Reviews for Secrets from Secret Santa's
No mercy chapter 31 . 6/6
I already love this Manon. I want to see more Manon vs. Adrien in the future, and not as Pupetteer (did I spell that right?) and Chat Noir.
No mercy chapter 28 . 6/6
I like your Adrien-akumatized theory, but if its before that, then I vote Mari. She has more feelings that could turn negative, and an Adrien rejection (cause he likes ladybug) could work.
No mercy chapter 25 . 6/5
Only SW and Miraculous stuff? I would have wanted at least one thing of something sweet.
No mercy chapter 24 . 6/5
Poor Mari. Fill the room with your genocidal infections, lets go, my reflection
No mercy chapter 22 . 6/5
Desired classroom? I'm pretty sure only Max is that nerdy. Roblox or Robux, because you pretty much just said a combination of the two. The chapter title makes sense, and I like that it took awhile to notice it. Ignore me plz
Guest chapter 20 . 6/5
Omigosh Mari! Took you long enough! I want to see one where they scream their heads off at a big reveal, but it's never gonna happen and I suck at writing. I do better at imagining my stories.
No mercy chapter 19 . 6/4
Oh, he knew... That explains so much. I am now mentally throwing myself into an inferno because I didn't realize. Goodbye cruel fanfiction.
No mercy chapter 14 . 6/4
How in the Underworld could Marinette see that? Even Gabriel didn't, for Kwami's sake.
No mercy chapter 13 . 6/4
I forgot in the last chapter, but was Chat's expression cute, cutthroat, or something else entirely that I'm too tired to think of? Adrien is oblivious, which is part of so many great characters. I don't get how characters are so oblivious, or how other people refrain from smacking some common sense into them.
No mercy chapter 12 . 6/4
Come on, people! Make up your minds! Do the flipping suits protect them from the cold or not? I've seen find where they do and tics where they don't, and millions of ficus where it's unclear. I'm not even going to bother with fixing my autocorrect.
No mercy chapter 11 . 6/4
About the pre-chapter note, many people felt your pain. Also, GLASSES *insert that little questiomation point here* I wear them myself and love them, but what an unexpected tiny little baby plot twist. Is there going to be a mommy plot twist? I can't wait for long without imagining my head cut off.
No mercy chapter 8 . 6/4
I am also Max. I used to call myself grammar police chief, but now I call myself Max. I am using the correct tense.
No mercy chapter 4 . 6/4
Dead, huh? How are you still writing, unless... NECROMANCY! Dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnnn!
No mercy chapter 1 . 6/4
MissLogophile chapter 1 . 4/12
This story was so cute and hilarious and funny and sweet and AWESOME!
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