Reviews for The Things She Felt While He Was Gone
Guest chapter 23 . 7/20
Does this mean magic is done with them with Elena's death or is there more to come with something that Bonnie saw? Unrelated with Klaus drama though. I hope so! I was really into that plot. I feel like with Elena dying and magic ultimately winning we also need a win for our team on that front too.
I was expecting something more than Mikael and some other big bad. This is not about this story or your writing but after tvd and to I'm so tired of originals, I feel like it was just so overdone in those shows.
Bonnie was definitely the star of this chapter. Damon messed up so bad that BONNIE had to take pity on him and set him straight. It should've been him on his own to realise. And yeah I get all of his points and I agree with almost most of it (not Stefan stuff tho) and him and Elena should be having "the talk" about all that, but his timing and delivery sucked and I hope his apology is worth it.
Damon is not certain of her feelings and he has good reasons for it. I mean I'm also there with him except I'm not convinced of the depth of her love. So not like I don't get him and I think they both need to get used to this idea of them together, as a real relationship, as a team.
Anyway, no more chapters to read and I'm so sad. I knew this story was incomplete and what I was getting myself into but still I'm glad I gave it a chance and read it. At no point I was bored or thinking I should quit reading it. I was being honest in my reviews, many things I loved, some things I didn't but there's still more left that can fix it and make it complete and I hope you come back and finish it and give us more updates. This story is so well done and your writing is so good and captivating and it deserves an ending. Thank you for still writing for this ship.
Guest chapter 22 . 7/19
Damon, Stefan, Jeremy and Caroline all act like it's Damon's fault that this happened when it wasn't. Not to mention it isn't even fully Rebekah's fault when she got possessed. They just need to stop.
Damon suddenly pushing Stefan to Elena in this way was stupid. The same guy who felt close to zero remorse and need to reverse suddenly has these ideas how "Stefan knows her best" so "she should be with Stefan" based on nothing. Of course it won't be Stefan reaching Elena anywhere whatever it is. But Damon reaching Elena in her deep sleeping state while she was hiding and bringing her back is such a beautiful and deep scene. I can't believe he went back on his words though.
Damon absolutely sucked this chapter lol. Out of all the times and all the reasons he had to lash out and pull away and rightfully so he choses the least justified moment ever. This is the first chapter he really pissed me off. He has valid reasons to feel insecure in them together and her feelings and to call her out like I wanted him to but this was NOT the right time to dump this on her and act this way after she literally just died. Just last chapter they had the talk and he mentioned nothing about any of it but now he has so much to say. Omg he pissed me off so much lmao! As much as I wanted Elena to prove her love, and I still want it, this was not the time. Leaving Elena on her own after something this traumatic and not even bothering to help her, letting her go as a new emotional vamp after basically pulling "we should be on a break" on her then going back to folding sheets?! He had like million other times to pull away for good reasons and he didn't so this came out of nowhere. Damon being an idiot was not what I had in mind when I said I wanted Elena to prove her love. He should be chasing her and begging for forgiveness. Elena can and should prove her love for other reasons and in different way in my opinion.
Guest chapter 21 . 7/17
What was the point of the last chapter if she just came back? I feel like you just did it to be cruel and it served no purpose other than make Elena look fickle and indecisive for 84 time. But okay... Nevermind because finally finally it happened. In lots of ways it was satisfying because Elena said a lot of right things and I can tell she means it with no buts and ifs and I don't see her taking it back. Their brief moment of happiness was very sweet and lovable and I like the confession and making love part.
Do I like how Elena's development was done? No. Did it ruin the story? No. I think my issue with it is having Elena mute and in denial of her feelings so completely for 20 chapters, at times making it questionable does she even care or like him at all -with 20 chapters of Damon so completely in love with her- and then have her spill it all at once. It would've felt more genuine and satisfying if there was an actual development of it throughout or her POV to show it through her thoughts but oh well... I'm just happy for Damon and lets leave it at that. One thing for sure is that I'm glad she did it as human.
And my problem with Elena was never her feelings for Stefan. Obviously she wasn't in love with Stefan for almost an entire story and she does love him but not deeply, otherwise she wouldn't be cheating left and right. Most importantly I never felt like she loved Stefan more. Her clinging to Stefan was just naive and stupid and was never gonna go anywhere. So that isn't my problem but it's the questionable depth of her love for Damon.
Gonna be honest, Elena turning vampire feels like a plot device and next thing to make them miserable but at least hopefully as a vampire she can love him the way he does her and actually get the chance to prove her love once and for all.
Guest chapter 20 . 7/16
What Damon did with Stefan here was such a Damon thing to do. Yeah spot on. I can see Damon pulling off something like this and Stefan falling for it completely.
And wow after all this, after all the emotions Damon poured out, looking and sounding absolutely broken, even saying he's gonna literally leave, Elena's still not able to share her feelings, not even a crumb of her feeling equal to his, something to throw in for pity at least, much less choose him in any way. Yeah she's definitely never gonna love him in this story as she did in the show or the way he loves her here. I was expecting it by now with the way it was going, but it's still sad, I feel bad for him and he deserves better than this. I never got this feeling from show Elena. Sure, s3 Elena didn't choose him, but s3 Elena didn't get this opportunity like this Elena did. I think unlike here in the show it would've made more of a difference.
Guest chapter 19 . 7/16
Why am I already sick of Klaus when he just appeared? Probably because after so many seasons of him I just don't find him as interesting. Honestly I'm hoping they keep the truce and the main big bad villain is this *something* Klaus hinted at briefly, along with the plot of how to beat magic. I find both of these things more intriguing than Klaus. If they beat Klaus too along the way then it's a bonus.
Well I got my wish and Stefan is back which means nothing good but also I'm so tired of him being there between them while not being there. At least now they're confronted with the fact he's back. They're kind of stuck in the same place for a while with no development.
This chapter so far more than any other made me wish we have Elena's POV too because reading Damon's POV gets to be too much, too sad, too depressing. For some reason this one hit me particularly hard and I had trouble finishing because it just didn't make me feel so good. Maybe it's just my mood but the constant disappointment, rejection, self hatred along with every other negative emotions gets to be too much sometimes.
I was expecting Elena's progress to continue after last chapter but it went nowhere again so nothing to add to it.
Guest chapter 18 . 7/14
I do hope Stefan gets rescued soon or comes back or whateverfuckelse because I'm so sick of his presence and return looming over them and this entire story 18 chapters in. I feel like this is the biggest downside of this story so far.
In this chapter I feel like Elena really matched Damon's lust levels he has for her because jumping his bones, offering her blood, blood sharing, then stripping naked so they can have sex in that place while Ric was coming back any minute was crazy. Also very hot. You're so good at writing it!
This didn't cross my mind before but Elena turning in truth did make her emotions too intense to the point of her not being able to control them anymore, she was consumed by them, while she was human she was able to repress it so Idk if as human she has the capacity and courage for all consuming love I'm waiting for here. We'll see but just a thought. We've seen her afraid of it, her comfortable and safe relationship with Stefan was enough to have her settling sadly (and she wouldn't ever turn for Stefan so I can see her settling for some human man if things had been different). So maybe your intention is either to show human Elena breaking herself out of that prison of her own making or failing to do so until she turns. We already have s4 so I'm hoping we see the first one here.
That aside, finally, FINALLY in this one I felt more emotions from Elena so that gives me hope. From her getting stressed and worried about him which obviously triggered her lust and emotional need to be close to him to at least showing she's willing to risk others finding out and seeing them.
Guest chapter 17 . 7/14
This was a good adventure chapter. The vibes were just right. I’m liking the changes you’ve made for the plot, including mixing stuff from future seasons in it. But making it new and exciting too.
Guest chapter 16 . 7/14
This chapter is exactly what I meant for previous couple of reviews when I was talking about the difference between Damon's feelings and Elena's feelings. Unfortunately Elena is nowhere near reciprocating his feelings, or wanting to fight for him or to choose him. Damon can say the most depressing thing ever and Elena will feel no need to reassure him or share her feelings to make him feel better. It's kind of depressing. At least that's what it feels like. On the other hand, this is written from Damon's POV so it might seem worse than it is and him interpreting it in all the wrong ways. But still even with that, what she says and her own actions speak for her too apart and so far it's not that much better than Damon's perspective. I know Damon'd probably be satisfied with a crumb but not me, for me she needs to prove her feelings so I can truly think she loves him in a way he loves her.
Guest chapter 15 . 7/10
Yeah like I said chemistry and every time they have sex is off the charts and in this chapter is no different.
Damon and Elena seem so obvious in how they're acting so I'm surprised that not everyone knows or suspects at least. I mean Rebekah was suspicious even before she caught them and she just met them lol.
Damon's feelings and love for Elena feel overwhelming at times to read through. For example here at the end especially. He worships and adores her and it's just so intense and real and feels like him.
Not sure about Elena though. All I can hope is that there comes a time in this story where I'll feel the same love she has for him. As of right now I'm not feeling it. I mean she feels lust, huge amount of lust she has never felt before, and sure she loves him and values him as a friend and sees good in him like no one ever has and trust him of course but that intensity and depth is lacking just because she doesn't want to choose him and keeps it a secret and never admits to any feelings whatsoever. I do hope Damon shares his feelings, no matter what her reaction is, because he deserves to have that moment.
Guest chapter 14 . 7/7
The fact that Elena was so jealous to the point of being in pain then suddenly decided to lock him down into a "temporary" friends with benefits type of relationship to secure his monogamy is funny and obvious enough to show her feelings but what's funnier is that she's really delusional to say this will just simply end and she will be with Stefan like nothing happened once it's over. Is she really that delusional to believe this or is this just something she's saying to make herself feel better?
There's no way anything of the sort will happen or is realistic. Ffs they did it on STEFAN'S BED (which I loved and we don't have enough of that in fics, cheating or otherwise) and she only felt slightly guilty like it doesn't mean -in her own logic- one day she will be back in that bed with Stefan?
I like that for the first time ever in this story Damon actually spoke out for himself and pushed back against her irrationality. One second saying they can't ever be more then acting jealous like he cheated is just another level. I still hate the way he gives in no matter how she treats him and what she says. But yeah... Damon is whipped: Level: unreachable. And that's fine but I wish again she matched his energy and intensity and expressed some kind of feelings beyond lust and caring about him.
I feel like their chemistry just don't lessen at all. The more they're together and the next smut is always hotter than the last. This was insanely hot from start to finish.
Anyways, the whole chapter with the party and the rest was great. I feel like these long chapters are a whole meal.
Guest chapter 13 . 7/5
I'm so conflicted about this because at the same time I'm both "go Damon go! resist! don't be always the one to give in!" and "no! Damon you're so stupid you should've given her the f she needed to come to her senses" LOL ultimately though I think it's good he didn't immediately give in and go all the way. As hot as that was.
Elena's behaviour continues to just be... not good. I know for Damon she's a saint, a light, a person that can't do no wrong, but she's in fact - wrong here. Damon is just too whipped and in love to see it so he has no backbone whatsoever. Which is kind of in character too. But as far as Elena in character goes? Not sure. She needs some development to match his energy.
Addison Faye chapter 23 . 7/5
Wow, thank you for another beautiful and amazing chapter! You are a fantastic writer.
MARTITA chapter 23 . 6/30
Leer es te fafic hace un año y me ENCANTO es tan intenso, me hubiera encantado ver esto en el programa, pero tu me haces verlo en mi mente y me encanta realmente eres muy buena escritora, espero con ansías el próximos capítulos
Guest chapter 12 . 6/30
Wow that was hot, totally worth the wait and build up. I also love that it was after the rescue, on a road trip and hotel room. The chemistry is really off the charts. Sometimes in stories chemistry and teasing is on point but then smut comes and it doesn't live up to it but here it wasn't the case.
Basically this was a perfect chapter except with this end. After everything at least you could've had a better ending until you ruined it. Have Damon fall asleep happy and hopeful for once until the next chapter. This ending really tainted the entire thing. You could've at least have Elena let him down easier than this. This was just so unnecessarily cruel. You're going to great lengths to make Elena seem like a selfish user and a bad person and for what. I don't get it. I get the part about her being afraid, in denial and pulling away and not choosing him, that I get, but what I don't get and what I find so out of character is the way she does it, with no regards to his feelings whatsoever, it's like she purposely wants to hurt him through actions and words. I wanna say I hope this wakes Damon up about him deserving to be treated better and make her work for it for once but I doubt it.
I love the use of canon lines along the story as well as in chapter titles.
Guest chapter 11 . 6/29
Ohh I wasn't expecting this TVD and TO crossover but I liked it. Tbh it was a wasted opportunity not to have more crossovers between the shows. I'd love to see Damon and Elena mixed up with NO TO characters. Anyways, very intense and plot packed chapter!
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