Reviews for The Last Peverell
MageVicky chapter 109 . 18h
omg what happened? great chapter! loved the fight! but who just died? i just know someone just died! hope it's not sirius or I swear! i will reach into my computer and give you a stern talking to. lol
Guest chapter 109 . 6/12
I have really enjoyed reading your story! You are a superb writer and I hope you keep at it... cant wait to see what happens next!
ghostreader2110 chapter 109 . 6/14
what a cliffhanger.
lgainestemp chapter 109 . 6/13
Hanging on the edge until the next chapter. Thank you for a wonderful story. All the best for you in grad school. Also thank you for finishing this work.
Guest chapter 109 . 6/11
I wonder if Brightbark will end up being tarred with 'Voldemort supporter angry that his master was killed.'
Mrs.Potter-Black-Riddle-Malfoy chapter 109 . 6/13
Congrats on grad school
Wow blast from the past. He has been a pain since so long
ArashiNokitsune chapter 109 . 6/13
there's going to be a lot of backlash for that prejudice idiot that's all I'm going to say as obvious as it sounds, it always takes a mistake or an idiot the cause more problems, always did hate it when such a scenario comes up but sometimes no one can get a break
airunee chapter 109 . 6/12
istg if euphemia or sirius dies...!

... actually idk what i'd do. probably close my phone for a moment, lay down and cry. a lot. i honestly forgot if james, lily, alice and frank are in this battle so i hope that they are safe if they are.
Careena1 chapter 109 . 6/12
Thanks for the amazing chapter! Congratulations!
Mei fa-chan chapter 109 . 6/12
Great chapter!
House of falling cards chapter 109 . 6/12
Somehow i am not surprise about brightbar, the silent antagonist of the light side.
goddessa39 chapter 109 . 6/12
Well that was enjoyable. Thanks for update Nice to see Tom dead but other bigots need to be defeated now.
grovepjp chapter 109 . 6/12
ReadingFriendHurry Up chapter 109 . 6/12
Dont you fucking dare kill of cassiopeia !
Im too emotionally invested right now so please dont 3 amazing chapter btw keep it up :)
mooneysfate chapter 109 . 6/12
awesome fight and chapter! brightbark is like a cockroach. despise that man! :)
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