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forestreject chapter 34 . 23h
What was on the metal she won?
Mellimeldisiel chapter 42 . 10/12
I am excited to read your next chapter. I really appreciate your writing style, it makes this very entertaining and enjoyable reading material.
Tiger0905 chapter 42 . 10/12
Oh my god, this is absolutely a 1 of a kind. I have never read anything like it before and I LOVE it! I just love everything about it and this is just amazing. Again, love it, and please keep up the good work.
Guest chapter 42 . 10/12
Love this story. Fantastic writing!
SammyBlueGA chapter 42 . 10/12
Hy, just found and binge read your story. It was a real pleasure: You really have a thought out and logical plot, the story is well paced (plot progress vs word count/details wise) and the whole concept is far outside the 'typical' fanfictions, especially for time travel, meaning that there is something new to read here and not just the same plotline over and over again with just small differences, like in so many other stories. While I usually tend to avoid fem!Harry as well as marauder era stories, I really enjoy this and I am probably going to look up some more of that now that I have caught up on this story (though I assume I will regret that)

This story does have little in the way of real conflict, more some small trouble that is pretty much fixed within the same chapter, so I would consider it relatively fluffy. Sure, she has to beat Voldemort and make political allies, but she does so with practised ease. Three kids die in the dementor attack, but it is mentioned as a side note, we don't even know their names so it hardly registers or actually affects the reader. While Dumbledore does say something against her here and there it's pretty shallow, there is almost no substance to what he says or does, so he's basically shut up with just one short reason/argument any time he does come up. I see this a lot in stories. While I understand that some people may not particularly like him, I think this is a bit weak. He could be be a bigger obstacles than that, more logical, reasonable and more complex in what he does, be an actual danger so to speak, or if not, he might as well not be an obstacle at all and save the trouble.

However, I do like light hearted stories so I don't mind these things, I'm just pointing out what I observe, more as a fellow writer (not for fanfiction though, so not on here).

That defense professor though, he got me worried. Is he working for Voldemort? Would be an interesting twist, if almost obvious considering he IS the defense professor. In any case I really hope that guy is more than you see on the surface.

I do have a question for you:
Why did you decide to write a female Harry? Is it simply because you, as a female (?) writer, feel more comfortable writing a female or is there any other reason to change this specifically (no other character changed their gender, so I think that's a fair question. I mean, plot wise it really doesn't make any difference so far; sure just now Sirius joins because of possible rumors if she was meeting alone, but as it is, these are small details and don't actually effect the story whatsoever. So far in any of her dealings as heir of her house it didn't really hinder her. When she was attacked by the death eater kids there was later on someone possibly hinting she might have been raped if the other girls hadn't come to her aid, so one could argue that she is more vulnerable to certain things, such as this, on principle of being female; and that makes it more appealing to write a strong fighter like her as a female... I guess.. but still no effect to the story or the plot really.
Anyways, I would be interested to know why you decided to write her as a female. Shoot me a message or something, would be much , thanks for writing this story, and for reading through my review, I guess.
crankypants16 chapter 42 . 10/11
Love Jasmine, and that she got the Malfoys on her side so quickly
TomRiddlesTwin chapter 42 . 10/9
Absolutely amazing fic!
Heart chapter 42 . 10/7
I really do like this. Aww Lucy in love~ Interesting... interesting indeeeeeeeeeeed~ :D
SakuraKoi chapter 42 . 10/7
so good
Serpent91 chapter 42 . 10/7
Well written as always
Caraline Fisher chapter 42 . 10/6
I’m still here and I’m still loving it!
Ashes Ascending chapter 42 . 10/6
Nice chapter
Danaite chapter 42 . 10/6
I always love reading new chapters of this story 3
priestessedgecombe chapter 42 . 10/6
It was good to see an update from you. Thanks for writing that. It looks like Jasmine is destroying the 'inner circle' before it gets created. How many will she be able to save before Voldie gets to them first? and will they stay saved? I look forward to the next chapter.
fandomsneverdie chapter 42 . 10/6
Glad the new schedule is giving you some room, and as always, the chapter is awesome. I do wonder why Death was glaring at Sirius? Jasmine mentioned possessiveness so it might be that,but I do wonder if it will be revealed next chapter or later in the story- I certainly hope he doesn't die! Lovely chapter and writing as always and I await chapter 43.
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