Reviews for The Last Peverell
BattleshipFusou chapter 32 . 7/16
This... This is *good*. Thank you very much for writing it~!
yukii uzumaki chapter 32 . 7/15
Hasta ahora me a encantado la historia, principalmente porque me gusta mucho las historias de Harry Potter y viajes en el tiempo.
Lastima q soy mala en inglés y las tengo q traducción
El punto es, porfavor seguí la historia, porfavor nunca la abandones.
skidney chapter 32 . 7/15
Awesome chapter!
PascalDragon chapter 32 . 7/15
Well, I think this was a rather nice chapter compared to Jasmine merely saying Hi to Sirius. Got a bit of bonding between the two. :)
geekymom chapter 32 . 7/15
Fantastic chapter!
Ashes Ascending chapter 32 . 7/14
Nice chapter.
Heart chapter 32 . 7/14
Deep breaths. I get that sometimes one does not have a lot of time to write and edit a work. I liked this chapter what with Sirius realizing the seriousness of potential situations and James Potter's dramatics. Her and Sirius' moment seemed essential. I suspect the Marauders may keep more constant a vigilance and perhaps prank those who think her as such into such...perhaps? Hmmmmm, to let go, teach a lesson, or both-those are the questions, I think. :)
requiem2651 chapter 32 . 7/14
Loved the interaction between Jasmine and Sirius!
InfinityMask chapter 32 . 7/14
I curious would hermione and her other friends got transferred too? Or is it only Blaise and Theo?
chibi-Clar chapter 32 . 7/14
I like how you touched on marriage and appearance ~!

Can’t wait for Mikhail or Theo to come out!
And the after party~~~~~

Thanks for the update
laharireddy4234 chapter 32 . 7/14
loved the new chapter! I can't wait to read about the after party!
sunsethill chapter 32 . 7/14
I enjoyed the scene between Sirius and Jasmine. You're right. They don't get much chance to talk just the two of them. I'm sure it will make Sirius feel more secure to know how much Jasmine will go to bat for him if necessary.
Ellie68 chapter 32 . 7/14
I love this.
Serpent91 chapter 32 . 7/14
Well written indeed! I love this!
Gracfully chapter 32 . 7/14
:) so very awesome am glad Sirius is going to be okay can't wait to find out what happens next :)
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