). But I'm... not... quite... sure. What you mean. ;

ALL RIGHT, I have to stop. _ I'll sum it up: I love this fanfic and HOPE YOU WRITE MORE! Specifically, I hope you write more Arashi/Hiro... but if this was just an experiment for you and you're a George/Yukari shipper (... which would be a waste, considering that this fandom needs more slash/yaoi-writers), then I applaud you for your wonderful effort.

If you can take the time out of your busy schedule (you're probably being bombarded with requests all the time), I would be honored if you took a look at my fanfiction, once I post it. I've only written George/Arashi as of now, but you've inspired me to write some Arashi/Hiro. Hopefully it'll be as half as good as yours- my writing style is a bit un-characteristic for something as straightforward as Paradise Kiss.

LOVED 'Coloring in the Roses!' _ I don't usually write reviews as long as these...

- radishface
Sailor Comet chapter 1 . 3/20/2003
You read Paradise Kiss _too_? Wow. Hehe. I just got a hold of the graphic novel with the roses this morning, so I actually know what you're talking about. _

Very cute. You know, I always wonder why a 3-way between Miwako, Arashi, and Hiro wouldn't work... heheh.

Usako-chan chapter 1 . 3/18/2003
Hey, i'm very tolerant. lol One of my favorite stories is "Overcome" by Shataya Blake. It's a Fruits Basket fic centered around Yuki and Kyo which is a yaoi pairing and generally not a traditional pairing. This was a nicely written piece of work. Really. Even though I don't agree with Arashi and Hiro together like that, i can completely see where you're POV would be coming from. Ok, well enough rambling. The point is that I loved the fic so much, based on your skill as a writer. got it? lol Good. Great job. It's a nice addition to the Paradise Kiss fics on here. You are so right. Other people should post under this manga title. I adore Parakiss.
that is secret chapter 1 . 3/18/2003
*runs away to Paradise with you*

That was abso-freaking-lutely great. I especially like the twist - he wanted Miwako away not because he was afraid Miwako would date him, but *he* would. It'd also explain a great deal about why he's so touchy about George being near him.

katachresis chapter 1 . 3/18/2003
I love when you blend me-isms and you-isms *.* You handle it so skillfully. :o~

Very nice, though the strength is in the poeticness and the delicacy of your images... we don't get a really good feel for Arashi's character. I see what you mean with you putting your own words in his mouth... Though he's a pretty deep character, I think his mental tone and vocabulary could stand to be roughed up a touch

(how's -that- for a critique, love? :p Get off grounding soon, I miss you! And I have stuff for you to read! *shakes fist* Oh... also, I'm gonna update my poetry section soon, just to make you happeh. )