Reviews for The Dragon's Roar
Tenjo chapter 10 . 17h
That all felt extremely forced.

Cersei raping him was out of character, she’d be more likely to fuck someone else in front of him in some twisted attempt to make him jealous.

Jon screaming about it and then chasing her down was out of character.

Barristan Selmy taking Jon’s word over the queen’s, regardless of how upstanding he felt Jon was, was out of character.

Cersei gave up her denial way too quickly.

Jaime taking the blame would only make the kids MORE likely to get executed, so there was absolutely no reason for him to do so and the fact that you’ve made it work is even more ridiculous.

Just seems like you’re trying way too hard to add new drama and predicaments without any care for consistency or characterisation.
Tenjo chapter 2 . 21h
“My last living relative…”

Uh, no? He’s in Winterfell. Ned, Robb, Sansa, Bran, Arya and Rickon are his relatives too. Benjen also.

Actually, if we are to ignore surnames and focus only on blood, he’s related to most families of the North and a lot of families in the South including the Baratheons.

I’m being very judgemental, but my last two comments were more on my general dislike of prophecies and how some stories execute them and this one is just commenting on a slight error.

You actually write well and I’m enjoying the story, it’s just that there’s no real reason to comment on things that are fine.
Tenjo chapter 1 . 22h
It’s extremely common in the Harry Potter fanbase. They write stories saying so-and-so’s actions ruined the prophecy. It’s like… no, if it was prophesied by a higher power then it WILL come to be. Regardless of anyone’s actions, whatever was foretold will happen because it was preordained.
Tenjo chapter 1 . 22h
Ah it’s one of those stories.

The only thing worse than a story with prophecy is a story where, contradictorily, the prophecy isn’t fulfilled and the gods step in.

These supposedly omniscient beings who can just send people back in time on a whim can’t even make a prophecy right?
DarylDixon'sLover chapter 122 . 8/13
Great chapter
HunterQwon chapter 121 . 7/31
Been a good read so far.
DarylDixon'sLover chapter 121 . 7/23
Poor Jon
russell marsh chapter 121 . 7/23
Thank you for calling out both Arya and Sansa to many people give arya a pass on everything because oh my God shes so strong and independent and ignore that she is just as much a bully as sansa was.
HopelessRomantic183 chapter 117 . 7/13
Will be interesting to see what their child looks like! Logically, one would assume the Stark genes will, once again, override the Targaryen ones; however, Aemon is half Targaryen, so there’s always a chance the recessive genetics of his father were passed on instead…!

Here’s hoping all goes well with Dany’s pregnancy this time! No mother should have to outlive one child, let alone two!
KEB chapter 120 . 6/25
Foolish Jorah, or worse(though I think forcing himself on her would be out of character), but it seemed like he was going to keep going after his initial stupidity, killing Doreah. Poor Joer indeed. And Poor Rob and other starks. This was eventful. Thanks for writing!
Lannister chapter 120 . 6/25
Hoffentlich stirbt Dany braucht eine bessere Frau.
Lord Rayden chapter 89 . 6/25
Schmeißen Sie bitte die undankbare arrogante Dany weg.
DarkJon chapter 88 . 6/25
Dany ist eine arrogante wäre mir sehr recht wenn sie sterben würde.
teufelchen chapter 87 . 6/25
Schade das Tywin tod KEIN Jonerys.
DarylDixon'sLover chapter 120 . 6/25
Great chapter
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