Reviews for Sarah vs The Life Unexpected
derekscottwoods chapter 24 . 9/20
Great story. A fast pace, but full of good humor.
mistopher chapter 24 . 4/5
I just finished this. Molly is hilarious in this fic. On the the next one.
UnYawn chapter 24 . 3/9
Another Awesome Story DC! No spoilers here folks but this story is a real heart warmer once you get past the setup! About to read the next one.
chucksboxers chapter 18 . 2/14
That was definitely an interesting Sarah and Jill exchange but given the back story you’ve given it makes sense.
chucksboxers chapter 17 . 2/10
Agreed on Jordana and Brandon! Did not like them at all on Chuck, which I guess means they did a good job of acting because we weren’t supposed to like them. So kudos to them!
chucksboxers chapter 16 . 2/1
“When two people love each other very much...” that line had me LMAO!
chucksboxers chapter 13 . 1/31
Sarah could sing “You and tequila make me crazy”! To Carina? Have to think about that but think the lyrics might still work. :-)
Engaged already!
Couldn’t comment last night - hope it works today
chucksboxers chapter 12 . 1/27
“ aim lower next time” LOL. Nice chapter DC!
chucksboxers chapter 11 . 1/27
Nice move by Chuck to get the deal!
chucksboxers chapter 9 . 1/27
Whoa we’ve got semi vows already! This is a rocket like GameStop stock! :-)
chucksboxers chapter 6 . 1/24
Incentive package! LOL
chucksboxers chapter 4 . 1/24
Apparently I only read Molly in your later stories - this early Molly is a force of nature!
CharmingCharles2896 chapter 2 . 11/5/2020
Oh no, i'm getting sucked into another excellent David Carner story! Whatever shall I do!?

*keeps binge reading*
Richard76310 chapter 5 . 6/6/2020
Did I hear Bugs Bunny there?
Richard76310 chapter 1 . 6/6/2020
My night to reread your stories. Not careful will end up reading Waitress for the fourth time.
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