Reviews for The Raven's Plan
MattBlack chapter 35 . 9/28
Tywin HAS to be allowed play time with Creylen...
MattBlack chapter 22 . 9/28
Also, please put Robb and Talisa back together, they're good for each other lol.
MattBlack chapter 22 . 9/28
Love it if you redeem Viserys, it's rather unusual, then they would be three raiders, Viserys on Viserion, Jon on Rhaegal. I really wish you changed Drogon's name as, since I still hope you will pair Jon and Dany, reading how Dany rides Drogo(n) feels rather icky, him marrying her at 14 was disgusting...Plus usually when you write about the dragons you call Drogon Drogo.
MattBlack chapter 21 . 9/28
Meh, Jon and Dany belong together... Is it only me, or do you also remember the 14 yo girl that was basically raped... This life Jon and Dany could actually be each others first... No Drogo or Daario, or Ygritte and Val.
MattBlack chapter 20 . 9/28
Highgarden has no proper heir? What happened to Willas? Loras were never the heir, he preferred gallivanting around with Renly... Or you mean Willas damaged leg makes him unable to rule? If so, then you don't consider Doran a ruler?
MattBlack chapter 19 . 9/28
Theon's fate at the hands of Ramsay is all the punishment needed. He was basically turned into an Unsullied... Gelded and brainwashed to have a derogatary name. Unsullied weren't flayed alive though... And after that, he still managed to save Sansa, that HAS to count for something?
FF-loverHP1 chapter 48 . 9/16
awesome fic. Love the Arya interactions. Can't wait for Lyanna to come into the picture, going to be hilarous!
Artimuos Sen chapter 9 . 9/13
I was hoping that Warlocks or shadow binders will come looking for the power that bend the time and erase the past.
Sweet Trufflepuff chapter 42 . 8/20
Hi. Yes, I am reading the story again...for the...what?...10th time. Don't judge, it's good.

Anyway, I was reading this chapter with Shereen and it occurred to me, how did a PRINCESS come into contact with someone who has greyscale? The ONLY child in a royal marriage and she gets a HIGHLY COMMUNICABLE disease?!

The maesters again? Or just huh?

And I love the Shereen/Rickon pairing even ignites just a friendship.
Figggle chapter 3 . 8/17
Always a big fan of anyone shutting down the fishwife
ElyzabetShardlake chapter 48 . 8/2
So glad to see the updates to this story. three eyed ravens perspective was brilliant as was the fact you saved Children of the Forrest. Look forward to more
BigWilly526 chapter 47 . 7/27
Ygritte and Dany sharing jon would be awesome
foxydope794 chapter 3 . 7/21
orthankg1 chapter 48 . 7/1
Very nice.
Fyr RedNight chapter 48 . 7/1
Great work on this chapter.
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