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maiqsmail chapter 19 . 1/22
She's slipping. Going into courtship with the man she would absolutely not have a marriage with. Just a guaranteed fallout when she eventually and inevitably tells him to piss off. Additionally setting him against anyone else she would pick over him.

She should either focus on The Mission or gtfo away from the country. Knowing two decades of future would make her rich just from stock market trading, she literally has noone in her life right now so why doesn't she leave Voldipants to Magical Britain and moves to France or something. You know I would.

"But unborn babies and unhappened future!" - This is obviously "alternate branch of reality" time travel. Kreacher said "mudblood wouldn't be missed", so her own timeline has Harry and Ron alone with Hermione missing. Without her that timeline probably wouldn't see Boy Who Lived becoming Man Who Vanquished so it's all snafu there.
And this timeline doesn't need her chaperoning around just to ensure local young Hermione would be born because it's not our Hermione anyway.

But nooo, let's get bogged down in purebloods supremacists, death eaters and suitors. It won't end up completely convoluted and fucked up at all. /s

Regulus is naive, prejudiced, inept mommy-boy. He will be involved inevitably in Blood War thanks to that tattoo on his left arm. The whole House of Black (besides disowned Sirius) is supporting Voldipants too.
Honestly, just taking a roll call of Voldi supporters and sympathisers, then adding up all their wealth and influence together... That society is ran by small aristocracy over majority of members. Most of that aristocracy is on Voldi's side and who cares about the masses.
Ergo, if I would be Hermione, I would delve a little deeper into mechanics of how and where to she had been transported, then would flee to Americas (or similar distant country as long as it wouldn't have g this problem).

Ergo, discontinued reading.
maiqsmail chapter 16 . 1/22
Openly saying she's muggleborn even when they don't think anyone is listening is such a terrible operational security. I can guarantee it'll be a plot device later when it gets out in dramatic moment. Classic Chehov's gun.
Giannina D chapter 50 . 9/18/2023
adsolutamente una de mis historias favoritas me dejo un lindo mensaje
tadah2 chapter 50 . 8/30/2023
I read this whole thing and I thought it was great. I really liked the realism here. I feel like you showed how scary volley is without making him into an unkillable unstoppable machine. The point of this story is really about regulous living and the effects that has on the future and I think that's fantastic and I'm glad you didn't spend $500,000 words figuring out how you were going to kill off Voldemort. Good job!
lucialeoc chapter 1 . 8/27/2023
racconto fantastico il mio voto (23)
dherea671 chapter 50 . 8/10/2023
Love this story! Especially the relationships between Narcissa a d Hermione and Cassiopeia and Hermione. You did a great job building them up. BTW - great ending! LOL
natt123 chapter 50 . 6/20/2023
Amazing story.. Great epiloge!
hellinachaine chapter 50 . 5/14/2023
my oh my can I get more
WrenHp chapter 50 . 4/25/2023
Love this story everyone had an happy ending but I think Dumbledore wouldn’t have liked to be proven wrong.
weloveblackboys chapter 50 . 2/8/2023
Omg, just loved the end with Narcissa figuring out!
weloveblackboys chapter 13 . 2/8/2023
At this point, I'd love a twist Hermione - Sirius and Regulus - Severus. I am just not feeling love or impressed by this Regulus. Let's see later.
rookie802 chapter 50 . 2/2/2023
Good story!
crazyKate92 chapter 50 . 1/14/2023
I loved this story! Definitely one that I’ll reread again!
MargaritaS chapter 50 . 12/31/2022
Such a great story, I have stayed up way too late captivated by it :)
Sue Roe chapter 50 . 12/10/2022
Outstanding story!
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