Reviews for Oblivion
vivinene chapter 50 . 11/30
I love this story! Absolutely amazing!
nif-ravenpuff chapter 50 . 11/18
Oh, this story was so captivating! And then the ending … nailed it brilliantly!
nintschibintschi chapter 50 . 10/16
What an amazing wonderful Story thanks for Sharing this masterpiece Love it nintschi
nintschibintschi chapter 20 . 10/16
this story is incredible love it so far thanks for sharing
Cand3210 chapter 50 . 10/10
I really liked this history, I read it in two days using the translator. :) thanks for share with us !
lucialeoc chapter 50 . 10/10
il racconto e bello veramente e forte
Brianna chapter 50 . 9/20
I am absolutely inlove with this book, I typically read dramione but this has easily become in my tops 3 favorites. I wasn't sure how this website works or where these comments go but I feel left with the fact that I don't know what Ron and Harry thought when she just disappeared and what the future holds. I am just so interested. either way amazing book!
Vallerie Unknown chapter 50 . 9/8
I mean, so, finally Narcissa finds out that Hermione is doing time travel? Thanks for your beautiful story... ꨄ︎ꨄ︎ꨄ︎
Vallerie Unknown chapter 50 . 9/8
omg... So finally Narcissa finds out that Hermione travels through time? wow... Thanks for this beautiful story... I love it.
Occhi-Blu chapter 50 . 9/1
Loved it!
Cherlfoy chapter 50 . 8/20

Thanks for writing ! I had a great time reading your story !

I am amazed and taken by your brilliant last chapter. I was expecting some normal "he does that, she does that, they get a boy they get a girl, he's unhappy, she dies" epilogue. But the last conversation with Narcissa is just absolutely brilliant. I just don't have the words. It's genius. And the "this time" ending it. It transmits the idea without telling it. Thank you. You've showed me a great way to end stories ! It brings something to the story., it concludes Hermione"s decisions and story loose ends and it does that while surprising the reader . Honest great work.

Regarding the rest of the fic, I had fun reading it ! I've liked your approach, your ideas and your style :)

Thanks a lot !
Have a great we !
Lashaundra Bull chapter 11 . 8/18
oh. Antonin. my favorite Death Eater.
CarolsSister chapter 47 . 8/16
I know I'll find out very shortly if Peter s still someone who is a friend, but I'm really hoping he is. And if he can be the one to take out Bellatrix even better.

Maybe Walburga really is crazy enough to blast both of her sons off of that damned tapestry. However, given it is such a patriarchal society, she shouldn't be able to actually disown them from the family. She'd probably have a blow out brain aneurysm and remove herself from all of their lives.

Hope Dumbles chokes on his lack of belief.
CarolsSister chapter 45 . 8/16
Seems like Dumbles has already chosen his plan, his pawns, and the only correct way for the war to progress. Guessing if Hermione and Regulus pull this off, he is going to be miserable at missing out on being known as "The Next Merlin". And if they manage to take Bella out as well, all the better.
CarolsSister chapter 34 . 8/16
Dammit Bella! For once your paranoia was correct.
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