Reviews for Cigarette Smoke & Snark
PaxAmynta chapter 113 . 9/25
Yeah that commercial is creepy. Also Mister Yuk alone is indeed freaky (But gotta somewhat love the lizard-people masquerading as humans). Dude has really gotta take a basic science class because you are told not to do stuff like lick the science in like, grade school on average. Would help with the whole charade too probably, blend in better and all that. Also Heck yes to the return of Mz. Melinda May! (Also, wOw with the percussive maintenance thing, though tbh not unexpected)
Btw, random question, does Jason usually go into The French Maid (and in this case the hospital too) wearing his helmet or does he just not for meeting the Coffee Shop Three (and others like them). I would imagine wearing it inside might get him tailed eventually if he regularly goes there and start some sort of coffee shop brawl like that bar, the Cauldron or something in Masks.
Guest chapter 112 . 9/23
Rated M for Mutilation. HOLY FUCK!
Love your work, been reading for a long time. Love how you treat the various versions of the villains almost as "phases" that the particular character has gone through. I'd almost like to see a collection of one-shots focusing on the lifetime of the different villains and how they transition and mature into different threats throughout the...decades(?) of their careers in Gotham
PaxAmynta chapter 112 . 9/23
Daym, just another reminder that you do not screw with the Red Hood (or those under his protection, especially then), because he Will mess you up. Also hope you've been doing okay (Got a bit concerned when I saw you hadn't been posting in a bit but then I saw you updated Gaslights)
PaxAmynta chapter 111 . 9/4
Brutal for the mini clan of lizard men, but at least the sample hasn't killed 'em yet. Like the bit about the Thomas Wayne foundation too, seems fitting. The meat candy is an apt description, and oh so wonderful. Searching up a Gotham local Lepidoptera club (or however it would be phrased) and it's members probably wouldn't go amiss either.
Guest chapter 66 . 8/31
This is exactly what I needed to redeem Bruce in my eyes, so thank you.
PaxAmynta chapter 110 . 9/1
Can I just say: A chapter update freshly made cinnamon buns a great morning for me, lol. Frickin Martin too though, that kid. The plant phobia again, I wonder what he would do if confronted with Poison Ivy. Talk about lifelong paranoia from That. I think a decent description of Antoine would be long-suffering actually. But hey! Merry September
PaxAmynta chapter 109 . 9/1
Bruce is such an awkward turtle, god. Also, such a shame he wasn't able to properly round up the higher ups, so sad lol. The mental image of Dick getting drop-kicked out of Arkham is very amusing though, I will admit. The banter too, and gotta admit, for a bit of a rare cameo I do actually enjoy him appearing. Of course he would use a grapple gun too in his state, no surprise there- Antoine really shouldn't be surprised at a sudden appearance. Way to heighten Antoine's paranoia with plants there too, never gets a break.
PaxAmynta chapter 108 . 8/27
Of course death by Jell-O, and it just Had to be purple. The T-Rex is out of the bag! Poor Antoine, just at the state of, screw this-whatever. Sucks that you had a sucky week though, hope this one turns out better for 'ya though!
MaraDixen413 chapter 108 . 8/26
Aw cmon give my other boi a break lol but YoU bat's, are on probation, at least. My god where were you! And poor Martin...
MaraDixen413 chapter 107 . 8/20
I relate a lot to Jason *grabby hands*. Ya know without all the trauma and daddy issues. But seriously great chapter, I love guys caring about their boi lol
PaxAmynta chapter 107 . 8/20
For some reason I always find the term 'grabby hands' amusing. The bite mark reference from our friend Chompers the T-Rex? The flare things probably like, warp the vent to make it impassable or something, yeah. For that walmart dude's voice though, while unfortunate for him, at least you know you will be 110% ready to throat punch someone if you need to if they mess with you. Might not want to go there during something like Black Friday crowd madness days though, lol (Frickin chaos which I personally elect to simply jump on the Nope train for and go to F That-ville than deal with)
PaxAmynta chapter 106 . 8/20
Fear gas on top of everything, but hey, True Symbol of America right around the corner, even if is a Twilight Zone version. Having the McFlurry flavors down pat sort of makes me think they have done something like this before. Don't think they sell cyanide at McD's though... Somewhat surprised Jason doesn't go to like, stab that creepy clown, especially given his unfortunate past with such things. Elbow of righteousness, good name. Love the bit of Acting like children, get children's meals thing. Batman toy... the universe seriously has it out.. but hey! At least his coffee plan worked! I do sort of wonder how exactly Antoine and Jason met. For some reason I now am just picturing there being ads in the newspaper or something just as ridiculous with cheesy phrases about hey! Let's beat up Batman! (Wouldn't have actually happened, but still a funny image)
PaxAmynta chapter 105 . 8/20
Video game reference, how meta. Also woohoo to surprise multi-chapter upload! Don't think Antoine is released from the crazy train though, or will ever completely be. Poor 's righteous 'Dad' rage though. Honestly though, the dudes kinda got a giant info bomb dropped on them then left KO'ed and left to 'work' for Deathstroke, lot to wrap your head around. It is kinda adorable seeing the Militia go all protective, especially with the super crappy and intense day Jason had been having. "Shine on you crazy diamond". Decent plan of oh yeah dude is totally dead, we are just gonna walk past now. How thoughtful to bring the red helmet too.
PaxAmynta chapter 104 . 8/20
Roger doger, geez the Militia totally have their nerdy moments. I do vote for Antoine to flip off Black Mack anyways. Frank though, ouch to that connection too btw. Angry goose noise, interesting description. Finally rescued though! Also the spiteful zombie description is apt as well.
MaraDixen413 chapter 106 . 8/16
Have I mentioned how much I love this story yet, or the militia. The militia, is love. The militia is life. God I love this story.
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