Reviews for The Chance of a Lifetime
Gracielinn chapter 14 . 8/3
Sorry I got behind on my reading and reviewing-been working like a crazy woman on GMH all week :/ I'm so in love with the way you wrapped up this beautiful story, giving Lucy and Wyatt the blissfully happy ending they deserve...well done, my dear friend! I sure hope you continue to be inspired by our fave couple and write more soon :))
Shelly chapter 14 . 8/2
This was a beautiful ending! Thank you for finishing it!
Shelly chapter 13 . 7/31
Lucy telling Jonas off was everything! I loved it! And that was the best darn speech Lucy gave to Wyatt that I've heard in a long time! My heart is full!
Guest chapter 13 . 7/31
I'm loving all the new chapter updates this past week, Thank you! I hope there is loads more to come!
sarascofield72 chapter 13 . 7/31
Aww this was adorable. Finally they communicate!
Jbiemann chapter 13 . 7/31
It has been so ch a pleasure to see all the updates for this story. I am so glad you decided to finish it. Thank you. Is there more coming?
sarascofield72 chapter 12 . 7/30
Finally getting to this review. This story has been incredible drom the start and I had been folowing it unto the recent hiatus. Now with so many chapters. available I am excited to catch up . There is just the right amount of angst and it is well written. I love that everyone is true to character to. These have some serious communication barriers to overcome though!
Shelly chapter 12 . 7/29
Damn it, Lucy! Don't give up on that boy yet and same for you, Wyatt! Ugh! Trying to convey your feelings over the phone is so, so hard! Eye contact is crucial! This was my problem with S2E4! If Lucy and Wyatt would've been face to face, that conversation about Jessica being alive would've ended much differently! I am loving these quick updates! Keep 'em coming!
Shelly chapter 11 . 7/28
I'm so irritated with myself that I didn't notice this chapter being posted! I'm so happy they are together again! I'm anxious to see how long it takes for these fools to admit to the 'I love yous' and the 'I can't live without you' stage because we all knew they are already there! Great update!
Gracielinn chapter 11 . 7/28
Woo-freakin-hoo! Another chapter! You are spoiling us outrageously, my friend :)) Really good chapter, too, with our girl Lucy getting all kinds of emotional support from Amy, Jiya, even her mom, while she's pining away for the handsome-as-sin, blue-eyed, dimpled wonder that is Wyatt Logan :p And phone sex! And Trivial Pursuit! And a sweet reunion! Great job!
Gracielinn chapter 10 . 7/27
Such riches! Two chapters in two days-feels like I won the lottery ;) Dang, but you're breaking my heart here, girl-I kept hoping Lucy would change her mind and stay... Probably sounds greedy, but I can't wait until the next chapter :) hope it's soon!
Shelly chapter 10 . 7/27
Ugh! My heart! I can't...I'm feeling too much! So, so good!
Shelly chapter 9 . 7/26
Awe, that IS the best Christmas ever! Love this story! I'm so sad Lucy's vacation is about over! I'm hoping you'll be rectifying their distance issue prior to wrapping up this story (wink, wink)!
future-fangirl chapter 10 . 7/26
I love that they are continuing where they left off. Long distance won’t stop them.
Gracielinn chapter 9 . 7/26
Aww, girl, you got me a little choked up here with all the feels :) What a wonderful surprise to start the weekend off right! This was such a sweet chapter, full of love and laughter and family and Christmas (and you made me realize how much I miss little Annie and Sadie). Great job, my friend :))
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