Reviews for Reality in Motion
lizzybug29 chapter 108 . 5/31
Guest chapter 108 . 5/31
Update please !
Mars Carter chapter 2 . 5/21
This chapter was great! I loved learning more about Q’s past as a SHIELD agent and her perspective on everything that’s happening. You did a good job of referencing different parts of her personality and her habits naturally (like the crosswords and the early bird special date lmaooo) and it made her feel like a very well-rounded character. I loved Dawson’s introduction, as well— especially “It kinda went to his head and he liked to think he was hot shit. Q never failed to remind him that he wasn't.” That sums up their relationship so clearly lol. Also loved sharon! She’s such a good character and I’m really excited to see what she’s up to in this fic. thank you for sharing!
Mars Carter chapter 1 . 5/21
so happy to be here! this was a great start and it did a really good job emphasizing steve’s mental state after waking up—the loneliness, the numbness, etc. I’m really excited to see how Q helps him through it, and also how he and Peggy interact! They really like skimmed over her in the movies and just used her as like a plot point/pep talker so excited to see where you take that.
Guest chapter 108 . 5/20
Hopefully things are finally going in the right direction. Glad to see these two didn't rush things. Looks the trust and friendship are finally coming back. Other than love, these are arguably the most important foundations for a long term relationship. They sort of need a reminder of why they fell for each other. The bar trip might do just that-and be hillarious if Q gets drunk again! Dawson's back-eh? Wondered where he ended up.
CaptainLoki chapter 108 . 5/19
Nice chap !
Love.Fiction.2020 chapter 108 . 5/18
Cool chap
Ink Outside the Lines chapter 108 . 5/18
Q and Dawson! Ah! I love their friendship So Much, and I'm def curious how Dawson ended up back with SHIELD. Also loving Q and Steve's trip down memory lane, and the slow healing between the two of them. They're just? So good? Awesome job, as always!
zikashigaku chapter 108 . 5/17
A the dynamic duo together again I’m looking forward to them actually hanging out again. I’m also interested to see what kind of job Q will be getting now hehe. Oh and the bar tour I’m looking forward to how Steve will tackle that challenge.
X23 Maximoff chapter 108 . 5/17
lol she’s so SNEAKY i’d break an international deal to let steve rogers sleep on my couch. she’s back in her pantsuit YES GO GIRL. now it’s his turn to plan a bar tour my HEART. oh man he only cares about the stuff to do with him cause he still loves herrrrr! he’s finally understanding all the work she did YA DAMN RIGHT STEVEN. agent fletcher who’s this joker! she’s nervy and so am iiiiii. oooooh hell yes DAWSON. MISSED YOU GIRL. hug her back you weirdo omg. omg i love how fletcher is low key the way q was at the beginning with the yellow notepad and the questions! omg dawson and tony are something but friends is not it haha.

omg i’m loving this like, domestic adventure that we’re going on with queve? like they’re back to being friends and patching up all their wounds and getting their shit together and i’m just! in love with it! it’s nice to have a deep breath of an arc after the craziness of civil war ugh i just love the way you pace your story it’s PERFECTION!
Sulia Serafine chapter 107 . 5/13
It took ME a moment to remember what they were talking about! This story has such longevity. It's like remembering the lives of friends I've known for a long time.
Ink Outside the Lines chapter 107 . 5/12
They're so soft right now, my heart! I love them so much, while they're figuring things out, and piecing everything back together, and ugh. It's SO GOOD!
Love.Fiction.2020 chapter 107 . 5/12
Great chapter!
BeccaSco chapter 107 . 5/11
YES! In the process of getting back together, hopefully! So exciting. I love this fic and am so happy that you've been so amazing with updating. You have a real talent with writing!
CaptainLoki chapter 107 . 5/11
Yessss they kissed !
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